2012 MSElite 30 National Player Rankings For 8th Grade (Class of 2017)

MSElite Rankings are based on performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, players ability to impact games and players long term potential/upside

No.1 ranked 8th grade basketball player -Class of 2017- Cody Riley

Rank, Name, Height, Position, State

#1 Cody Riley 6’9″ Center, Califonia

#2 Deandre Ayton 6’9″, Forward, California

#3 Jeffrey Prophete 6’3″, Forward, Florida

#4 Jordan Riley 6’5″,  Forward, North Carolina

#5 Darren Harvey 6’4″, Forward, Alabama

#6 Jarred Vanderbilt 6’2″, Forward, Texas

#7 Isaiah Stokes 6’7″, Center, Memphis

#8 Paul Scruggs 6’3″, Forward, Indiana

#9 Nate Pierre-Louis 5’6″, Guard, New Jersey

#10 Wendell Carter 6’4″, Center, Georgia

#11 Chris Giles 6’2″, Guard, Texas

#12 D.J Mitchell 6’2″, Guard, Maryland

#13 Blake Williams 5’8″, Guard, Tennessee

#14 Mike Porter 6’3″, Guard, Missouri

#15 Tremon Waters 5’10”, Guard, Connecticut

#16 Austin Wiley 6’1″, Forward, Alabama

#17 Paul Washington 6’3″, Forward, Texas

#18 Justin Roberts 5’9″, Guard, Indiana

#19 Nojell Eastern 5’9″, Forward, Illinois

#20 Emmani Wood 6’5″, Forward, Virginia

#21 Zack Gunn 6’4″, Forward, Indiana

#22 Charles O’Bannon 5’8″, Forward, Nevada

#23 Jaylen Flemming 5’5″, Guard, Illinois

#24 Zach Brown 6’10”, Center, Florida

#25 Alonzo Verge 5’10”, Guard, Illinois

#26 Chase Hayden 5’4″, Guard, Tennessee

#27 D.J Heath 6’1″, Guard, Alabama

#28 Jatirious Smith 6’3″, Forward, North Carolina

#29 Andre Boykin 6’4″, Forward, Washington

#30 Austin Wiley 6’1″, Forward, Alabama

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    Bad list….booooo!!!!!

  2. Big Phlav says:

    This is the worst poll for 2017 Ct has no players from CBC (Connecticut Basketball Club) the Original CBC not Cali Styles which changed there name this year has a lot a talent not mentioned in this write up.

  3. Fake Espn says:

    Cody Riley is on road to greatness congrats coach Ryan Silver

  4. Boyo Boy says:

    MSE is on point i did my research free exposure is rare

  5. Dj Heath says:

    He gonna b ligit point guard he avg like 8 assist in high school playing varsity team I think he reclassified to 8th anybody know? might supposed to b 9th grade I hear

  6. jared mack says:

    Most of these kids are like 16 in the 8th when your supposed. To13or 14

  7. Coach Tom says:

    I know atleast five deserving players not listed it’s obvious MSE cant watch every player

  8. Believer says:

    Nate da Great Pierre representing NJersey like brother Briscoe his dad played for Boston Celtics excellent shooter and student

  9. A FAN says:

    Datrion Harper is the best pointguard on this board even with a lot of camps one on one he cant be stop you will need to triple team him…. and is a high honors student dont beleave me get on plane and come watch him play

    • please stop says:

      Justin Roberts is the best PG in this Class by far. Its just sad that the team he used to play for Indy Hoosiers never played in any good events. He didnt even go to the middle school elite camp this year. But last year was the best in this camp and jr phenom and hoopscoop and elite showcase. Go figure.

  10. Serious father says:

    My son projected to grow to 6’8 howdot I get him seent? I admit he’s raw only in 5th grade now

  11. HoopFan says:

    Where Jashaun Agosto at

  12. Evanston says:

    @serious father where are you guys from?

  13. hopperfromthewest says:

    What about the 2019 class?

  14. Serious father says:

    The person asking were we from we live in Las Vega thinking of relocating to California to get looks I am 6-7 never play sports but my raymond is a natural born player his mother 5-11 Raymond might be 6-9 my mother was was 5-7 and my day 6-5 if you can help us I leave my emai somewhere

    • Coach T says:

      I coach at a prep school in Ohio and work in admissions as well. The school is just north of Cleveland. How big is your son/what position(s) can he play?

  15. Serious father says:

    Few typos sorry I am typing on blackberry cell phone pardon me

  16. Alonzo says:

    He got skills saw him play last month shoots the ball good I like to see him play point guard but needs to make better decisions right now I think marquise Walker is best point guard in Chi Town he get his big menthe involved be really knows the game

  17. Evanston says:

    @serious father you guys are pretty far there is a 11u/5th grade team from evanston (battlecats) that finished #3 in nationals in north carolina this past summer and they have really good guard work and I’m sure they will help make your son a better player..they travel to big tournaments and they play a competitive schedule which would help your son get some looks and possibly ranked and this year they are in need of a big man so your son will not have a problem with playing time..they will love your sons height and size and if you think your son is a little raw and want to develop him the battlecats coaching staff are to willing to work with him

  18. Evanston says:

    @serious father also California may have a few teams your son can run with..I know 916 select have a pretty good program but for the 5th grade team they have their set of bigs that are pretty polished for their age and they also travel to the top tournaments and they do good at nationals every year but the battlecats are just a big or two away from taking more big time tournaments

  19. Evanston says:

    @serious father the battlecats will be at a big tournament next weekend december 8-9 at champaign Illinois at the university of Illinois

  20. SoFlaFan says:

    Zach Brown isnt an eigth grader

  21. Mark Stepper says:

    Not sure how you come with your list, but you guys need to check out Alijah Nelson (5th grader from bolingbrook il.) He is a great ballhandler, passer, and shooter. Check out his youtube work-out video: 4TH GRADE BASKETBALL PLAYER ALIJAH NELSON (video been out since beginning of past summer).

