2012 MSElite 40 National Player Rankings for 7th Grade (Class of 2018)

MSElite Rankings are based on performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, players ability to impact games and players long term potential/upside

#1 Marvin Bagley 6’7″ Forward, Phoenix,  AZ

#2 EJ Montgomery 6’8″ Center,  Orlando, FL

#3 Nicholas Bonitto 6’3″ Forward, Pembroke Pines, Fl

#4 Gavin Schoenwald 6’4″ Forward,  Brentwood, TN

#5 D’Marco Baucum 6’4″ Center, Landover, MD

#6 Kevin Easley 6’3″ PF, Indianapolis, IN

#7 Andrew Tuazama 6’2″ Center,  Raleigh, NC

#8 Brent Lawless 6′ 3″  PF/C, Nashville, TN

#9 Nazreoin Reed 6’5″ Center, Asbury Park, NJ

#10 Alex Jones 5’7″ PG, Alpharetta, GA

#11 Shariff Kenny 6′ 2″ Forward, Washington D.C.

#12 Marquise Walker 5′ 5″ PG, Melrose Park, IL

#13 Luther Muhammad 5′ 11″ Guard, Irvington, NJ

#14 Marquise Brown 5’10” F/G, Chicago, IL

#15 Jordan Morris 6’5″ F/G Chicago, IL

#16 Courtney Ramey 5’7″ Guard, St. Louis, MO

#17 Reginald Chaney 6′ 1″ Forward, Tulsa, OK

#18 Chase Adams 4’11” PG, Chicago, IL

#19 Corderius Hastings 5’9″ WG/PG Atlanta, GA

#20 Darius Garland 5’4″ PG/WG Merrillville, IN

#21 Trevor Moore 6’1″ PF/WF Houston, TX

#22 Chance Coyle 6′ 1″ Forward/Guard, Washington, IN

#23 Xavier Castadena 5’5″ PG, Chicago, IL

#24 Gregory Williams 6’1″ New Orleans, LA

#25 Donnovan Toatley 5’3″ PG, Landover, MD

#26 Antwan Cushingberry 5’6″ PG Indianapolis, IN

#27 Jordan Simmons 5’4″ PG, Crete, IL

#28 Bol Bol 6’3″ C/PF, Kansas City, MO

#29 Rochon “Leaky” Black 5′ 10″ Guard, Concord, NC

#30 Atiba Taylor 5’11” Guard, Spring Valley, NJ

#31 Gavin Lewis 6′ 4″ Center, Madison, AL

#32 Amari Sherrod 6’1″ PF, Gary, IN

#33 Elijah Brown 6’3″ Center, Raleigh, NC

#34 Markquis Nowell 5’5″ Guard, New York, NY

#35 Ta’Wan Grier 6’2″ PF South Orange, NJ

#36 Devon Dotson 5’7″ PG/WG Raleigh, NC

#37 Jamal Whittlesey 6’1″ Center, Newcastle, DE

#38 Ethan Henderson 6’2″ Center, Little Rock, AR

#39 Jerome Reed 6’3″ Center, Louisville, KY

#40 Luden Taylor 5’6″ Guard, Fresno, CA

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  1. Chi Town says:

    Congrats to Marquise Walker Marquis Brown Jordan Morris Chase Adams Xavier Castadena Jordan Simmons on making the list and representing Illinois..special recognition goes to Chase Adams as he is the only player on this list that’s under 5 feet tall and still made top twenty that goes to show size don’t mean a thing..pretty impressive!!

    • Hoop Coach says:

      I just left Chicago’s East vs. West Camp. I got a chance to see Marvin Bagley III, and did indeed live up to the hype. However, Chicago Ferrari’s Marquis Brown definitely held his own! Also, rumor has it that Marvin and Marcus Bagley were there with WACG… Is this true??? Also, BIG Brent L. from WACG showed that he’s definitely a top prospect in the 2018 class. Finally, Bagley III caught an alley hoop on the 2nd day of camp thrown by California’s BJ Askew that absolutely separated Bagley from every middle school kid in the country, regardless of grade besides Cali’s Cody Riley. It was a great camp and the March scheduled All-Star game will be AWESOME!

      • etownbattlecat says:

        @Hoop coach I didnt make the East vs West camp, was there any players on the sixth grade level that caught your eye? inquiring minds want to know.

        • 1 on 1 says:

          I was there and wished I wasnt. I watched a bunch of kids playing one on one bully ball. It was pothetic. We came from such a long distance and was expecting a lot more structure. The kids were not being coached and were allowed to play like it was an AND1 video shoot. There was this one kid (wont mention his name bc he is just a kid) there that had the ability to be the best kid on that level but he shot the ball like he had no teammates with him, he took some of the worst shots ive ever seen b4 in my life. I had my younger son there too (9 years old) who didnt participate and I kept pointing that kids game out as someone to never immulate. There were a few kids with talent there but you couldnt tell bc everyone wanted to be the man. I wont be going back until my son becomes an 8th grader or maybe a freshman.

          • I know says:

            @ 1 on1 I totally agree it was not a good camp and it was some talented kids there, but it was every man for themselves! What are they teaching them kids.

          • True says:

            I agree the East vs West camp could be have been ran wayy better than what is has been. They over charge you for gym time teams are unbalanced and the coaches and instructors did not coach or teach good basketball..maybe over the years this camp will improve and get better but right now I like MSE better

  2. I Like says:

    Great job MSE, this is a pretty solid list. We can debate all day about who should be ranked here or there, but we all can agree this list is well balanced.

  3. CtSelect1 says:

    What about Connor Printz of CT. He dropped 25 on We All Can Go at the D1 Nationals this year. Schoenwald only scored 6 points. Connor Printz of CT Select should be on this list.

  4. Suprised says:

    What about Damon Harge? I’m suprised he not on this list. Maybe MSE will have him ranked in the class of 2017

  5. huh says:

    How does Darius Garland play with WACG if he is from Indiana. I thought the kids could only play if there states touch each other. I have seen him sometimes listed as being from IN or TN. Which is it and isn’t that illegal. Also the list is decent but I still have a debate about Marquis Walker being so high over several other guards who in MY OPINION are much better.

