Who Are Five Players Ranked Number One For Their Graduating Class?

The 2012 #1 Ranked Player In Class of 2017, ’18, ’19, ’20 & ’21

MSE National rankings are based on player’s performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, the players ability to impact games and players long term potential/upside.

Simon Banks America’s No.1 6th grader for class of 2019

No.1 Cody Riley, 6’9″, Center, California- 8th grade (class of 2017)

No.1 Marvin Bagley, 6’5″ Foward/Center, Phoenix, AZ- 7th grade (class of 2018)

No.1 Simon Banks, 5’9″, Forward, Indianapolis, IN- 6th grade (class of 2019)

No.1 Michael Saunders Jr., 5’1″, PG,  Indianapolis, IN-5th grade (class of 2020)

No.1 Seth Wilson, 5’4″, Forward/Guard, Loraine, OH- 4th Grade (class of 2021)

Official MSE Top 30 player rankings for class of 2017 through 2021 are complete and will be released soon. Stay tuned, the best of MSE is yet to come!

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  1. Wait a minute says:

    @Middleschoolelite You guys are pretty accurate with Seth Wilson and Cody Riley being ranked #1 in their classes but according to the class of 2020 Jalen Suggs was ranked #1 and Mike Saunders was ranked #3 and for 2019 Keion Brooks was ranked #1 and for The class of 2018 EJ Montgomery was ranked #1 accord ing to Jr Future 150.com

  2. Coach says:

    Simon Banks is the truth and deserve this. Keep up the hard work!

  3. My opinion says:

    Marvin Bagley was by far the most talented kid at Nationals. Inside/outside game. Montomery was a no show.Simon Banks the most talented kid on the Hoosiers and his hard nose all-around games helped Keon get easy oppurtunities.People that plyed the Hoosiers knew Banks and White are by far the top players. Keon never showed up in big games. Its hard to compare Mike and Jalen becasue they play different positions. MSE probably gave him the nod because of his success since second grade and the fact he is probably the only pure point in the class. I actually like Juwan Carpenter more then both in 2020 and Dexter Shouse over Simon Banks.

    • Really says:

      3years of AAU 3 final fours and a national championship and you say he don’t show up in big games what games are you talking about. Must dont know the game or just a hater on a six grader. You can’t even guard him and you grown. Grow up

  4. Bagley#1 says:


    Bagley had a great Nationals also. Watch this video. BTW,#88 in the video that is getting schooled is Gavin Shoewald from WACG!

  5. yepyep says:

    Dexter Shouse, Simon Banks, and Jordan Mitchell the top for 2019. Anybody that has seen Keon play knows he isnt #1

    • True Comment says:

      Top 4th graders in the country are both in Memphis, TN!!!! They are the starting backcourt for the Memphis WarEagles…Kennedy Chandler and Jordan Mitchell….Check them out on YOUTUBE!!!! Where was Seth at AAU Nationals…..these 2 are the best hands down…..

      • D.C Best says:

        D.C Ballers overall we have the best ballers overall top to botom,but yo I watched Kennedy and Jordan play at Nationals they are very good players. But you must not have been at Nationals cuz everyone watched Seth Wilson play with G3! He is in a whole different ball park than those kids. He is the Top Dog!Zion Harmon has a better argument,Im not taking away from those two… but you have to keep it real.

    • Really says:

      It’s about 8 kids that can be given that number and yes those 4 kids you named are in that group. Give props to Simon Banks for getting the ranking. Everyone else have to wait there turn

  6. SethWatcher says:

    Seth’s team finished higher them both those teams at 3rd grade nationals. Seth’s TNBA team finished higher then Kennedy in 2011. They also spanked them at D1 nationals 4th grade in Cinncinati. Kennedy actually blew the WACG game in Cincy by taking bad shots in the 4th quarter. He is a bad decision maker.

    • True Comment says:

      SethWatcher…..what team did Seth play for at 3rd grade AAU Nationals? Didnt see him….there were better(OLDER…HOLDBACK TEAMS)…but individual talents…no one was close to Kennedy and that #33 Jordan Mitchell for 3rd grade WarEagles….BTW Kennedy was 3rd and played up in Cincy…IDK about 2nd grade teams from Memphis…only speaking on 3rd…..

