Is 4th Grade Basketball Star Zion Harmon The Truth?

Big Things Come In Small Sizes

Pound for pound 5’4″, Zion Harmon, is the best player in America for his age and class of 2021 – period, coming out of the DC Metropolitan area; this may include high school. This chiseled 4th grader who starts at the point for national championship teams on the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade levels is potent in the open court where he attacks the paint with a vengeance.

In the half court set he is adept at using the crossover to penetration and two-dribble pull up where he gets uncanny elevation for a player his age. Within 18-feet of the basket he is virtually unstoppable at this level and coaches and organizational leaderships have resorted to playing the 4th grade phenomenon at the 7th grade level simply to garner a challenge in competition.

Forty seven points in the East/West All Stars Game, 30 points in the Potomac Valley regional qualifier Gold Medal game speaks for itself. Already a legend, the sky is the limit for the Team Glory guard.

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  1. Team glory says:

    He is definitely the best 4th grader in America! Period! So no need for comparison he is the best!

    • The truth? says:

      I’ve seen this kid play for thae last few years and he’s definitely talented. Has a good future if he gets the grades and continues to deveolop and grow. My question though is what’s the story with his age. The story i hear coming out of the DMV is that he is “home-schooled” and that he plays 4th, 5th and 6th because his grade is 4th but his age is 6th. What’s the TRUTH about his bday? And what national championship teams did he play on? I know Team Glory won the 3rd grade last year….did he play with them too? Just kidding, but seriously I tell people all the time that the level of play in the DMV is as good as anywhere and I definitely include Zion in the convo, just dont want to play myself hyping up a kid who has been reclassed twice by the 6th grade

      • @ Truth? He has been classified twice. I know his parents and Mark has held him back twice. He is good but he is a hold back of 2 years! It is hard to really gauge a kids talent when you play down. Since he has been held back..In my opinion, just play your age!!!

        • LOL says:

          WRONG!!! And if you know his parents then you would know his dad’s name is MIKE, not Mark….you always ready to hate and its extremely sad, @Truth if you read any previous post you will see Marylands Finest does nothing but wish for Zions demise, its sad but true. He is in the 4th grade and yes played on the Championship 3rd grade team last year, he is 11 and is doing nothing different then alot of athletes these days, a 1 year reclass…yes, but surely a pure talent with a great future…Support Our Youth

          • WOW! Cheatn, Reclassify says:

            AAU is a trip so that means if I take my just turned 12 year old and put him on the fourth he would be the best player in the country too, we won state in 10u with four 8 yaar olds and five 9 year olds in 10u 4th grade, I guess i better play them down in 9u third grade so that my kids can look like the best players in the country even though we beat number 8 and 15 in the nation. i know they will catch up when high school kick in cause they are playing up all their life. And he is doing so sometime. No disrespect to cheating coaches but you have to be able coach em up. We will see yall when we 14u and see who they talking about then.

      • eastcoast says:

        The problem is websites hyping a kid that is 2 years older playing down.

        • Ballin says:

          And he is barely 5’1″…not 5’4″. And he’s old…suppose to be the best when you’re playing against kids 2 years younger….

  2. aau parent says:

    yes he was on the 3rd grade national championship team. SMH. He’s average when he plays his true age.

  3. Team glory AAU says:

    First of all who is Mark? It is clear u don’t know his parents. Get his parents name right first! Second of all this kid has played everywhere, and it’s been no mistakes in paperwork! It’s just a lot of haters on this kid. It’s a shame that he has to go thru it. Get ur kids in the gym and get better! Zion eat sleeps and drink basketball! He puts in hard work to be on the level he’s in! It’s not his fault he can play multiple age groups! Get in the gym and then start talking! To all u haters!!!!

  4. Team glory AAU says:

    Oh that was for both of y’all @ truth and @ Maryland finest AAU! Because guess what all the organizations in the DMV want a Zion! We hip to y’all!

  5. NWICOACH says:

    @Marylands Finest AAU…If he has been held back twice how is he able to get away with playing down?especially at AAU tournaments and nationals, no one is protesting his age?