    • My opinion says:

      @huh thats old news. Everyone knows Garland is from Indiana but WACG is always trying to bend the rules. The year they won Nationals Cameron Johnson was a sixth grader playing against 5th graders. They do whatever they have to do for a win. I think with all these lists people can debate. Some kids have the luxury of playing alot of games and maybe his best game was the game the scouts saw. This same website had Walker #1 as a 5th grader so atleast they see a change in the dynamics of the class. Its good to see Chase Adams still high on the list. In my opinion he is the top point gaurd in the class. I like “Leaky” Black also. EJ Montgomery is solid because of his height. His work ethic and skill set is suspect. I actually think Gavin and Bonitto may be a little better.


  7. scout says:

    How didnt Dravon Clayborn make it.

  8. I know says:

    @huh cut it out and let them kids play for who the he’ll there parents want them tp play for Stop Hating on WACG Clown! Get a Life! Trust and believe me he Qualified to play for them!

  9. indy says:

    KJ Coleman from george hill should be on this list.. his name is not among the popularity as of yet but you will here his name pop up alot this year..

  10. Real Talk says:

    @huh Darius Guard moved from Indiana to TN where he now attends school. Its not illegal to move. I have to agree with the Marquise Walker statement. I watched him at nationals, hes a good PG but I dont think he should be in front of Jordan Simmons arguably the best PG in this class, Courtney Ramey who has been destroying PG’s for years and Chase Adams.

  11. Wondering says:

    @scout what position does Dravon play and what aau team does he run with?

  12. Bagley says:

    Heard Bagley from Arizona is playing for WACG. Best team money can buy. If Bagley the best, why is he selling out? Dad is scared of him getting exposed so he has to put him with the New Age Texas Titans(money team). If you cant beat them join em. Just remember that these kids are 7th graders now. If you do for one you have to do for all or the NCAA will get involved. Just trying to help your new coach out since he has never been good with the rules.

  13. Coach says:

    MSE did a good job this year. I would have liked to see more PG/SG in the top ten such as the WACG backcourt of Alex Jones and Darius Garland who were easily the best backcourt at nationals. Alex Jones is physically stronger than the other guards and also has a high basketball IQ. Darius has a smooth game with a good midrange and great passing ability. My top 5 guards in the country are 1.Alex Jones 2.Jordan Simmons 3.Darius Garland 4. Chase Adams 5. Courtney Ramey. Bonitto had a good showing at nationals he has some small guards that couldn’t get him the ball but he still made plays. I would have liked to see what EJ could of done against Bonitto(BROWARD) Marvin Bagley(916)Gavin Schoenwald(WACG)and Baucum(DC ASSAULT).

    • CtSelect1 says:

      What about Connor Printz. He is in the top 5 guards in the country. @Coach

      • Coach says:

        I saw him play WACG. Alex Jones and Darius Garland tore him up. But most guards in the country get torn up. Chase did when Ferrari played WACG. What would your top 5 be?

        • CtSelect1 says:

          He had 25 points that game. @Coach

        • Scout says:

          Chase Adams ,Courtney Ramey, Isaiah bowers ,Jordan Simmons and ,Darius garland in no order….. All of these guys are on the list except for Isaiah bowers who lays for Ramey as of this year…watch out because if you don’t know him you will.

          • Scout says:

            Isaiah bowers broke the Illinois 4A scoring record by 10 points scoring 40 points in a game out of 51 and had a triple double in the 1st half …this kid is ridiculous

          • Truth says:

            I agree with the decision of Isaiah bowers he is an outstanding guard. One of the best I have ever seen at this level

        • Reporter says:

          Watch out for Austin Branch out of Sikeston, Missouri! Catch him in Belleville, Illinois May 31-June 2. & At the D1 nationals in Memphis!

  14. I agree says:

    Great job MSE on the rankings

  15. Marvin Bagley Jr says:

    Here we go again!! @ whoever made the Bagley comment, this is Marvin Bagley Jr, dad of the Bagley brothers. First of all, the Bagley’s HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT receive anything outside of what the NCAA allows from anyone or any team.

    Secondly, to address the exposure comment, you seem like the one afraid of exposure being that your tough guy comment was anonymous…LOL!

    Finally, if you have any questions concerning Marcus and Marvin Bagley III please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]. I will do my best to satisfy your concerns about exposure and benefits.


    • Never Stop says:

      Well Said my Brother! Keep up the good Work and keep them boys doing what they do! There Success is the Next Failure! WACG WHAT!!!

  16. Marvin Bagley Jr says:

    Great job MSE!!

  17. coach says:

    Why is’nt Willie B. Hill III on this list. He was MVP of the Generation Next All Star Camp and would have made the ALL Star Team at the Buckeye Prep if he did’nt leave early. He also made the second 24 of the Crossroads Elite Camp.This kid can play alot of people are sleeping on him. He will be playing with the Spiece Kentucky Gators

    • The man says:

      I totally agree he is really good. These rankings are good but some kids are not being noticed like that kid who scored 40 points in a state game in Illinois he’s real good and is playin for Ramey. Idk how he isn’t on here.@ coach ps…the kids name is Isaiah bowers

  18. Dominick Young says:

    All I have to say is LUNDEN TAYLOR
    ESPN HS RON FLORES SAYS ” one day the light will turn on for Lunden and his body will catch up to his skill level”. It’s happening right infront of our eyes. 5″6 size 12 shoe hands palming balls Time!!

  19. Never Stop says:

    I think some these Coaches get mad because they can’t draw Elite players, so they Hate on Coaches who Can. My Advise to you Get Yout Weight Up Player!

  20. lee says:

    Don’t worry kids who aren’t listed. You will catch up and past real soon. Keep working hard.

  21. H.S Coach says:

    I was at the east vs west camp last weekend and seen the left hand kid marquise brown kill Bagley III for like 37 out of 42 points. That kid has alot of talent and I would love to see him against the other top ranked kids and see how he will kill him. He put on a show and that was the best highlight of the whole camp.

