Jaylin Fleming Eyes The NBA (Cover of Chicago Tribune Newspaper)

Dreams Come True 

He has grown three inches, gained 20 pounds and still hopes to play in the NBA. The ranking service Middleschoolelite.com puts him as the top sixth-grader in the nation- By Anne Stein Chicago Tribune


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  1. Update please says:

    Man if you guys are gonna talk about this kid can you at least give an update as to what is jaylin doing now (2012!)..this is the second time this year MSE have brought up the old news on jaylin Fleming…smh

    • Middle School Elite says:

      The main purpose of this article is to show although high school and college exist for academic reasons that Jaylin Fleming is focused on the NBA and not an amatuer update… Also, people may not know he’s on front page of Chicago Tribune Newspaper nor that MSE was mentioned by ESPN, ESPN THE MAG, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, CBS, CNBC, BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS, RIVALS, YAHOO, CBS SPORTS, LIVE W/ REGIS & KELLY, LEBRON JAMES.COM, OHIO OBSERVER and EVERY other MAJOR MEDIA outlet within just 2 years. So please support MSE and get with the program immediately. Look at all the exposure kids get on our website. MSE IS THE NBA regardless, smh. Now, come on, register for our next camp, those same people are watching you!

  2. Update please says:

    @Middle school elite I think you all are doing a good job helping the youth get exposure..I also get the message of the article but the fact is you all keep posting the same thing..Jaylin has come a long way since then but anyway when will the official rankings for classes 2020-2017 be released? Will it consist of the MSE Christmas camp ranking or just an overall ranking from last season?

    • Admin says:

      Nationals rankings consist of overall season, including players registering for the Christmas camp. Example, if a player’s ranked No. 10 on our unreleased list but talk was to move him lower for a number of reasons, perhaps suggesting he needed a little improving to warrant that spot, then he might be justified in remaining at No.10 for showing he’s available to compete at camp unlike the other player we thought of possibly moving up and who isn’t attending. In this scenerio we’d leave No.10 alone with hope he’s coming to display talent at camp which confirms our previous ranking. If particulary No.10 doesnt show up, he leaves us room to further speculate his ability to show up not at our camp but other showcases as well. Maybe our reasons for dropping him a notch wasn’t a bad idea after all. Actually, there’s no real need to put that No.10 pressure on him as the world looks at us to see who’s the best player in middle school. However, in high school recruiters use ESPN rankings to determine who’s the top players in their respective class. 2012 exclusive MSE national ranking will be released very soon.

  3. Showcase says:

    Will the East vs West camp play a factor in the upcoming MSE national rankings?

  4. Middle School Elite says:

    We’re just hearing about it through you, most-likely not this year. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Showcase says:

    Ok what the Easter camp earlier this year..will that camp play a factor in your upcoming rankings

  6. Levi Wall says:

    I have a kid from Norfolk, VA. He is an 8th grader and about 5’11 maybe 6’0 pg. He is very tough and rips up every AAU tournmanent he is in. His name is Kevin Marks and plays with the VA Panthers. Give him a look. He is playing this weekend and the Boo Williams Sportsplex in Hampton, VA

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