    • eastcoast says:

      It is grade based if he is in 4th grade and left back twice thats fine.From a rule standpoint as long as he don’t turn 11 before sept 1 2013 .It is funny though that akid would play against 4th graders who are not left back and are only 9

    • WOW! Cheatn, Reclassify says:

      People do it all the time I know four of the top teams in the nation and all of them have at least five reclassifeds on their team, I know the game has gone to that, but if you can coach, eventually your kids who playing the right age will catch them because they are playing up anyway since there is really no check on aau, homeschooling and hold back two times is ridiculous, if a kid has been held back twice he should not be playing any sports at all.

    • TTO Fam says:

      Every team protest’s his age. It’s the biggest joke at the AAU 4th grade level. The league is more concerned about the revenue he generates when people and/or teams come to see him play. I’m not a fan of any program that uses kid’s like that but it is widespread in the AAU world. I saw many team’s one in particular from TN that had kids comparable to our 6th graders size in the 4th grade D1 nationals. It’s at the point now that you must have some re-classed kid’s on your team in order to compete.

  6. NWICOACH says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t 8U/2nd grade, 9U/3rd grade, 10U/4th grade, 11U/5th grade,…if he’s 11 years old why isn’t he playing 11U/5th grade?

    • eastcoast says:

      thats supposed to be the pattern but not for kids who are left back they are allowed to play

      • NWICOACH says:

        But isn’t AAU based off of age?….I’m just not understanding how a 11 year old kid plays with 9 year old kids

        • OUVan59 says:

          It is based on age and grade but there are loopholes. You can reclassify once which means you can play a year down. And if you are homeschooled you get another year so in theory you could be two years older than the kids you are playing against. This is a double-edged sword. You get to stand out and get noticed but playing against lesser competition can also retard the growth because you are so much better physically than your opponent. When he was in 3rd grade Zion’s team obliterated all the opponents in my son’s 6th grade rec league tournament. He is an amazingly talented kid but there are a lot of kids his age who could dominate playing against kids one or two years younger than he is.

      • Ballin says:

        So basically, the rule allows kids to ‘reclass’ twice (well, in this case-fail twice) and play down…so it encourages poor academics and makes a 6th grader look like the best 4th grader in the area…hmmm…if he were my son the only thing he’d be bouncing was those books! And if I were a Glory parent, I would not let them con me into letting my son just cheer from the bench and set picks for one player…NO WAY! They all cheer ‘Zion’ like that’s a good thing…the other kids (and parents) are being used and they don’t even see it.’
        Basketball can’t help you pass in school…hope he doesn’t end up like others in the past, great player but can’t get into school because of grades…sad…
        All of these kids will excel because they are playing against an older player in Zion…it only makes the true 4th graders better…when he plateaus, the other kids will elevate by middle school…it happens all of the time…

  7. NWICOACH says:

    What age did team glory win nationals last year?…what age did Zion play with?

    • OUVan59 says:

      His team won the 3rd grade nationals. Two years ago he was in the same class as my 3rd grader (my son is a 5th grader this year). Last year he played in the 3rd grade tournament.

  8. NWICOACH says:

    So he’s gonna be 20 when he graduates?

  9. The Truth says:

    The truth is that Zion playes a 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. Just beat a talented 5th Grade D.C. Assult Team in the Potomac Valley AAU Regionals. One of the toughest in the country. He outplayed every player he faced. Including top rated reclassified Team Takeover Guards and Assult Guards that are much older than him while playing extra games on tired legs due to the fact that he led his forth grade Team to the Gold medal game also. The truth is that just because he is talented and can play at the 5th,6th, and 7th Grade age groups it should not disqualify him from playing at the 4th grade age group because he does qualify. he is a 2002 child and is 10 in the 4th. Will be 11 in the 5th. Will be 12 in the sixth. and will be 18 in the 12. He will not be 20 years old when he graduates. He will be 19 years old his freshman year of college. The AAU is using National High School Federation Rules and he qualifies to play with other kids who are born in 2002. The truth is that you have some Grade exceptions who play at that same age group that has a 2001 birth year and do qualify to play that age group and are much older than Zion. The truth is the kid loves to play and pound for pound no matter what age group (4,5,6,or 7th)he is one of the best players in the country. Maryland’s Finest does not know his people and he was not held back twice. He is one of the younger grade exceptions that was Homeschooled one year but was not held back twice. People act as if he is the only Grade exception in the country. The truth is, If you have ever had the pleasure to see him play, THE KID CAN PLAY THE GAME.