  22. Cant Wait says:

    I can’t wait to see WACG next year. With Alex Jones running the point and Darius with him in the backcourt the guards will be unstoppable. Then with Marvin and Gavin on the boards including Camron Johnson returning. And also Camron was not too old i heard he was having family issues last year and now attends Brentwood Academy in TN as a 7th grader. Then those crazy fans haha WACG WHATTT!!!!!! WACG WHATTTT!!! I also want to see what DC Assault will have next year because after that loss in the Final Four knowing Coach Carlos you better believe they are coming for them.

  23. Truth Is says:

    I’m waiting on the AAU Reality TV Show! But SERIOUSLY, if WACG does indeed have #27 from California, then everyone else is playing for 2nd place! I saw the WACG vs. DC Assault game @ Nationals and DC Assault out rebounded and out scored WACG inside. From what I saw, Bagely takes away 90% of those rebounds and 2nd shots from DC Assault. Also, Bagely allows Gavin to dominate the DC Assault guards defensively and not have to play much post defense. Honestly, this team could compete for the 8th grade National Championship!

  24. G3 says:

    I can’t wait to see G3 beat WACG next year. With Marquise Walker running the point and Antwan Cushinberry in the backcourt with him the guards will be unstoppable. Then with Kevin Easley and Jordan Morris on the boards including Marquan Williams returning who is not too old but was hurt most of the year. Then those crazy fan G3 U Know!!!! G3 U Know!!!!. I also want to see what the Spiece Kentucky Gators have next year because after that loss in the Elite 8 I knowing coach Saunders you better believe they are coming for them.

    • The man says:

      The funny thing is BCE (Brian cook Elite) beat g3 by 5 this weekend in Peoria … And this was the first tourney we played together this year and the also the last.. Only got the team together for one weekend to play this tourney and with no practices still beat the team who was ranked in the top ten in the country last year.. BCE split up for this summer because some players quit but we may come back and play next year.. Watch out..

  25. G3 here bitch!!! says:

    @truth is and Get off your knees and stop blowing Carlos.
    G3 gonna beat them and we gonna send u a tee shirt to wear. Will you blow our coach after we beat WACG?

  26. Get Your Popcorn Ready says:

    Jordan Morris will put Bagley in the backboard!

  27. Get the Fuck off the blog says:

    @G3 here bitch G3 fan base is terrible sounds like a kid got on the blog..everytime someone mention their own programs sucess somebody from g3 wants to get on here and rain on their parade..no one did shit to G3..learn to be humble because last time I checked none of your teams won nationals..you all did the same thing with the MSE camp back in April a kid mentioned their son or whoever and y’all just decided to get on the blog and brag and talk shit like y’all got kids going to the league or something..y’all kill me with that shit stop talking shit on the blog and just play ball

  28. sorry father I have sinned says:

    Yeah we gonna talk shit. While you talking take a minute a pray for the state of Indiana because we are going to dominate everyone. Check this out if we really, really, really wanted to win Nationals you don’t think we could A) Reclass all are kids like(fill in the blank)B)Doctor Birth Certificates like(fill in the blank), C)HomeSchool all are kids like(fill in the Blank)D) Use drug money to buy kids like(fill in the blank)E)Use kids from all over the U.S like(fill in the blank). Bagley was smart to leave 916 because we was gonna beat you buy 30. You joining WACG was an even smarter move. Eventually your gonna have to stand alone and Jordan Morris will be waiting for you.

    • BCE says:

      BCE beat you by 5 … And your talking crap to WACG? Hopefully we will get our team back together next year… Cuz if we can play one tourney and win with I practices against g3 and Chicago select ..whoooo… It could get crazy

  29. Stop It says:

    Some imposter trying to make it G3 vs the world. We have love for the real ballers. Team Glory, WACG, Metrolina Havoc, Wisconsin PGE, Spiece Gators, All Ohio Purple, Indy Hoosiers…..to name a few. This stuff gets old talk trash behind fake names dogging peoples kids and other organizations. G3 has always supported these organizations and most these kids maintain relationships during the offseason. Let the silly games go.

  30. I know says:

    Wanna be Gonna be Will when you Learn? You wanna be like WACG you got to Wait your turn some Teams Don’t like Us, but we are Not concern Championships Championships is what we Earn! WACG!

  31. Question says:

    How many championships did you win when you had to play by the rules=0. All those reclasses. SMH, pick up a book and use a spell check. They say you can win 8th grade. Of course because all your kids suppose to be in 8th grade. Cameron, Brent, Alex reclasses. Can you spell ineligable? G3 how many reclasses. Marquan, KJ, Deon, Jordan, Kevin. G3 and WACG the laughing stock of AAU. Win at all cost. Make sure your kids all watch Basketball wives.

  32. huh says:

    Good luck to all you guys. I hope this all works out for you all in the long run. I can’t wait to compare this list in 2018 when we find out who was actually too old or is not relevant anymore or who has emerged.
    Again good list:
    I think the following may be too high in MY OPINION
    Kevin Easly
    Marquis Walker
    Alex Jones
    Marquis Brown

    I think these are too low in MY OPINION
    Greg Williams
    Leaky Black
    Darius Garland

  33. yes says:

    Good job MSE

  34. Bball mom says:

    I am a little confused about something…..I am reading a lot about WACG out of Tennessee. But….it seems that a lot of their players are not even from TN. They seem to be from all over the country. So how does it work? Does WACG pay for all these kids to fly just to play in their tournaments? Does that mean that whatever state I live in, we can do fundraisers just to pick up kids from other states and pay for them to play for us, just to be the best?? It seems like an awful lot of work doesn’t it? I also love how it seems that for instance……there is a seventh grade tournament but half the kids from some of these teams should really be in 9 th grade. Are they really staying back that often? So really when it comes down to it, a team that had a legit team filled with actual kids from their own state and of the correct age in which they should be in a particular grade, should not feel badly for losing against kids who are recruited from all over the state and that may have a year or two on the other players. This is so confusing!!

