Is Michael Saunders AKA -LiL Mike- Best Point Guard In the Nation?

The Future of PG’s Is In Great Hands

Fifth grader, Michael Saunders Jr. from Indianapolis, IN is no different than other talented players his age, except his dad’s a coach who has him winning on the AAU circuit… Now, he’s on the camp scene too and might be the best point guard for class of 2020.

As Lil Mike’s mother humbly complimented several bigs on their height, we instantly became suspicious of her son’s skill level. We had to watch him play. Saturday, before camper’s returned from lunch, Lil Mike shot hoops with two players, including …

We asked Lil Mike to play one on one against the player in his class. Game five. Each bucket is a point. Lil Mike landed five consecutive three pointers. Game over. Later on, we’d get to watch him play full court.

What to look for in a true point guard

Lil Mike wasn’t selfish, he dribbled with his head up, especially on fast break plays, anticipating defender’s loafing in the middle and outlet lanes. In half-court, he either waited for teammates to get in comfortable scoring position or he’d fire a trey.

The opposing squad’s strategy doesn’t work

Lil Mike is double teamed and ball-denied the inbound pass…whether he’s top player in the country, depended on how he handled this particular climax game situation…Would he create space without the ball or shy away from the pressure, allowing another guard to inbound the rock?

Lil Mike seals a defender with his forearm and pushes off hard to catch the inbound pass. With defenders on ball-side, he breaks the press with a quick move to weak ball-side… He makes them pay!!!

He’s the best point guard in the nation (video). Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

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  1. Where says:

    What camp was he at when you guys witnessed this?

    • You Smell that says:

      I smell a hater in the air, how about when does he not do that. You want to come on here and hate out the gate another parent that his kid didnt cut it.. MSE website is full of these clowns. I say put them in there own blog and expose who these clowns really are so we all can laugh when we find out its someone who dont even matter in the circut they just look and stalk peoples kids that are doing good. lol All you do is make whatever positive thing said about him better. Big ups to #3 keep balling boy! But we training for yall this year we won’t let you think g3 has a clean ride in 2013. In fact post your schedule on the website so we can pick a toutnament to go too. Heard you guys werent fooling with a lot tournaments you went to last year.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      We saw Lil Mike first at the MSElite Easter Camp 2012 and can’t wait to watch him in action again, along with a long list of talented players coming to the MSElite Christmas Camp 2012!

  2. All Ohio says:

    Does it matter? I had the pleasure of seeing him do it 2 years in a row at the Lebron James Tournament. Once in a loss to WACG(2011) and twice this year vs Metrolina Havoc and Metro Sixers. I also love his interaction with kids off the court. Tell me one kid, parent, or coach that has met Lil Mike that didn’t immediately take to the kid. Great job Coach Saunders raising a special young man.

  3. Love for the game says:

    Come on now really, don’t start with the hate already this kid has been in the spot a long time and can ball. He does not have to be at a camp or playing on the streets in compton. If you pick apart anything with him then his team and people in indy must be doing what they are suppose to be doing because he is a show stopper!! Much love from the east coast and this 2020 class kid we will be watching from a far little dude..

  4. Texas Basketball says:

    I think Mike Miles-Texas Titans also deserves recognition. Is he a better player then Saunders? Probably not, but I think he could have a great season. Coach Saunders has done a great job with the talent surounding him. Respect is given.

  5. good job says:

    Good job little ob konobe, you been balling since a small fry my family remember you all the way back in the sports zone days Keep making indiana proud by representing on and off the court. You have a great up bringing and I know your parents are passionate about this sport and their kids. Our kids talk about you all the time when they hear your name. Make sure you guys keep him grounded here would be sure nice to see him play as he gets older. As much as he plays now he probably does not like any other sport! Good Job!

  6. Where says:

    @middle school elite thank you because that is where I seen Lil mike for the first time and yes he has an all around game for a point guard right now along with a great attitude..for the rest of you that claim I’m a hater..there is no need for me to hate I have a pg who is also nationally ranked In the class of 2020 who just recently got invited to the MSE christmas camp as well as he will participate in the east vs west national 5th grade all star game in March and he is currently the #1 pg in his state..but anyway congrats to Lil mike I wish him well and keep up the good work I’m proud to see our children noticed for something positive!!

  7. allaroundathlete says:

    No way is he the best,his parents have the money to travel around the country to these tournaments therefore he gets exposed.

    • Stop Hiding says:

      @allaroundathlete, you keep following the kid around hating. Since you know him and his family so well, email the website and lets set up a game. What is your childs name? Who does he play for? You know how to get ahold of Coach Saunders. Quit hiding behind a fake name.

    • midwesthooper says:

      his son plays baseball he is not a hooper but obviously very jealous of a 10 year old kid..

  8. You Smell that says:

    Another Hater emerges Welcome to the forum..

  9. LTT says:

    Sounds like a great kid. Congratulations and Best of luck in 2013!

  10. NC Parent says:

    ? When is MSE coming to the South East or anywhere in reasonable driving distance from NC?

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