    • Ballin says:

      Yes, Truth, he can play…no question…but what does reclassifying in elementary school do other than give a false sense of grandeur? The real issue is, that AAU needs to change this age rule to discourage academic failure…that’s the real issue here…and he IS a 2001 kid, not 2002, BTW, don’t put out false info!!! Saw him on an old picture with his old AAU team when he was olaying 8s and it was a 2001 bday…you can find anything on the Internet now-a-days…you know what they say, ‘what’s done in the dark…’

  10. The Truth says:

    Hey,Shout out for Lance Jones. This kid can ball. He was at the MSE Christmas Camp in Indiana. Zion played with him after being moved up to the sixth grade level. Man, it was something to see those 2 on the court together. They were unstoppable. Hey Lance, it will be fun to see you on the court playing again and doing your thing. I am looking forward to Mania in Maryland.

    • etownbattlecat says:

      @The Truth Lance is working hard and looks forward to getting back on the court very very soon, Zion is his boy, they were kicking it at Battle of the Borders.

  11. ballislife says:

    @etownbattlecat lance and zion also put on a show at east vs west camp and I hear zion took off in the all star game..when are they going to post results and profiles for the camp?

  12. LVO says:

    LOL says, “He is in the 4th grade and yes played on the Championship 3rd grade team last year, he is 11 and is doing nothing different then alot of athletes these days, a 1 year reclass…yes, but surely a pure talent with a great future…”

    The Truth says, “he is a 2002 child and is 10 in the 4th. Will be 11 in the 5th.”

    Is Zion 10 or 11 right now? When is his birthday? If he’s just turned 10, he is actually a younger 4th grade-age kid and is not “reclassified” at all. If he’s 11, then he’s not terribly old for a reclassed player.

    • AAU87 says:

      If the AAU rules permit the 24 month age differential, don’t knock the AAU team for playing within the guidelines. If Zion is 10 (or 11), most would agree that he is supposed to dominate kids 2-years younger than him – this performance against younger kids will get discounted more as he gets older (see Aquille Carr). Based on the various write ups, Zion is also playing up through 7th grade, so in reality he is playing more than “his age” as well – and is more than holding his own. Reclasses and the like will not go away. It’s going to come down to talent, and Zion is talented regardless of his age compared to others 2 years older/younger than him.

    • Ballin says:

      He’s 12!!!!!!!!!!!! A Glory parent slipped up and said it at a recent tourney!!!!!! He’s already 12!!!!!!!!!

  13. eastcoast says:

    will the next shabazz mohamed please stand up and show himself now not when he’s graduating high school at twenty playing against 17 and 18 year olds

    • Actually says:

      Shabazz Mohammed is in college for FREE!! Thats the goal!! So again, congrats to him as well!!

      • loadofcrap says:

        He went for one year and fell in the draft. The definition of dirty money. You think its a good thing to cheat? Why? Because Shabazz did and got away with it? I feel sorry for your kids. I hope you don’t have that many.

  14. AAU parent says:

    That’s what glory do. The program is built off kids playing down. it’s legal so what can u say. I love when my son team plays them. They give u a good run. If you can run with them u can run with anyone in country. O yea Camp near Baltimore this year. DMV STAND UP

  15. Actually says:

    Glory’s program is built off of hard work and dedication…..Get in the gym!! Then you can be a Glory Boy too…..say what you want but you CANNOT deny their talent….All these kids are the same age, all these rosters have grade exceptions, whats so wrong when Glory does it?? I can go down the line of all the grade exceptions in College right now, SUPER stars yet its always an issue with Glory…..Congrats on the write up Zion!! Keep up the hard work. We are fighting for scholarships, let the hate motivate you to make it happen!

    • AAU parent says:

      @Actually I’m not hatin. Y’all doing y’all thing.

    • Ballin says:

      Scholarships can come with academics AND basketball…hopefully he’ll be able to pass the tests when needed to get to college…you can’t just bounce your way in…gotta do ‘real work’, that’s called SCHOOLWORK!!!! Hopefully Glory is promoting hard work and dedication in school as much as basketball…


    This kid is a great ball player on the National-level circuit. He is a joy to watch. The AAU allows a 24 month window between the youngest and oldest on the court. AAU created these heated discussions online and near brawls at tourneys allowing unlimited “grade exceptions” and a 24 month difference between the youngest and oldest on the court. 24 months difference in development is a long time especially for 8U to 14U. It should be 12 months difference so that every kid on the court is the same age. In July/August (Sept 1st cutoff), if you are 10 then you play 10u or higher. If you are 11 then you play 11u or higher. 15 months age difference is the absolute max age difference that should be allowed. The AAU District Directors are the ones that concerned parents should be getting the message to. Ask them 1) Is a 24 month difference between the youngest and oldest on the court fair 2) Is everyone on the court being the same age unfair? You will win this debate every time.