  35. lee says:

    AAU rule allow a 2 year advantage, I think the cut off date is Sept 1998….but the funny things is that if a kid is at that date he’s failed at least once maybe twice. Grade exceptions, kids who are in the eight grade but have a birthdate before Aug 31, 1999, are also allowed per AAU rules. The problem is that boys reach puberty by 14, hormones, strength, muscle mass and maturity just automatically set in because what…the boy is transitioning into man hood. 12 year olds are still little weak, immature boys while 14 years becoming men who have the ability to now produce offspring. That’s the advantage. So, no matter what your grade is, those who are older eventually end up with the disadvantage. They think they are better what they are and when everyone else catches up the little weak boys become strong capable men with skill but also the experience from dealing with tougher opponents. So, while it may not be fair, let the little weak unexperience boys lose. Losing produces struggling which presents a challenge which produces success. No one succeeds with facing failure. That’s winners fade off because they never learn the skill of fighting through adversity…which is a basic skill most adults need but only the strong acquire. The body and brain needs failure to correct itself for success.

    • lee says:

      also…add in cognitive ability. The 14 year brain functions differently. He can think, has better recall and can better understand. Part of the reasons why little weak 12 years have issues is they just play and don’t think. You can teach them a thousand drills but they can’t apply them to the game because they are not thinking about that, they haven’t made the connection. At 14 years old, you can now connect the dots…which is called Basketball IQ. So when you got a kid with Strength, Skill, Maturity, Cognitive and Basketball IQ, my friends you now have a beast. 12 years just don’t have that. 14 years do.

      • lee says:

        Morale of the story…there’s a reason for age based sports. Compatible abilities. Parents, let your kids play on their level or up…That’s good..even if it’s not what your kid signed up for (age cheating). But stop playing your kids down let them play against those with compatible abilities. Remember there are alot of 14 years who are picking up the basketball for the first time this year through their high school and are fast learners.

        • LanghorneBBall says:

          Very well said and true.

        • I have 1 says:

          Lee…you’ve made the best comments on here BY FAR!!!

          I never understood why it’s so important to win a 7th grade championship. We played YBOA, took a team of boys from the same neighborhood and got 2nd place two years ago and 3rd last year. Mine went to work all week and showed out.

          Mine is in 7th grade and is 12 years old (as of January 7, 2013). He played at East vs West, he had a great day one, stayed up late and got in the pool and had bad legs on day 2. He’s played against some of those names on the list and did his thing. He played against WACG a few years back and dropped 26 on them. They beat us by 30. He’s not on the “list”…but, let’s see where’s he’s at in 2018.

          That being said…since mine is 12 and not 13 or 14…he doesn’t deserve to be on “this” list. He can’t compare…

          And we all may not like WACG…but, I hope my son plays for a college like WACG (Kentucky).

          • Matthew says:

            I was wondering what is his name? I am coming up with a national rankings list and would be interested in seeing him.

  36. Enough is Enough says:

    @ Bball mom, why are you and everyone wasting so much energy talking about WACG’s team on a blog about individual rankings. This blog should be about the kids names on the list, not about your fear of facing a well put together team. Truth is, from what I see, WACG does indeed WIN, WIN WIN! I follow youth basketball across the entire east coast, from what I’ve seen WACG is well within the NCAA and AAU rules when they compete. Unfortunately, with any success comes criticism and jealousy. If you KNOW of a specific violation or “too old” kid or ANYTHING then SPEAK ON IT SPECIFICALLY and please stop the foolish jealous tantrums and allegations. People are starting to take the fun out of it. I personally know the WACG and G3 coaches. They both enjoy the competition and take pride in recruiting and communicating with each other all year long. Its the irrelevant people ON BOTH SIDES that attempt to plant seeds of separation and hate! Enough is Enough!

  37. Enough is Enough says:

    @ lee: WHO IS 14? SAY SOME NAMES! What you people have to understand is, if you feel that passionate and sure that someone is “age cheating” you can indeed challenge them prior to competing against them.

    Also, hopefully this isn’t beyond your comprehension, but some kids are blessed with God Given size and ability. If you are around this game long enough, you will see some great athletes come thru that are well beyond their years in size and ability. Every good team and good player isn’t cheating. The AAU and NCAA have rules and guidelines in place to protect all kids in all aspects of competition. So if you know of any “too old” kids then SAY THEIR NAMES. If these teams are within the rules then leave it alone and stop complaining.

    • I have 1 says:

      Nice defense of what’s happening…it’s not needing but nice.

      True…what ever age these kids are…they’re legit!

  38. Bball mom says:

    Wow, Lee- outstanding response ! I have been educated and informed. Shame on those parents that think their 14 year old 7th grader is a star….Adversity does build character and I for one will adhere to your advice. Thank You!

  39. lee says:

    Enough is Enough I comprehend well. My son is a 12 year 7th grader who is 6’1″ (and he has a 2000 birthdate). He can compete with the more dominate and skilled kids but he has a lot to improve on and he has six years to learn it to get to the College level then still continue to be taught and learn. And as he faced the likes of Marvin Bagley and Nazreoin Reed and a few other big boys not mentioned on this list, he has learned and continues to learn how to play them. As all of these kids are they are still learning. All I wanted to do is have Bball Mom understand know what the AAU rules are explaining that this is something she must accept and deal with if she wants her son to play at his level because it will only make him better. My son’s aau team travels and has played and seen it all, but we don’t complain because our weak little 12 years olds are learning how to play them. Don’t be mad, but stop all the “we the best” if you are playing against cream puffs….Play the big boys which for 14 year olds play the ones per aau rules would allow if you were on your age level would be 16 years then come back and brag. I wish all these kids success but keep it in prespective. How you going to brag or even get better when you play a weaker opponent?

    • LanghorneBBall says:

      Would love to see the date of birth next to each player on the list. That would be interesting. My 7th grader is also born in 2000. He to is facing adversity. He is playing against many of the guys on this list and learning valuable life lessons from all of it. I have never complained but my wife has a had time understanding. Must mothers can’t take seeing their babies getting their asses handed to them by grown men.

  40. lee says:

    Also, a funny thing we just discovered a last season 6th grade team where we live is made up of 10 have 2 6th graders, 5 7th graders and 3 8th graders, the older ones all have birthdates before September 1999. They played at the Division 1 aau state, nationals and local tourmaments down on the 6th grade level but on the 7th grade level they played Division III (for those who don’t know, DIII is pretty much considered Rec ball level). What are they afraid of? If you can play down for the advantage then why play so low on your age? Afraid that at your right level other teams will do to you what you do to others??? why no accept the challenge. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander right? What you think you are not good enough? One of those unsolved mysteries…huh???

