MSElite Christmas Camp – A December to Remember 2012

Kid’s Hoop On Special Holiday

2020 Lead Guard Michael Saunders Indianapolis, IN was one of the top players at MSE Easter Camp and MSE Christmas Camp in 2012

Although MSElite Christmas camp took place in 2012, we are yet to release an event recap. Many coaches, parents and young players showed up and that we can’t forget.

No particular order 

Here’s some new and familiar faces who rose to the occasion, and some players who will be at our next MSE Scouting & Ranking Showcase Exposure Camp called Maryland Mania taking place at Maryland Junior Sports Center on August 24th-25th, 2013 (Click Here For New MSE Camp Registration & Information) : Class of 2019 Anthony Safford 5’2, IN; 2019 Devon Harge 4’11, TX; 2020 Michael Saunders 5’0, IN; 2021 Zion Harmon 4’10, MD; 2023 Miles Williams 4’10”, TX;  2019 Lance Jones 5’5, IL; 2017 Cameron Clarke 6’2″, OH; 2019 Travis Rogers 5’1″, IN; 2019 James Taylor 5’3″, KY; 2017 Titus McCoy 5’10”, IN; 2022 Dallas Hobbs 4’7″, TX; 2018 Amari Sharrod 6’3, IN; 2022 Knasir McDaniel 4’8″, DC; 2019 Isaiah Williams 5’0, IN; 2019 Anthony Rogers 5’4, IN; 2021 Pierre Mcloyd 4’11, IL; 2020 Khalil Brantley 5’2″, NC; 2017 Michael Jones 5’9, IN; 2021 Jason Drake ; 2021 Chandler Wilson 4’11, MI; 2020 Hunter Jackson 5’5, IN; 2023 Travis Upchurch 4’8, CT; 2020 Jomante Smith 4’10”, VA; 2021 Kevin Miller 4’2, IL; 2021 Josiah Mobley 4’11, OH; 2019 Jalen Jennings 5’1, IN; 2017 Jared Fields 5’10, MO; 2018 Maurico Brown 5’8, TN; 2019 Cameron Maul 5’1, IN; 2017 Amauri Hardy 6’0 MI; 2017 Ryan Trice 5’9, MO;  2018 Isaiah Jones 5’7, IN; 2019 Demari Grant 5’2, IL; 2023 Amari Allen 4’6, DC; 2021 Jakobe Thompson 4’11; 2017 Stevie Mack 6’5, IN; 2021 Melvin Jones 4’5, MD; 2020 Kenneth Lofton 5’4, TX; 2020 Jamante Smith 4’11, VA; 2020 Brevin Jefferson 5’0, IN; 2022 Brylan Green 4’10, LA; 3rd Raymond Moss 5’0, KY; 2021 Seth Wilson 5’4, OH; 2022 Calen Lightford 4’6, AI; 2021 Ramerik Daniels 5’1, MD;  2021 Dawane Young 4’9, VA; 2021 Chandler Wilson 4’11, MA; 2020 MarSaun Robinson 5’2, OH;  2021 Kemeron Jones 5’3, MS; 2020 Jack Townsend 5’2, IN.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come from Middle School Elite!

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  1. etownbattlecat says:

    Where is Lance Jones invite?????? unbelievable, if I’m not mistaken he stood out at the christmas camp, along with Zion Harmon and Hunter Jackson. Anthony Safford you gotta be kidding me, showed up one day, didnt come back the second day……………..I see the politics of MSE are at work again………

  2. scout says:

    @etownbattlecat yeah I agree mse scouting services really put their eyes on indiana kids especially lil mike but the indiana kids are good though

  3. etownbattlecat says:

    @scout yes the Indiana kids are all solid, but you must’nt forget Lance Jones was at that camp and he more than handled his own against them, so much so that he crossed state lines to go and play with G3 Hoosiers to help that team which is loaded with very talented kids from Indiana Dexter Shouse, Brandon Vernon, Isaiah Moore, Cameron Maul, Jalen Jennings, Jon Michael Molloy to name a few. For Lance not to be atleast mentioned………….well you get my pont.

  4. scout says:

    @etownbattlecat maybe they will mention lance or rank him when they post the full camp recap but everyone that know basketball and watch basketball would see that lance can bang with anyone nationally in the sixth grade class..i am suprised that lance didnt make hoopscoops top 50 in the class of 2019

    • etownbattlecat says:

      @scout, again poitics come into play, how can you forget a kid ranked 5th nationally on your own list, and not mention him on a post about a camp he went to and did well at? As far as Hoopscoops top 50, well Lance can in fact play with all of them, and make a name for himself, but its all good because he’s on Gods list of being one of the top at being blessed.

  5. well says:

    Lance Jones’ name is right beside Miles Williams its just not in bold lettering.

  6. eastcoast says:

    YOU GOTTA lAUGH i hope 2023 is misprint for zion that would make him a 3rd grader now toooo funnnny lol

  7. Saunders? says:

    And now mikie is class of 2021? Is he repeating 4th grade again?

  8. scout says:

    @Saunders who and where did you hear that from

  9. Reading is fundamental says:

    They got the kids year in front of there names Not behind it. Just read!

  10. Ummmm says:

    Thank you Reading is fundamental…My goodness, year, name, height and state…..People are quick to be negative…….

  11. eastcoast says:

    how many shabazz mohameds on this list lol lol

  12. hoops says:

    Don’t mention Zion. Not hating but if my 11yr old played fourth grade he would be unstopable. New rule- stop giving reclassifiers so much pub and maybe parents will stop doing it. Imagine a senior running back trucking sophmores in high school- simply not fair. Talk about the real 4th graders!!

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