Amazing Athlete Marvin Bagley Is Big In Life and Perhaps The Basketball World Too

A Path To Hoop Success

Concerning Man Child Marvin Bagley The 13 Year Old Six-Eight Specimen

There’s someone Marvin Bagley and his family may want to get advice from and that’s coach Towns, whose son Karl Towns Jr. is a 6-11 incredibly skilled high school basketball standout, currently rank No.3 for class of 2014 according to ESPN. Recently, the 17 year old prodigy was ESPN’s No.1 rank 2015 player, before moving back up. Now a junior star, Towns attends St. Joseph high school in New Jersey. Last week, he surprised most people when he officially committed to Kentucky University under one-and-done coach John Calipari. Obviously, Towns is something special, even spectacular; he’s talented, smart and well-spoken. Congrats to the Towns family for their astonishing accomplishments.

Clark Francis Hoop Scoop

The next person we’d kindly consider is renowned journalist Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop, who has actually followed the younger and older age groups for decades. Francis will likely see Bagley tear down the rim at his 2013 summer camp, but if not Francis will still keep a close eye on Bagley for the fact Bagley is ranked No.2 for class of 2018 according to Hoop Scoop. Systematically, Hoop Scoop rankings help determine who the top incoming high school frehmen’s are similar to how Dave Telep identifies a certain number of student athletes entering college.

Dave Telep ESPN

Another individual Bagley should be mindful of is Dave Telep, Senior Scout of ESPN. Although, Telep isn’t a fan of middle school exposure, it’s his business to know about specific players on various levels. He doesn’t bother focusing on player’s, at least, until their tenth grade of high school. Basically Telep has to evaluate tens of thousands of high school player’s and come up with a fairly accurate top 100 ESPN ranking each year. However, if Bagley appears on that future list, he increases his chance of receiving a high major D1 college scholarship.

Bagley Family

As far as the Bagley’s they are humble, patient and willing to put in work necessary for Marvin to be mentioned amongst the absolute best. As young Bagley completes seventh grade, we’ve connected the Bagley and Towns family with hopes Marvin has every possible opportunity for achieving his goals.

Please welcome 7th grade, Marvin Bagley from AZ, class of 2018. Watch his monstrous dunk!

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  1. HYPE says:

    Earler it read Marvin in 8th grade than 7th grade.. Does he plan on repeating 7th and reclassify in high school?

  2. Lie says:

    I doubt he 13 years old without proof!

  3. Demetrius lynn says:

    He’s definitely 13 years old. Be mindful that these kids and their parents read articles such as this. Remember we are talking about children, let them have a chance at life before you try to destroy his or his family character.

  4. Marvin Bagley Jr says:

    First of all, I want to commend and thank MSElite for the great job they are doing to cover middle school basketball players nationwide.

    Secondly, I want to thank the persons responsible for the previous negative comments. We turn that negativity into positive energy, so thank you!

    Furthermore, this will be my LAST time publicly defending Marvin Bagley III’s age and grade. Marvin is indeed a 13 year old straight A, 7th grader. In fact, Marvin doesn’t turn 14 for another few months. I know its hard to believe, because even I (as his father) am amazed at some of the things I see.

    Finally, Marvin is still a kid, and he does have access to the internet. Please consider that he will possibly read these negative comments before you post them. Please direct any questions and concerns to [email protected]. I will guarantee you to the uncut truth, straight from the horse’s mouth!


    • @Marvin Bagley Jr says:

      Straight A students get the nod as they are attractive to college programs. Continue to put books before ball and you will go very far.

      • Wow!! says:

        Wow! A straight “A” Student…That’s great! No doubt that any college in their right mind is not going to snatch up a smart kid, who has size and knows the basics of playing. Any college will be willing to teach him the rest. So best of luck to him.

    • myrecruitez says:

      The kid is legit! We are proud of him! Now on to being ranked by Rivals, Espn, and Scout! Keep working hard! God has blessed you and your family!