  41. lee says:

    Last thing…parents be careful what you post on the internet. Especially when you name your kids, post their age or grade. It’s all over that internet….just a Google away from discovery. Be careful even when you have these basketball scouting websites posting your childs info. It is real easy to find a child’s true age/grade. I guess you for didn’t realize that when you load the espn hightlight video it is date stamped show and people can’t add or read. My son’s team has no problem competing with you. But eventually hard work will trump skill every time if you just really on your repretation/ranking.

  42. Mohoops says:

    It would be very informative and interesting if someone ranked these kids by their actual age and not by grade. It would also be great to see their birthdate since there would have to be a cutoff date somewhere. Little league baseball is not only the most successful youth run championship of all time- it is also the most fair. It goes by age. AAU championships actually mean very little in the grand scheme of things beacause of the age descrepancy. AAU is great for competion and making your kids better players.

  43. Player Rankings says:

    “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish that matters most.”

    That sums up my thoughts on the fixation with Player Rankings in youth and high school basketball. Too many players use rankings as a barometer of their value on the court, parents wear it like a badge of honor, and coaches use it to pump up their own prowess.

    Kids should play basketball for 2 reasons:
    1) They truly love the game
    2) They can use it as vehicle for a free education and for unique life experiences
    My eyes opened to the Player Ranking cult numerous years ago when the Washington Post ran a story claiming a Baltimore kid was the ‘best 10 year old player in the country.’

    I felt like one of those Windows Smartphone commercials, “Really?” 10 years old?

    First of all, how could you possibly claim a kid was the best 10 year old unless you had seen every single 10 year old play (and if you have, don’t you have anything better to do with your time)? And what is the point of even trying to determine who the best 10 year old is? Who does that benefit? What positive could possibly come of that?

    Why would anyone want to burden a 10 year old kid with the pressure of being ‘the best’? Or 12 year old. Or 14 year old for that matter? These are kids we are talking about!

    Now, I am fine with naming All-American teams or even publicly ranking players right before their senior year in high school… but I believe in doing so as a way to recognize them for what they have already accomplished.

    But even then it is a slippery slope as success is never guaranteed.

    Can you tell me what 2 things these players have in common?

    Shaheen Halloway and Kenny Gregory
    1) Both were the MVP of the McDonalds All-American game (Halloway in ’96 and Gregory in ’97).
    2) Both went undrafted in the NBA (and I bet money you have never heard of them)
    Publicized internet Player Rankings are polluting youth basketball.

    If a player is ranked really high, they often become complacent and get enabled by a swarm of vultures and hanger-on-ers who see this kid as their conduit to riches and fame. Everyone in their entourage becomes a ‘yes man’ and kisses their butt. How does that help their development and growth?

    If a player is ranked low or not ranked at all, they often become frustrated and question the hard work they have already put in. Oftentimes they become selfish players in order to ‘Go for mine’ when playing in tournaments and events. They start playing THE game instead of playing THEIR game.

    This selfish mentality happens to highly ranked players too… they know that if they don’t fill up the stat sheets their ranking will suffer. The result is selfish play at most youth tournaments and AAU events. Too much dribbling, forced shots, and no extra passes – the exact opposite of how the game is supposed to be played!

    Going hand in hand with this infatuation with Player Rankings is the need for exposure. After all, you need exposure to get ranked, right? How can you get ranked if no one ever sees you play? I get a dozen emails a week asking me “what is the best way for me to get exposure?”

    My answer?

    Become the best player and teammate you can be, the exposure will follow. If you can play; they will find you.

    According to ESPN’s Dave Telep, Anthony Davis was not ranked in the top 100 in April of 2010. In January of 2011 he was rated the #1 high school player in the country. Soon to follow he was the College Player of the Year and won an NCAA Championship (and is expected to be the 1st player selected in the 2012 NBA Draft).

    Please know, I am speaking in generalities of the system – there are plenty of exceptions. Harrison Barnes is a player who carried the burden of a high ranking throughout most of high school… and he never let it affect his character or his development.

    Player Rankings have already caused dissention in my home. Several magazines and scouting services have my son Jack ranked #3 and his twin brother Luke ranked #7 in the class of 2028. They stay up late at night arguing in their cribs. Maybe I should re-consider letting the ‘Born Backcourt’ play in the National U-2 AAU event in Las Vegas in the beginning of August?

    Players, parents, and coaches… I challenge you not to get caught up in the Player Rankings. Focus on development and daily improvement. Focus on getting better every day. Focus playing because you are passionate about the game and you want basketball to help you earn an education, make lifelong friends, and travel to new places. Focus on the purity of the game. If you do that, everything else will fall into place.

    As the legendary Morgan Wootten used to say…

    “Make sure you use basketball, don’t let it use you.”

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Stop with your fairytale stories, Jack and Luke, Please come on. MSE is real life. You’re pasting old comments from 2008 which we’re way way way past. Look at 2012! Two worlds now exist, it has been high school on up and the new one is middle school.


    • Middle School Elite says:

      I know a 10 year old kid who applied for a top private school, where tuition coast $40,000 annually. So what if you can afford it, first you’d have to be accepted. Unfortunately, this kid couldn’t afford it nor was he accepted. However, when the schools administration stumbled onto his YouTube basketball videos, they offered full financial aid and acceptance the next year.

      The school deciding on accepting this kid wasn’t based on popularity, but the fact he’s shown two talents, student-athlete.

      However, this kid reclassified to take advantage of the academics, spending four good years at the elite institution (two years as a 6th grader plus 7th & 8th). What a unique life experience! $40,000 x 4 years = You finish the math. The school has obviously invested a great deal in this kids future, now it’s up to him!

      If you attempt to do without the early exposure component you could miss out on some great academic situations in 2nd through 8th grade. I don’t care about high school basketball rankings, my son will be more than ready when he gets there.

      • Middle School Elite says:

        That sums up my thoughts on the fixation with Player Rankings in youth and high school basketball. Too many players use rankings as a barometer of their value on the court, parents wear it like a badge of honor, and coaches use it to pump up their own prowess.