  17. dmvrepresenta says:

    The kid has advanced ballhandling skills for his age. However a few things to consider – will he grow – will he be able to get his jumper off against taller more athletic defenders-will he be able to finish in the lane as easily against taller more athletic players? Can he be coached by someone other than his dad and current head coach? Will he be able to accept a role where he may not be the primary scoring option on his high school team and does he have point guard passing skills? Hard to answer these questions when a kid is only 11 years old remember it is not how you start the race but finish it. He is a great player now however so many thing will factor into if that continues.

    • Ballin says:

      DMVrepresent…best comment on this board…you can look at his parents and see he won’t be an inch over his dad…that’s average size at best…some of these 4th graders he’s playing against will be about 6’2″ by 7th grade…just look at the parents in the gym…you know who’s son will be tall and who will be average…you can’t teach height, as they say…I don’t see him as a ‘pass first’ type of guard that he will have to be at the next level because of the small size…

  18. dmvrepresenta says:

    Unless he attends Ballou for high school then it won’t really matter will it? Hmmmmm

  19. The Truth says:

    dmvrepresenta. If you were really representing the DMV, you would know that Zion,s Brother Zalmico Harmon who did attend Ballou High School his Senior year just signed at
    Big West powerhouse University of California Santa Barbara after having a stellar Juco season at Ventura College where he was named Player of the Year and was named 1st Team All-State. According to many publications he is recognized as the best Point Guard in the state of California. Anthony Livingston who was at Ballou is at Texas Southern (D1. Donte Thomas just had a stellar season at Hegarstown and will be signing to a major D1 school soon. He has calls from Xavier, Seton Hall,and many other top ranked D1 schools, Christian Leach and Antwan Pittman will sign D1 Letters on intent soon. They are just chosing which school to commit to. ALL Attended Ballou High. Antonio Jennifer finished up at M. Tech in D.C. and he is deciding between Memphis, N.C.State, Garner Web., Xavier, and a number of other D1 schools.
    All played for God,s Glory (Now Team Glory). The only players that make it do not only come from D.C. Assult or Team Takeover. I have seen plenty of kids that play for those organizations dropped off by those organization. Every player that was on that God,s Glory Team (all 9 of them) are in College. Not on the streets or in Jail. If you are going to represent D.C. I wish you would look up the truth and stop believing everything you hear from the D.C. Assult and Takeover Crew. They are going to tell you that to controll the Basketball Population in the DMV area. They do have a level of success but the also have accounts of failures. They are not the only way for a kid to make it. At God,s Glory our success level has been about 95%. The tenth kid on that origional God,s Glory Team was a kid named Carlos Battle. From Stanton Road in D.C. he went on to go to Georgetown Day School on a Full Schoolarship and now is at Northeastern University on a Full Academic Scholarship and will Graduate Next Year. All of these kids lived under the same persecution that the DMV is putting Zion under because he do not play for DC Assult, Takeover, Metro Sixers, or any of the other popular Name organizations. Thats O.K. God opened doors to see that all of them are making it. He will open doors to see that Zion will make it also. TO HIS GLORY.

    • Ballin says:

      They had to change the name from ‘God’s Glory’ to ‘Team Glory’ because they know they are doing dirt and God is watching…lightening bolts may come down…lol…just kidding…

  20. The Truth says:

    Remenber. It is not neccesarily where a kid comes from or who a kid attatches themselves to(The Team) that determines their long term success. But it is what is in the child(The Seed)that determines the amount of fruit they will produce or the level of Success they will have. I wish that kids and parents would understand that just because they attatch themselves to Assult or Takeover that it does not automatically mean that they will be succesful. I wish that they would understand that they have the God Given Ability within themselves to produce success in their lives so they can give the Glory to God and stop worhiping these Basketball Organizations run by Pemps, Drug Dealers, and Hustlers. Well, I know I will get another Flat Tire after this one.