  22. Unkown says:

    Andrew Horton from music city players in nashville tn is the best thing under the radar don’t be shock when he shows up on this ranking

  23. unknown says:

    Andrew Horton who plays for music city players out of Nashville Tennessee is the best thing under the radar don’t be shock to see him in the top 15 the dude legit

  24. Coach flores says:

    Serious father….. Email me maybe we can get your son a team. I have my own program, but we arent elite. Maybe oakland soldiers, flight elite can help. I am good friends with their directors

  25. Basketballfan says:

    Nobody from Louisiana they have at least 8 players between prime time and the swilling storm

  26. Basketballfan says:

    Who is the top 10 8th grade a.a.u teams and who should be one team to watch

  27. Gregory cox says:

    I don’t get this I mean I’m bout 6-4 6-5 I’m 14 in the 8th and from alabama I love basketball but I never get to play ppl my age with equal talent I mean i play ball but it’s hard work leading your team every night and they don’t trust you I put 18 and don’t have not one assist from team mates and coach don’t ever say a thing where could I go to change this I mean I looked up some of these guys on this list and I mean where are these guys playing at if they top best of my class it must b a joke cause I can do the same things and I can’t show it but most love to them keep up the good work and ball so hard

  28. aloung kang says:

    anyone knows anyy competitive places i can go ball at im a 6’4 8th grade PG, hmu if u know

  29. NY Fan says:

    This is ok but have none of the elite ball players from New York. We have players like
    Marco Morency
    Sidney Wilson
    Makhi Hall
    Christopher Coalman
    Keith Williams
    Isaiah Washington
    Dwayne Thomas
    Losini Kamara
    Jose Alvarado
    Deondre Bourne
    Mike Burnett

  30. Joe PA NYC says:

    Jose Alvarado, Queens, NY. Remember the name. The boy is The Truth!
    Christ The King HS bound in September.

  31. coach says:

    you never saw chase saviers, noah o’brien and riley olsen? Look to the west coast

  32. jsda1 says:

    Wolf tickets. Flunking kids on purpose for sports. Allowing them to dumb themselves down over years where they re-classify. tisk tisk

  33. coach says:

    u need too be having a camp in Michigan there is this really good kid there Chaz Woods a 5’4 point guard need to check him out must see talent!!! he plays for the TriCityHeat , i’m telling u he needs exposure he is really good

  34. Ben Williams jr. says:

    My son is better than all these guys. Look him up Ben Williams III. On twitter he’s @benallnet6

  35. Cody S says:

    Austin Slaughter from north dakota should be on that list

  36. JoePa NYC says:

    Jose Alvarado, nyc, Christ The King bound. Remember the name, Boy is def the truth!

  37. william says:

    remember the name steven sherman,nyc,he is a shootingguard who know how to put the ball in the basket,he going going to christ the king next year,just remember the name.he have a chance to be a big time player!

  38. Just Recently Seen Mekhi Hall Put In Work Playing 17U Wit The NYC Knights. He A 6’0 Combo Guard. Most Underrated Player In This Class By Far. He Should Be On This List Ranked In The Top 20. And Jalek Felton 6’2 Guard He Should Be On This List Ranked In The Top 5 I Seen Him Dominant Recently At The John Lucas Camp He Most Likely The Best Guard In This Class.

  39. Zach S says:

    I agree with the list, but there are 2 players that are both from the class of 2017 that should be 12 and 13 on the list> They are better than some of the players on this list. They are 6’6″ guard Jermaine Samuels of MASS, and 6’6″ guard Kimani Lawrence of Rhode Island. They are the number 1 and 2 best players on New England. Put it this way, they should definitely be on this list at around 13, and 14.

  40. John Samuel says:

    Abba Wague One Of The Best Shooters In New York And Will Shoot Your Lights Out He is The Shooting Guard For New York Dragons And is 6″0 Can finish in traffic with both hands and is a great player for class of 2017

  41. Bballer9 says:

    Now plays for expressions elite, used to be on CBC, Jermaine Samuels, look him up on youtube. Kid is a beast, made the all-star game for CP3 Rising stars camp, participated in the dunk competition.

  42. Bballer9 says:

    Now plays for expressions elite, used to be on CBC, Jermaine Samuels, look him up on youtube. Kid is a beast, made the all-star game for CP3 Rising stars camp, participated in the dunk competition.

  43. James mason says:

    Jason Dockery A 6’4 SF/PF at SouthportHighSchool class 2017. I’ve been watching him since he was in the 7th grade at southport middle school. He is one of the most underrated players in the state of Indiana. He a great cutter can get to the rim we needed to a great shooter and A amazing defender many compare him to Durant and if you don’t believe me come to southport high school and Wacth him play along side with Paul Scruggs And domanate!

  44. Coach Hawkins says:

    Mickey Jah a 5’7 Guard @ St.Anthony Middle School Class of 2018. This kid can shoot the lights out. I noticed him play when he was playing for Minnesota Suns AAU team. I truly think he will be a basketball prospect for Minneosta. if you dont believe me co,e watch this kid play this season With the Mn Suns Along side with Mckinnley Wright.

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