        @ player rankings, thanks for frequenting our site but truth is there’s fixation with player rankings in all sports at every level including high school, college and I hate to say it, but the NBA too. Now there’s an increasing fixation within middle school. As long as the player follows his parents and coaches skill instruction things’ll work out fine.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Ok Jack and Luke fight because they are ranked 2 n 7? That’s okay because they probably feel they’re #1.
      They stay up late arguing, hey that’s fine too for if they weren’t considered top competitors you could finally sit back & laugh. I challenge you to focus on everything possible to help bring the best out yourself. The better saying is make sure you use school and don’t let it use you, basketball is secondary.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Shaheen Halloway and Kenny Gregory
      1) Both were the MVP of the McDonalds All-American game (Halloway in ’96 and Gregory in ’97).
      2) Both went undrafted in the NBA (and I bet money you have never heard of them)
      Publicized internet Player Rankings are polluting youth basketball.

      If you ask both players that question, they’ll most likely say there was still a lack of exposure in those print ages. MSE is here!!! Ask the player’s we’ve already covered first with youtube videos and who’ll draft soon, such as Dakari Johnson who’s classified back to 2013 to speed up the process for us.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      According to blah,blah, blah…Welcome to the new digitize world of middle school exposure that reaches pro lines. Early exposure is no longer taboo as people have sacrificed n suffered previously before us to pave way for many other kids.

      • Player Rankings says:

        Not trying to knock your hustle. I understand it is a business for you. Parents need to understand being the #1 5th , 6th , 7th graders means nothing. Focus on long term development and don’t get got up in the hype.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          You can’t knock our hustle…we aren’t hustling anyone. We simply know for a fact, if MSE discontinued our services less kids would gain early-exposure for a great academic opportunity or accumulating stock in basketball. Many want to silence us, so that they could control the new market and hustle you.

          But we and you are endorsed by ESPN Mag, WALL STREET JOURNAL, NEW YORK TIMES (MIKE SOKO), Bloomberg News, New York Daily News and every media brand who mentions MSE. Young players focus on rankings and skills and still dominate. Today’s MSELITE players have better skills and are more interested to finish college than kids their age, six years ago. Just be sure you subscribe to them! Thanks. However your point is well understood that less than 2% of high school players will play D1 college bball according to NCAA. True and upsetting for the 98%. Parents and coaches can contac us and we will refer you to the secrets of basketball for you 2 study and apply. If you happen to have a bad game it won’t matter much outside of experiencing trial and error. When anyone thinks you are not good or ranks you low, it won’t bother you nor interfere with your mental & physical development , because you are only following certain information, which never changes. The satisfaction of knowing you’ve studied the guide, making it second nature, dedicating it all to muscle memory will give you the advantage or upperhand at the end and peace of mind the entire time. If practiced correctly, they’ll be unknowingly and foolishly challenging the books information. ( make sure your body movement stems from these teachings and constantly improve your decision making) E-mail us: [email protected]. Once we’ve given you the lessons that most of you know already, then proceed. Only in this sense should you not get caught up in the rankings, try to reverse it and let them get caught up in the rankings, unaware of your phenomenal abilities. Basketball is bigger than a game, it’s life.

    • WTF says:

      Why in the hell did you write all that… You need some counseling, someone to talk to. This is just a blog about kids. You wrote a whole article…

  44. question says:

    why didnt ferrari place in the championship bracket at nationals ? they were stacked when i seen them earlier in the year?

  45. Well Said . A repost says:

    Every wonder why espn does not rank kids until around 10 grade. Think about it.

    I will tell you all that these ranking before these kids get in the TENTH grade are all BS!

    As some of you said earlier, its set up for the kids that have size and talent EARLY in their careers,,, but its also more about how much money you can put in these so called experts pockets too, the camps and the subscriptions aren’t free. The majority of these guys ranked have dads that chum up with the experts,, some of those same guys are coaches who can not only have his son sent to these camps but he can produce some of his teammates, which the camp holders love, so BOOM, his son automatically gets ranked. The ranking game is a scam these days because of these very same scenarios. Its been that way long before these current kids and their dad, and it won’t change unless you stop, the parent, stop supporting some of these rip-of artists. I am not saying to stop sending your kids to all camps but I am saying to be more proactive about the camps that you send your son to. There are some great camps out their that are about teaching and guiding kids the right way for their basketball opportunities. I will say this, any camp that is running the them of ‘wanna see where your kid ranks against the rest…’ and they actually rank kids from the camp,,,, look else where,, unless you want to introduce your kid and yourself to the phrase, politics in basketball…

    I said earlier, 10th grade is the magic number, largely because the only opinions that matter have a better idea of who’s who after their Freshman year. ESPN and Rivals are at the top of the food chain in this game. They don’t start really reviewing the whole picture til then,, sure they might know some of the ‘sure shots’ but this is usually the time that they really have a better idea of everyone. Plus, this usually the time that maturity in most of these kids have hit already!

  46. lee says:

    Middle School Elite, that’s needs to said loud in clear (maybe a disclaimer of some type) in your rankings to provide transparency so that the masses know you are including reclassifys in your rankings. These are kids and you don’t want too much info out there but probably lessen your burden of having to explain.

    Again, my son’s team accepts the challenge because it does help them to get better. But exposure and rankings are far from his mind. Overall, I think it’s cool but parents need to put it all in perspective.

    F.Y.I., one your ranking is listed on his school’s website (in a newsletter) as being in “class 2014” which would make him at least 15. I hope that’s a typo, but google it. Maybe you can pass that info onto his parents so they can have it corrected.

    • Admin says:

      While MSE is presently a factor, If you can’t show you’re able to handle our elite rankings, while steadily improving your game then you aren’t worthy of exposure. Anyway, waiting until your senior year in high school tactic to gain exposure is flawed to keep you as a hidden gem. The logic is if no one knows who you are, then who cares?

      But you must accept two worlds, now, exist and that’s high school on up and middle school. Both are good for student athletes with respect in their own right. Folk like dave telep involved with HS may disagree, but others involved with middle school tend to agree. It’s becoming the fastest growing new market in youth sports.

      If I were to voice my opinion about high school player rankings i’ll be right or wrong, depending on how those in high school viewed it and the same goes for how interpet middle school. Remember, there are now two worlds with different realities. And it’s far too late to bring up this matter as every major media from New York Times to Sport Illustrated has made known our existence, our birth, inception or immaculate conception.