    • dmvrepresenta says:

      Not sure why you felt the need to mention dc assault or team takeover – I never mentioned them in my previous comments – my question among others was will zion be able to play for a highschool coach or any other coach outside of his dad and current coach – no knock against ballou kids and their potential or futures -but will his dad be an assistant and coach him in highschool where he can be the focal point of the offense then as well. Talented kid only time will tell.

    • Ballin says:

      Good sermon…but why not elevate ALL of the 13 kids that have to sit on the bench and cheer him on? Remember, ALL children can be a seed…

  21. Glory Fam says:

    Preach Coach!!

    PS: please dont flatten his tires

  22. Boondoxmax says:

    My son is August 20, 2001 which makes him 11. He is in the 6th grade. Most of the kids on his team are 12 going on 13. If he is really 11 he is to old for 4th grade. Every kid should play there age not grade.

  23. mf coach says:

    He plays down against 9&10 yr olds and dominates. Plays against 11yr olds and his team gets blown out by 20 plus. He was 8 playing 2nd grade in 2010. You do the math. Dad has him playing down cause he keep up with the Mike Saunders or Jalen Suggs of the AAU circuit. He is skilled but a good 11yr old will beat a good 9 or 10yr old any day.
    that’s why he doesn’t play for a legit contender at his age. The entire team glory org. was built to help him shine .

    • WOW! Cheatn, Reclassify says:

      Thats all i am saying coach my 8 year old start point in 10u and we beat the number 8 and 15 ranked team in the country in d2 badly, I was thinking about d1 move since we also beat a top 20 team in d1. we have no hold backs at all and three 9 year olds on my 10u, we still be top 10 this year in 10u watch. COACH’EM UP!

  24. Glory Fan says:

    I was at King James this weekend as our Glory Boys did their thing !! We lost a close game in the championship that we will win the next time we face the illinois team. I also heard a rumor this weekend that Zion Harmons and Seth Wilsons people are talking of playing together at Nationals ….. Can anyone shed some light on this?This would change the game… but can they coexist on the same team ? IDK

    • RM says:

      Which Glory team lost in the championship game vs Illinois team? Also how can Seth and Zion be on the same team at AAU nationals? They don’t live in contiguous districts. Better believe someone will challenge that one.

      • Really RM says:

        Seth would not play with Zion for one Zion is the only one that is allowed to shoot on that team and Seth puts up shots so that wouldnt work I think ! Now a truth is that Seth does have family in Chicago an aunt and I hear the son plays on Battlecats,that may be more realistic than Glory.

      • RM says:

        I’m still waiting to hear which Glory team lost in the championship to an Illinois team. Anyone have that info?

        • Fan says:

          Glory 4th grade lost to rising stars in championship game, Seth I heard is staying home playing for a team out of Cleveland, Hardwork they have two kids that can go #!! and #21,they made it to gold bracket, I wolud like to see kids stay home and represent there own states, If you so good put your state on your back and ball out

          • Fan 2 says:

            I agree kids should represent their home state !Iam glad Seth Wilson is staying home this year!How do you let a kid like that leave your state is beyond me!!HE IS A GAME CHANGER !

        • Molaughs says:

          4th Grade Glory team lost to some team from Illinois. Rising stars Elite. That Illinois team beat George Hill, Top Risers, Team Takeover, Maryland’s Finest. Also heard they beat Seth Wilson in Milwaukee NY2LA by 24 and 26 points. They look for real. Coach Is Crazy but the kids play hard for him. They looked solid.

          • WOW! Cheatn, Reclassify says:

            We will see at nationals, put together all the reclassified teams you want. Ball don’t lie! All my underaged 10u players will be there with the rules everyone else is playing by we should be 9u and four players 8u, even though we have beaten two top twenty teams! Fast dont lie either!

      • WOW! Cheatn, Reclassify says:

        They care about districts kids lives in New York and play with anybody they want. And home school letter are getting ridiculous when 8 year play up in 10u he is essentially playing 12 year olds for the top 10 ten teams in the country. So if you’re a coach and sticking to morales, I applaud you. COACH EM Up, cause by high school they will catch up with them anyway!

    • ballislife says:

      @Glory Fan Seth Wilson is playing with the Illinois Battlecats for nationals this year

  25. hoops says:

    Play your age. All this reclassifing is bogus. Parents have put so much stock in their kid and worried they might not make it in their rightful group. They put athletics over education. Not in my house. My son is 11in the 6th and the youngest on the illinois raptors. Since education is first if he don’t make it as a doctor he fix those torn ligaments, or better yet as a lawyer will represent those that put education second. Success on and off the court. Get your priorities right cause nothing is guaranteed!

