MSElite Christmas Basketball Camp Agenda

Games, Games, Games

Click Here If You Haven’t Registered And Don’t Miss Out


10am-11am Registration at Host Hotel

11am-11:30am Meet & Greet Introduction

11:30am-12:30pm Shoot-A-Round/Stretching & Conditioning

12:30pm-1:30pm Drill Stations 1) defense 2) shooting 3) passing 4) dribbling

1:30pm-2:30pm Lunch

2:30pm-3:30pm Team Selection & Practice

3:30pm-6:30pm Games, Games, Games


9am-9:30am Lecture/Motivation

9:30am-10:30am Stretching/Conditioning

Drill Stations 1) triple threats 2) 1-on-1 offense & defense 3) setting screens 4) rebounding

10:30am-11am Team Practice

11am-2pm Games, Games, Games Including top 20 ALL-STAR game

MSE will video the players in the All-Star game for YOUTUBE. Each player in attendance will be evaluated and written about on our website.

Click here for camp information or visit


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  1. Not tripping says:

    Mike Saunders and the parents did a great job . Any kid who had game had a chance to display. Comp was good my boy had fun and that’s the main thing. I will be at the next one if you have another one. And Zion Harmon is a pure beast with dumb stupid range. Lil Mike is also nice.

  2. Mr. White says:

    I would like to say the camp was ok. I was there with no kid, just watching all the hyped up kids. Lance Jones, that kid can play some basketball flat out. There was a 6th grade kid with dreads who was also a good player. Number 4 was killing Lil Mike. I think Lil Mike is okay, but he needs to get back in the lab and work on staying with his man. The Harge kid played well also and seemed to score anytime he wanted to playing with kids that passed the ball over him because they knew or played on the same AAU team. His defense was also good. I watched him guard a kid with 5 inches on him and 20 pounds and he locked him up. Again Lance Jones was the best kid on the floor to me.

  3. Sooooo says:

    Any news on the camp…..results, write-ups, info…something

  4. Damn son says:

    Whats happening or whats going on with MSE? They never posted any recap on the Christmas camp and it seem like there will be no mse camp this spring

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