      • Nkomo says:

        I agree potomac valley kids aren’t even mentioned and they have dominated nationals the last 2 yrs 2nd – 6th.

    • Nomo says:

      How can we speak of 3rd grade teams and not mention any kid from that Takeover Team or Zion from Glory hands down these kids are light years ahead of kids in their age group, and not just you tube stars.

  7. SethWatcher says:

    We all know the Memphis/Team Penny/Wildcats team that Kennedy played for in 2nd grade had a bunch of older kids. Thats why they broke up.

  8. Truth says:

    @my opinion what do you mean when you say pure point guard because Mike Saunders is not the only Elite Point guard in the class of 2020..there are some pretty good guards in that class..but I have to agree with you on Dexter Shouse and Simon Banks as they are both highly skilled players with nice size..Keon has talent but he seems as though he may be playing too many games and not enough individual workouts but Keon has a good upside and I can see him being a dominant player over the next few years.

  9. Truth says:

    Seth Wilson ran with George Hill Rising Stars at third grade nationals

  10. aauwatcher says:

    Great call in all classes!!! Cody Riley has been the man for years. YOUR DOING YOUR HOMEWORK-By recognizing Bagley, he is the most polished, and the video of him dominating Gavin put icing on the cake! He is more fluid then Mongomery and a WAY BETTER defender. Saunders another great call. Great court vision and knows when to score. Saw him in championship game at Lebron James and HIT, the boy has SWAG! Toss up between him, Suggs, and Carpenter. I like Jason from 916, but he isn’t tough enough and mentally or emotionally not mature yet. Not sure about Banks(2019)-I like Dexter Shouse. He plays every position and can score many different ways. I believe most coaches would take Shouse over Banks 9/10 times. Seth is definantly top 4th grader. Rebounds, plays defence, can score. I like Kennedy, but he made alot of bad decisions in Cincy and really wasn’t impressive in Florida. BOTTOM LINE-We can debate about #1, but honestly all these kids are nationally recognized and well respected for there talents.Saying someone else deserves #1 really doesn’t take away the respect and accomplishments they already have at a young age. THE QUESTION IS-will MSE have a legit full ranking in each age group. Your off to a great start, lets see how the rest of the rankings pan out!

  11. What happened says:

    Man whatever happen to Jordan Montgomery class of 2019 Point guard out of California..MSE was pretty big on him two years ago I haven’t heard anything about him, my son went to the 2011 camp in New York with him and Jordan was pretty good..how is he doing and does he play for now?

    • Coach K says:

      Jordan Montgomery is still one of the top guards on the west coast in the 2019 class. He’s been doing a lot of NBA skills training with Micah Lancaster and DJ Sackmann. He was just recently selected to the Adidas Elite 24 camp in Georgia (August 2013) only 3 others selected from west coast. Keep an eye out for him.
      Youtube.com/kmont4 Facebook.com/JordanMontgomeryCalifornia

  12. Who in the building says:

    Who all going to show up for Toi Baylor’s East vs West camp?

  13. allaroundathlete says:

    Get real #1’s this early these kids should try other sports.I love basketball and I’m glad my son is pretty good at it but what I’m most proud is the fact he not only excels in basketball but also baseball(2012 Pennsylvania state champion),and a pretty good RB/LB leading his team to the finals.

  14. Coach Coppage says:

    Im excited for my son to be able to attend the MSE camp in Indy this December. He believes he is the best PG in the 2017 class So he welcomes the challenge of competing against all the great players that will be there. He plays AAU up a grade for the Oklahoma Huskies. His name is Carlos Coppage II. The Huskies will play in all major tourneys this upcoming AAU season and he is the anchor. He led them to a final #18 ranking in D2. Averaged 15pts and 8 assists a game at AAU nationals this past summer. With a high scoring game of 19 and high assist game of 21. We are looking forward to meeting you all.