  26. hoops says:

    Really this kid Zion will be a 16yr old 8th grader driving to his own game. 18yr old soph and 20yr senior. He too old to attend prom lol!! Lol

  27. ballislife says:

    Who won the 5th gold silver and bronze division at king James classic this past weekend?

  28. king james says:

    Not sure about silver and bronze division but G3 5th won gold.

  29. Seth & Zion Rumor says:

    I saw Seth play this weekend with Ohio Red. He is the real deal,however the team and the coaching is not very good,I dont know if they won more than one game.Why wouldn’t his people pair him with Zion the Lion Harmon to win another title! I think his mom or dad lives in Baltimore.But if it doesnt happen Seth will not be able to will that team to a title not enough around him.Zion will still prove the haters wrong with a Title.Glory Boys plus Seth …..not 1 or 2 or 3 Championships lol

  30. real deal says:

    Illinois battlecats won 5th grade bronze championship

  31. Memphis WarEagles 2nd Place 5th Grade!!! WE ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Amen says:

      Get off Zion?? This is his post, so you why are you here reading?? You clearly hate the kids guts so why are you interested in what he’s doing. Go pray, you need it. I feel sorry for you as a grown up with this much hatred in your heart for a child. You need God

      • Mr. C says:

        Hatin’ this kikd? That is the dumbest statement I’ve read so far. No one hates this kid! The majority of the comments regarding Zion is the fact that the grown ups that allow for this farce to occur need to be taken to task. The fact is that he is a being exploited at a young age and I believe it will all come crashing down at some point. He is great when playing with kids two years younger. Average when playing against his own age group! I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve seen him at camps where other kids didn’t want to be on his squad because he doesn’t not play the game the way it should be played. He’d be double and tripled and would still shoot.

    • WOW! Cheatn, Reclassify says:

      Thats true but he is highly skilled I would never criticize any single kid, when God has his hand on a kid there is nothing anyone can do about it. So whoever is doing what aau play on! Me and my boys will see yall at the top!


  34. TRUE AGE???? says:

    Coach Harmon never did state his son’s true age – he did make mention of the rumors of his age and also made mention of how he plays up and has been doing so for years – to blanket the face that he is now playing down. Also this kid is listed at 5’4 on this website – yeah ok not yet at least and also with the Maryland Mania camp coming up this summer – the site has switched from highlighting kids in the midwest to highlighting kids in MD – Tyler – Zion – Kyree – etc
    come on wake up people see the puppet master behind the curtains also who was interviewed here Coach Harmon – he even admitted they lost recently but he was able to promote his upcoming Team Glory event and also Zion and this website. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS???????????????????


    • eastcoast says:

      you really think those kids are in right age group lol they been reclassed also just not twice like some people think zion is

      • Observer says:

        No, they haven’t. At least not Saunders and Wilson. Saunders is a very young 5th grader and Wilson is a regular age 4th grader. I think he has a Fall birthday. Some kids are just that good, and are playing with their same grade since kindergarten.

    • ballerallday says:


  36. Commen Sense says:

    @True Age, Ahhhh, does’t it make common sense that Maryland players would be highlighted for a Md. event? Not sure how or why this Coach would have anything to do with it. Being on the west coast and reading this – this player is from DC (close to Md. I think) wouldn’t it make sense to focus on this demographic? The last camp was in Indiana ….soooooooo, it would feature Mid-West Players (no?????) I researched this player myself and we are considering coming to one of the upcoming MD. tourney’s and/or camps and he is on lots of sites. It would seem that (from what I am reading) if they didn’t have this player they would be remiss in their rankings as he is rated highly all over. Maybe you should listen to next weeks show or past show topic before being so judgmental – your reply almost seems personal in nature, being that all the profiles are so positive on the children and considering no one else is taking the time to promote the youth to this degree. Might it be that your child isn’t good enough? your team lost to his? Your player left to play for him? I heard the show he gave God the Glory and you can’t say one positive thing. You are whats wrong with youth sports and MSE is doing what they can and whats right to combat folks like you….

    Not to be rude – but you did ask “Why do you think that is” so you got your answer…hope it sinks in and you begin to appreciate the programs, camps, services, and coaches who are truly trying to help the kids like this site.