      • Player Rankings says:

        You can rank middle schools kids all day. I am simply saying that rankings at the youth level really don’t mean anything.I hope parents don’t get caught up in rankings and focus on development

    • Middle School Elite says:

      What parents need to do is keep making your kid available to compete against the best by any means necessary. How’d you ever know where kids measure against their peers? Why wouldn’t you challenge your kid against the pressure of middle school rankings? If you’re capable of overcoming then then you’ve already accomplished something we consider great!

      • LanghorneBBall says:

        A “peer” at 12yrs old is much different then a “peer” at 17 years old. A 14 year old can crush a 12 yr old. A 17 yr old can play with a 19 yr old. You need to stop beilieving your own BS…

      • Player Rankings says:

        @middle School Elite

        What parents need to do is use contrast rather than comparing a player to his peer group. At the youth level parents need to focus on there child’s development over a period of time. Kids grow , mature , and develop at different rates so comparisons are problematic.

        Just because you are the best 13 year old right, does not mean you will be the 17 year old.

        Some kids have early growth spurts ,others have reached puberty already. Comparing these players is unfair , as the player with the older biological age ( physical maturity) should have higher expectations.

        At this age the goal is not to be better than other players are teammates , but to improve over time.

        When biological age balances with chronological age the discrepancy between the early and late bloomers lessens.

        That is why espn and rivals really don’t rank kids until around the 10 grade, because they have a better understanding of what is real .

        • Middle School Elite says:

          I think it’s cool to interact with you on this type forum with thousands of readers but let’s be brief to not take away precious time from kids exposure in the name of fun though the competition is fierce and serious on this level, regardless of size. You will see the names. Stay tuned! Name a player mentioned on MSE that’s in high school and won’t make it.

        • Middle School Elite says:

          All a player needs is skills… Stop making big men seem like trees. If player’s are 6′ and 7′ tall that’s only a 1 foot size difference, floor tile. Stop making them out to be huge buildings!! They’d have to stand 10′ or this would have to be football to make your point, nowadays. Play hoops, emphasize basketball skills* with an athletic edge and play the right way. Stick with why James Naismith created basketball. Kobe, Lebron doing a great job at skills like Cris Paul and Kyrie Irvin. Thanks for your opinion.

      • scout says:

        I have watched lots of those kids play. But Dravon Clayborn should be top ten on that list. Also what you guys fail to notice is that there are kids in 7 grade that can be 14 and have a mens body or becoming a men and i feel as if they shouldnt be rank with 12 and 13 year old kids.

  47. Moving on says:

    @middle school elite when are the other class rankings coming out?

  48. Excuse me Sir says:

    @middle school elite when will the rankings for other classes be released sir???

  49. Basketball Fan says:

    With the sacrifices that parents and kids (middle school) are making to compete at the highest level, in my opinion, middle school rankings are awesome! Great job MSE!

    No matter what age or grade a kid is, IF that kid is within the rules then “no complaints” from me, and great job to those kids and parents.

    I’m sure all the players on and off this list are consistently working to remain and become elite. At the end of the day, the ‘cream rises’!


  50. My son attended a John Lucas Camp says:

    Just to give an example. My son attended the FOTG East John Lucas Camp in Hampton in September. It was for rising 5 and 6th graders. At the time we signed up, my son was in the 6th grade, but September he was entering the 7th which was the case for the rest of the kids. True 5th graders showed up those who had just finished the 4th grade and their parents raised hell. They said they thought it was fair fair after paying all that money for their 4th graders to play with 7th graders when they expected only true 4/5th graders, again those just enetering the specified grade. The parents explained also because there were evaluators there it would’t be a fair match up. So Mr. Lucas, the professional business man he is,immediately stopped camp while just drills and training, and separated the groups by age. I didn’t take offense because my son would have had a major advantage over a 4th grader and a lot of parents were there to get their son exposed. Besides being the best camp out there, Mr. Lucas earned many loyal customers for his future camps and a lot of parents want to travel to where he was for more training. Fair and Balanced.

  51. Hoop scoop says:

    Hoop scoop all American Camp is #1

  52. Daijon says:

    I hope u guys know some people who don’t have a lot of money to afford these camps r good but u just haven’t seen me

  53. Baller says:

    Tanner reha deserves to be on this list

  54. IJS says:

    Can we say congrats to the kids who made the list and if you didn’t make it, keep working. There are so many opportunities for kids to get a great education while many won’t make the NBA, but I’m not going to shoot anyone’s vision. We all have visions for our kids and they can obtain it if they work hard and walk in their destiny. You have been called
    Before you were in the womb to walk in your destiny!!! Keep working b/c FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD!!!

  55. What about corderius hastings who play pg. for gaunited runner up in nationals 2012.

  56. BallMan says:

    All rankings are subjective. There is a kid from a top 10 team that averaged a double double at the 6th grade Nationals that is not listed. There are MSE participants who did very little on the National scene that are top 20.
    Corderious Hastings from GA United is one of the nastiest guards in the country. He outperformed many players rated higher on the MSE list.
    The game has changed and if you do not get your son competing against the best in some camps it will hurt him in the long run.

    Lucas and 5Star are the top camps because they involve skill development AND exposure. They also have less BS and politics because the brand is strong enough to be able to avoid relationships guiding rankings.

    MSE is a service and best of luck to your hustle. You are more than FLY BY NIGHT.

  57. How you gonna? says:

    How you gonna put in on article a kid is in a higher grade then post in another article the kid is ranked in a lower grade…and not expect people to talk about what they already know because they’ve seen it. Get it right the first time and no need to back track the second time.

  58. truth says:

    Wow ! Most of these post are about WACG……I bet most of you parents never played basketball or weren’t any good , so winning that trophy or your son scoring 20 or more points is important to you . I have a son in this class and I’m thankful for the WACG , DC assaults and all other top teams weather they have older kids or not I don’t know and I don’t care because at the end of the day our kids can and will get better playing against these teams . I want my son to compete against the best competition because when he reaches high school he will be able to compete against juniors or seniors as a sophmore or even as a freshman. My son was once told he needs to play against older kids to stay hungry so I welcome the challenge , so parents just let them play ball have fun it will help them out in the long run because some of.them are playing for the trophy and some are playing to get better and end up being the best !!