  15. Seeing is believeing says:

    The best point in this class is DT Harper has a quick first step and had two 20 point first halfs in aau games and game high 8 steals and game high 15 assist games and is jet quick in the mode of bobby hurley and allen iverson

  16. Coach truth says:


  17. Coach truth says:

    I watched the clip of marvin bagley and let me tell you its not even close between EJ AND MARVIN BAGLEY …great talent I must say the kid bagley…but ej will wow you all….keep working both kids…but middle school elite I love what you are doing but do more research…EJ MONTGOMERY HANDS DOWN BEST PLAY CLASS OF 2018……

  18. COACH DON says:

    Tony cleveland kingsbury middle school MEMPHIS TN/ HT-6’1 WT-155pds

    He is a very good low post player can rebound the ball good has good speed and quickness isjust a great player to watch and has great leaping skills watch out for the kid…

  19. Nevermind says:

    Saw the clip. May be #1… may be.

  20. AAU Scout says:

    You guys are exactly right about your 2018 #1 rankings! EJ Montgomery is a great talent, but he is NOT A COMPLETE PLAYER. I’ve seen both kids play more than once and Montgomery’s defense is questionable. Marvin Bagley has excellent perimeter AND post defense, as he can defend guards as well as post players. Montgomery’s post offense is also questionable, while Bagley’s post footwork and scoring ability in the paint is well beyond his age level. I’ve also seen Bagley play GUARD and break presses while playing up. Bagley is ONLY 13 years old and 6′-6″. While Montgomery is also a GREAT prospect, Bagley gets my vote for #1. I would definitely buy tickets to see these two play each other! ALSO… Rumor has it that Bagley now plays with WACG!! That team could possibly contend for the 2017 8th grade AAU National Championship!

  21. Sports Fan says:

    Check out this link of Marvin Bagley III dunking. This is completely amazing for a 13 year old 7th grade kid. I’m curious to know when he turns 14? We are talking major highlights in a couple years!!!


  22. AZ Hoops says:

    Nice dunking clip of Bagley! I’m sure if Arizona allowed middle school players to play high school basketball, Bagley would definitely be on a Varsity roster somewhere. However, he did play in a Fall League on a Varsity team this past fall.

    @Sports Fan, Bagley turns 14 NEXT YEAR in 6 months. His birthday is in March. That’s scary!!

  23. Sports Fan says:

    Dunking clip of Marvin Bagley III! Its hard to believe a 13 year old 7th grader can dunk like that. When does he turn 14?


  24. Truth says:

    Both Marvin and EJECTION are at the top of the list in the class of 2018..my top three are EJECTED Marvin and Gavin from WACG..also Marvins little brother Marcus Bagley is a top five prospect in the class of 2020

  25. Truth says:

    Ej sorry for the typo

  26. G3 says:

    George Hill Rising Stars-NORTH Tryouts Sunday(Oct. 21st) 2:30-5:00-Grades 3rd-7th

    Salvation Army/Krok Center
    900 W. Western Avenue
    South Bend, IN 46601

  27. AZ Hoops says:

    @TRUTH Bagley’s little brother Marcus is definitely top five in Class of 2020. He’s a 5′-8″, 11 year old, 5th grader from Arizona. He is probably better than Marvin was at 11! #SLEEPER

  28. True age says:

    What are the true ages of the bagley brothers? I saw info that marvin was class of 2017 a few years ago and his brother class of 2018? Why do these parents hold their kids back to make it look like they dominate in their class? How is this beneficial in anyway to these kids? I hear its the new fad hold your kids back a few years! Really! These kids may be good but best in the nation have you been through out the nation evaluating each kid?

  29. Team Bagley says:

    @True Age: You sound like a disgruntled parent. It seems like jealously has shown its ugly face again. However, to answer your question, Marvin is a 13 year old 7th grader who turns 14 NEXT YEAR! MARCUS BAGLEY, 2020, is an 11 year old 5th grader. Hate It or Love It, these kids are very BLESSED! I sincerely hope this satisfies your concern. Now you can spend that energy on getting your kid better.

    I can see how they appear to be older, but if you knew them personally you would know how extremely hard the Bagley kids work. Furthermore, their dad is 6′-7, and mom is 6′-1! Now you do the genetic math! Not to mention, their Grandpa was the NBA #2 OVERALL Draft Pick in 1964, after he won a USA Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo, Japan. So I APPLAUD Team Bagley for their efforts!

    Finally, The Bagley’s not only dominate their grade level, but 13 year old Marvin just won MVP of the 16U Division in an Arizona tourney this past weekend. I was there, VERY IMPRESSIVE!!