    • TRUE AGE ???? says:

      Zion was #14 in 2012on this very site he shot up the rankings due to Md mania being in his back yard
      and it will help promote the event in the area by listing a player – who lives in the area touted as the best. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out
      A lot of parents will want to have their kids play against Zion who are from MD and some from out of state because of the hype, but if you live in this area you have already played against him in various tournaments – so what is the point????????????
      And if you are from outside the area – see him at nationals why spend additional money to travel to play against a kid you have never seen play before or if you have – you want to shine that much that you would travel to play against him when I can tell you his status/ ranking will not change – why do you think his dad was interviewed – why do you think his dad was able to promote his God’s Glory tourney on the MSE radio site
      wake up

      • Relax says:

        The DMV camp will have kids sign-up whether Zion is there or not. As someone not from the DMV area but who frequents the area for my son’s basketball – for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades – the DMV/Baltimore areas have the most championship level teams/players and reasonably priced trainers in the country. There will be many top ranked kids who will not be able to pay to be at this camp – so relax. Life is not always fair. For those who are outraged by the AAU allowing kids to play down and having a 24 month age difference between the youngest and the oldest – you should be outraged. Do something about it – contact the AAU officials who matter who can do something about it – Boo Williams, Rod Seaford or your district director. 4th graders who will not be 11 before Sept 1st should be recognized. 4th graders that will be 11 before Sept 1st should be playing 11U – especially those who will be almost 12 (otherwise known as 5th grade).

  37. SOMEONE HELP says:

    TRUE AGE – where do you see rankings?
    You say he shot up the rankings…..but I see only where they are saying whose coming. What page are the 2013 ranking you are talking about I want to check them out. Not sure how they can have ranking before the camp even starts…so please show me or maybe you misspoke?

    • true age ??? says:

      @someone help
      please read below

      Pound for pound 5’4″, Zion Harmon, is the best player in America for his age and class of 2021

      this is from zion’s profile on this site
      meaning he is ranked number one correct ?
      if you don’t get it have someone help YOU to understand.

      • Ummm says:

        @true age
        Thats not a ranking to me…..just a opinion of MSE for their write up. AND if he is then what?? They said HIS age group and HIS class which is 2021, they ranked him #12 in the class of 2020 because he also plays 5th. So maybe YOU need help understanding.

        • Seth says:

          The ranking I saw shows Seth Wilson as the top 4th grader in his class (one MSE site). And I KNOW he’s not talking about the 2020 class.

          The simple question was “Where can we find this ranking for Zion you are referring to?”

          • true age??? says:

            The profile on the MSE site states Zion is the best player in the class of 2021 which would be fourth grade I believe please refer to the posting and do the math . Or red above as I put it in my previous comment.

    • bk says:

      jordan toles out of baltimore is the real deal

  38. But . . . says:

    What about the ranking showing Seth as number one? Should I just ignore that?

  39. Coachem up says:

    Glad he playing down, we have been beating ranked to team here in Ky with real age kids and two lower grade kids, when they get to high school all this holding back kids will be even with our kids who are truly playing up at each grade division, if he is honor student evidently sports are more important to his parents than grades. Good luck to him seems like basketball is his life and not education. AAU has a lot of cheating teams and coaches that have to play held back kids because they cant coach, make your team from scrap and beat the top like we do, all hometown number 8 in d2 with less 40k people.n see yall at d1 nationals in Lexington. three of my players play for the fourth grade team that beat Harmon out of TN too and they are not my best ones and they start

  40. alert says:

    Hey…I just got some news. Team glory 3rd grade team rank #2 in the country. Have two good players and what do u know they both are already 10.

  41. Team Glory says:

    Who cares if they r 10….its legal in aau if they r in 3rd grade

    • eastcoast says:

      lol 10 in 3rd means 19 in 12th. better hope his birthday right or he wont be playing highschool as a senior

      • LOL says:

        Grade Exaceptions can be 10….As long as they arent 11 before Sept 1 which they are NOT so again take your problems up with AAU . One kid IS 10 the other wont be 10 until Sept so CHECK your facts!!

        • Aau parent says:

          Every freshman in the draft this yr is 20 yrs old guess they been held back. Carmelo the last true one and done.