    • 7th Graders turn 13 yrs old during the fall, winter, spring or summer of their 7th grade year – not 14. 8th graders turn 14 during the fall, winter, spring or summer of their 8th grade year. The AAU allows a 24 month window between the youngest and oldest on the court. AAU created these heated discussions online and near brawls at tourneys allowing unlimited “grade exceptions” and a 24 month difference between the youngest and oldest on the court. 24 months difference in development is a long time especially for 8U to 14U. It should be 12 months difference so that every kid on the court is the same age. In July/August (Sept 1st cutoff), if you are 10 then you play 10u or higher. If you are 11 then you play 11u or higher. In this case, if you are 14 in July/August then you play 14u or higher (8th graders).15 months age difference is the absolute max age difference that should be allowed. The AAU District Directors are the ones that concerned parents should be getting the message to. Ask them 1) Is a 24 month difference between the youngest and oldest on the court fair 2) Is everyone on the court being the same age unfair? You will win this debate every time.

  5. Good Stuff says:

    Interesting article. I always been curious on the method of high school and college recruiting. I will subscribe to hoop scoop and espn insider tomorrow 😉 Saw Marvin Bagely on youtube he looks pretty grown and strong. I am nobody to dispute his age. Good luck!

  6. David says:

    13 going on 14 is the normal age of a 9th grader. If hes 6’8 and 13 then he will become a 7 footer. Good luck

  7. Bballmom says:

    This site probably started a academic epidemic…I’m a educator so i def appreciate the straight A student. I wish Karl the best in college!

  8. Lost boy says:

    Finals gotta ace exam cheat what it do 2 pass

    • Tutor says:

      @Lost boy… Bro you need a tutor… LOL That crap you just wrote MAKES NO SENSE. You graduated too early, or did you even graduate at all? Your subject / verb agreement is suspect. Let’s get it together! #SERIOUSLY

  9. Real Talk says:

    14 in a few months !!!

    14 = 7th
    15 = 8th
    16 = 9th
    17 = 10th
    18 = 11th
    19 = 12th

    • @ David & @ Real Talk says:

      Wooo Weee!!! I can’t wait to see Bagley in high school! @Real Talk… Too bad he gotta spend a year in college…

    • AAU says:

      According to the AAU:

      7th grade = 13U

      Seems like Bagley is right on track as a 13 year old 7th grader. There’s a lot of attention towards this kid. I really want to see him play. Anywhere close to 6′-8″ @ 13 years old is amazing. From what I hear, he can also play, so…

  10. @ David & @ Real Talk says:

    Yall sound like jealous haters. First of all, AAU considers their 7th grade division to be 13U you idiots. So, the Bagley’s are right on track with their 7th grade, 13U kid. I bet yall kids suck. If your son is 13 in the 9th grade, I see why they suck. You should probably get with the program so your kid can compete. That way you don’t have to spend so much time accusing a 13 year old 7th grader of cheating. Spend that time coaching and teaching your child and maybe MSE will write about them one day. If you have a problem with a 13 year old being eligible to play 13U then you jealous people should talk to the AAU because they have the final say.

    Great job MSE and Great job Bagley family!

    God Bless!!!

    • David says:

      That was dumb… The fact that the kid is old for his Grade.. Is a FACT… And btw my 13 year old 9th grader is actually doing quite well… But I guarantee you if he was a 7th grader he would be on the front page of this site dunking on people. Its Ok my son will be in his first year in college at 17.

      Now on to Marvin, i wish you the best of luck. Although i mention the age thing, it’s irrelevant to your talent, but I do believe that when kids are older.. they tend to find it harder to adjust when finally the kids they dominated because they were much older than have finally matured. Some kids peak.. i know this from experience.. One of the Best Jr High Players I had ever seen couldn’t make the Highschool Varsity team… It happens.. some kids peak early… anyway.. Good luck young man, work hard and hit the books…

  11. Terrance says:

    Remember this name Amari Hudson 7th grader 6’2 from Chicago now lives out in Phoenix Arizona can play all 5 position on the court and play amazing lock Defense.

  12. Ken says:

    The kid can play…period! I saw him catch an oop during a high level game and then the next time down the court he nailed a step back 3…make it shine young man!

    I’m just hoping mine can play with him in college. Marvin, big ups to you and how you raised your son!!

  13. hot shot says:

    Now How Does He Play For W.a.c.G From TN? States Suppose To Touch In AAU

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