  59. D D says:

    to TRUTH, you couldn’t be more right. my son has played on 5 different teams in 5 years at the nationals. we’re only here for the competition. they can have the trophy’s. my son is class of 2018 and worksout everyday with the no.1 highschool team in michigan. by playing against these highschool kids his game is so advanced it’s crazy. then u have these parents who want the trophy and the points when that’ll lead they’re kid to not even playing at all in the future. we lost to WACG 2 years in a row and my son worked them both times. no doubt they have a squad. i’m just saying people put too much in the trophy and not the work which is the only thing that’ll get you a college deal. my son will be on varsity as a freshman when a lotta of these kids on these so called top rankings will be in the stands texting n flirting with the girls not playing anymore with they’re parents talkin bout coach’s trippin my son got played when all along you played your son right outta the game at a early age. D D 2018 DOUGHBOYS from DETROIT

  60. coach says:

    jordan morris shouldnt be ranked. he has no skills. all he can do is dunk a ball which rarely happens in a game. what a shame

  61. chikosi walker says:

    How do you come on a site and down a harmless child who has done nothing to you? You call yourself a coach but be a man first and don’t pick on kids, but you’re obviously a coward to hide behind a name and throw darts. That’s my name in bold print I don’t bite my tongue so listen good. Since you’re allegedly a coach, identify yourself and your team we will play you. Do you have a 7th grade team and wish you had a Jordan Morris? Do you wish your child could play for G3? Anytime anyplace and well show you what Jordan Morris can do? Pick your best player and hell destroy him one on one.

  62. ***Phenom News Flash****
    Lunden Taylor Class 2018 , recieves national exposure gets invited to Future 150 Elite 24 March 2-3 , here is Lundens 2013 rankings, hoopscoop online Clark Francis #22. MSE #40 Adidas Phenom #46 Central Valley Sports #31 SSC Rankings #24………

  63. mr314 says:

    watch out 4 stlouis teams at this years nationals

  64. Middle School Scou says:

    Some people are taking note of Myles Frierson out of Texas. He is one of the most athletic players in the country. The kid has been averaging astonishing numbers at 20 points a game. Myles Frierson plays with Higher Goals Basketball Club and could very well go down as the best player in this class.

  65. hypocritical says:

    @chikoski walker quit being a hypocrite..you posted really negative things about jabari parker and simeon..you stated that big oak should be poy which is a possibilty but then you go on to say that jabari parker has been embarissing Chicago all season which is not true. .JP is the top ranked playerr in Illinois and he has led his team to three going on four consecutive state titles now how the hell is that embarassing. .it’s obvious that jp not playing up to his full potential this season because of injuries but you should keep your negative thoughts to yourself then you have the nerve to call someone out on this site about bashing kids. ..smh unbelievable!

  66. Age aint nothing but a number says:

    Bagley is gonna play for WACG now?

  67. Ballislife265 says:

    Lol, this list is a joke. I’m a college student that attends most of the top events that feature these players and hands down this list is wrong !

    I can’t say who the best player in the nation is between e.j. And Marvin.

    But at the end of the day the only players that should be in the top 10 is e.j., Marvin, marquis Nowell, nazrieon Reid, Gavin ( wacg ), Luther muhammad, Atiba Taylor, marquis walker, and the backcourt from wacg, I guess rankings that’s true to the player will only happen in highschool smh….

  68. Today I watched.... says:

    Today I watched my son’s 7th team scrimmage a JV High School team. Man, they got destroyed. My son learned that it gets tougher so he might as well begin the habit of working hard now so that when he reachs that age, no 12 years will want to come back and play 16 year olds ever again… and make sure those youngins remember the experience.

  69. Kenny Millender says:

    Where does this Jordan Simmons go to school???????

  70. Kenny Millender says:

    Be on the look out for 13yr old 5’10 pg Cai Jones from University Park, IL

  71. Student Athlete says:

    What do you think about Shooting Guard Will Yarbrough who played with The King Street Kings last year?

  72. Mike says:

    Its is crazy how this site does not represent the West well, in fact Flight Eliete has beaten most of the teams on all of your list but the team and player get no pub…. The Walnut Creek Middle school team in California has not lost a game yet no pub. But hey I gues you guys played at the high level and know who can and cant play right?

  73. Team Felton says:

    There is a kid out of Greensboro 6’2 Named John Newman. He dropped 31 on on the NY Gauchos and 29 on the Metro Sixers. He reclassed this year. He is 13 years old. You guys should be on the lookout. He plays for Team Felton! They have lots of new guns this year!

  74. Team Mom says:

    JJ Reed is out of Paducah,KY not Louisville.

  75. Hoop coach says:

    I watched this player named Cade Southerland class of 2018. The big man is about 6’3 or 6’4 and he dominates the other players. He is a great rebounder and can finish with both hands. He also can handle the ball pretty well for a big man. He is in the dallas area. He is a very good new player who needs to be looked at.

    • Matthew says:

      What team does he play for? I am making a national rankings list and would like to have a look at him if possible. Also when you said he dominates other players did you mean on this list?

  76. DC says:

    Fuck G3, fuck WACG. DC Assault is the best 7th grade team out here. 6th grade national champions w/ all legit players all from the DMV area. We don’t have to fly nobody in. We the best like DJ Khaled. Just ask WACG.

  77. DC no different! says:

    DC ASSAULT is no different then the rest other than they don’t fly kids in. DC ASSAULT is known as the “Reclassify Kings” in the DMV area. So how we in the DMV see it…DC and WACG are leveled competition. None of these teams are “legit.”

  78. florida hoops says:

    next year Gyvicht Geneus will be a huge threat he is a 5’11-6’0 PF/SF he has good ball handling ability. he has a good strong post and is an excellent defender. he just needs to work on his shooting(mid-range and beyond the arch)this kid started playing basketball in the 6 grade and will be a future threat. the only thing he has yet to play aau basketball.

  79. Adam Novak says:

    Gavin Schoenwald used to go to my school Woodland Middle School. He now goes to Brentwood Academy. He is a baller. He should be numba 1. go gavin! he gets them buckets and them babes

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