  30. Marvin Bagley appears to be a great talent but EJ MONTGOMERY LED his 16 and under aau team this past summer …You wont see clips on EJ as of yet becuase the reality is the parents have decided to let the bounce of the ball do the talking not the self proclaimed hype…EJ IS A 6 7 GD WITH EXCEPTIONAL BALL HANDLING …INCREDIBLE POST MOVES ….but since he has been playing 16s in aau …he played out on the wing…..he will start varsity this season for lincoln park academy…….You can see these kids go head to head if marvin bagley decides to play up with the big boys ! HIGH LEVEL AAU….

  31. EJ TURNED 13 IN SEPT….

  32. Marvin Bagley Jr says:

    I am Marvin Bagley Jr, dad of Marvin III & Marcus Bagley. Someone told me that I really should read these comments, and I do see why. This is very entertaining! I can appreciate the friends and the foes… LOL! Seriously, the bottom line is this, there are quite a few extremely talented, young basketball players around the country and its an absolute honor to see my kids’ names mentioned amongst them. However, in my opinion, it is way too early for us to be getting overly excited. For the record, the Bagley Family is a huge fan of youth basketball nationwide, and we absolutely LOVE to see extremely talented kids grow and develop!

    For any questions or concerns regarding Marvin III & Marcus, please feel free to contact me @ (602)284-8738, and get your info. “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

    God bless,

    Marvin Bagley Jr.

  33. truth hurts says:

    Let’s all give props to Mike Saunders Sr the king of Indianapolis. I told people a long time ago he is the man. People wanted to say it was Mike Peterson but we all know he’s a bum. This year proved it to Mike S all of his teams placed in the top ten even his girls . Mike p all off his teams failed to make it except for the .fifth grade and he wasn’t the coach. I’ve been sitting back the last couple of years watching this guy get credit he didn’t deserve. He says he develops players if he did he wouldn’t have Paul playing the 3 and 4 he would have him on the wing or point having him work on a jump shot instead of putting him in the post. He never travels to get these buys any exsposure and if he does its only to meet some white girls and we all know how he loves them. Hey if anybody reading this knows Paul, Zach, Chris tell them they need to go with Justin Roberts Dad he really cares about the kids and knows the game. To anybody who is considering going to the hoosiers be prepared to deal with a liar and a ego maniac. That’s why he already lost half of his players. I say try G3 Mike S is a good guy if he stays away from Mike P bum ass. Real talk do your research on these two guys.

  34. Indy says:

    The Hoosiers first National title didn’t come till 5th Grade so this could be your year Saunders. Justin Roberts left the Hoosiers? I heard the 6th grade team broke up. I guess G3 will control the whole state in 2013. They are the favorites to win state in every age group from 2nd-7th grade, plus compete for a National title in those same age groups. Learn from Peterson and don’t make the same selfish mistakes.

  35. AAU HOOPS says:

    WACG is my pick for 7th grade National Champion!

    • YoungBallersHoopReport says:

      This is my opinion based on last years success and key pieces/changes made already for the 2012-2013 season

      1. CBC California
      2. Indy Hoosiers
      3. West Coast Select Nevada
      4. Memphis FCA Wareagles Tennessee
      5. Team Takeover

      1. WACG
      2. George Hill Rising Stars
      3. Team Izod
      4. Georgia United
      5. DC Assault

      1. All Ohio Purple/Red
      2. SC Hornets Blue
      3. Carolina Preps
      4. Memphis FCA War Eagles
      5. Worldwide (GA)

      1. George Hill Rising Stars
      2. Memphis Wareagles
      3. WACG
      4. Wisconsin Elite
      5. Leesburge Basketball Club

      1. Team Glory
      2. Team Takeover
      3. Baltimore Stars Coalition
      4. Top Risers Heat Academy
      5. George Hill Rising Stars

      1. Baltimore Stars Coalition
      2. Team Glory
      3. George Hill Rising Stars
      4. New York Gauchoes
      5. WACG

  36. Indy 2 says:

    nihI heard all he has is his white players cause he cant handle black players psrents. He is a joke, Mike Saunders stay away from Mike Peterson!

  37. Ohio says:

    Ohio has 2019 locked

  38. MSE National Camp Indiana says:

    Julius francellno will lock down Marcus Bagley his team won’t probably win but Julius francellno yall should see this kid play from Evanston, IL 7th Grade MONSTER

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