    • Tell The Truth baller says:

      @Team Glory….according to how old you say Zion is and the AAU rule book 2013 then Zion is not eligible to play 4th grade AAU Nationals. Please correct me if I’m not reading it incorrectly. AAU rule states the following: 4TH GRADE DIVISIONAn athlete must be in the 4th grade as of October 1, 2012 and can be no older than 11 on August 31, 2013. For an athlete that is in the 5th grade as of October 1, 2012 wanting to play down, they can be no older than 10 on August 31, 2013. ACCORDING TO your statement Zion will be older than 11 on Aug 31 21012.

      • The Real Team Glory says:

        4th Grade rules state a player cannot be 12 by Sept 1, 2013…..therfore an 11 year old is NOT too old to play 4th grade. Seth Wilson is too a 2002 birth year kid…why so much hype about Zion and Glory??!!

        • Tell The Truth baller says:

          @the real team glory….I guess I stand corrected. “Why so much hype about Zion and Glory?” because Zion deserves it. Zion is a pleasure to watch and you can’t deny his skill sets. I think attention is being given to him and other “phenoms” because when their age/grade is asked it seems to change from year to year. If Zion and all other players are abiding by AAU/tournament rules then no one should be complaining and we should wish them all well. However, if the system is being manipulated with lies to create an unfair advantage for an organization/player, complaints are justified.

          • Team Glory says:

            Wrong again, the dates don’t change the HATERS change it to satisfy their anger. All peole can say is they “heard” this or they “heard” that…Gym talk isnt proof to me and again you have ALL these people with so much proof yet they put it on a blog?? WHy?? Will that help or solve anything. The truth is if he has been “cheating” for 3 years straight why hasnt he been removed. People don’t protest because they CANT, he is a legit 4th grade player. Again, I support all kids so good luck to you and yours. Kids read this and its sad to see adults act crazy like this sometimes. God bless

      • Money rules says:

        I read the same thing. It’s been like that for at least two years now. It doesn’t mean anything if they don’t enforce it.

        Money rules

  42. AAU Data will show says:

    AAU data will show that there is a strong correlation between the # of grade exceptions on many of the current top AAU teams and their ability to make the Final Four at Nationals. It’s broken AAU – fix it.

  43. 19yr olds says:

    Yes u can b 19 your senior year as long as u don’t turn 19 until after August 1st. Lot of boys now days that are being held back one year. No diff than red shirting in college that has been going on forever, now they r just doing it in high school.

    • Aau parent says:

      Whats the point though. To look better on AAU circut. Forget your child sitting in a class room not being challenged. O yea!!! He going to be on MSE . Guess its worth it. SMH

    • Langhornebball says:

      Correct me if I am wrong but a college red shirt still graduates on time he just has 4 years of eligibility. Not the same as in High School.

  44. eastcoast says:

    like i said better have a bday after aug 1 or you aint playing at 19 in highschool.And in some states that cut off date is june 1

  45. Team Glory says:

    Zion’s birthday is 8/2/2001, he will be 12 starting his 5th grade year (12 is 6th grader usually) so he is legal for AAU and wil b able to play his senior year of high school.

  46. MSE Reader says:

    Why does this kid bother you guys so much. I just left a similar response on another article…something is wrong when a bunch of grown men get so fixated on little boys and basketball. Get a life. To the parents of Zion and the Coaches of Team Glory, you must be doing something right otherwise they wouldn’t be spending their time talking about you. Jealousy is a disease folks. Move on!

  47. langhornebball says:

    I have a son who is a big 3rd grader. He has an October Birthday and is eligible to play down. Why would I want him to do that? He is good in his grade. If he plays down what happens after 8th grade? He will become a Freshman instead of playing a grade younger he will be playing way up. I have a 7th grader who is a good player but hitting puberty late. He is taking his lumps and seeing adversity earlier then most. He will catch up and be better for it. I will not hold him back. He is an honor student anyway. People can and will do what they want. It is really sad seeing players peak at 12 years old so the coach can walk around the Gym like a big shot.

    • MSE Reader says:

      Lang – I hear you, but why and how does what this child does impact you? Everyone needs to worry about their own child. This is crazy that you guys are spending that much time on these kids. Move on and worry about your own. I personally don’t know this kid, but am sick and tired of adults ripping them apart. No one is getting paid, you are acting like this is Lebron or something. Sheesh

      • LANGHORNEBBALL says:

        I am not ripping the kid. It is the coaches and the parents. Why do they do this? Websites like this? Because a coach wants a shoe contract? I don’t know this kid. I am sure he is a great player. There are too many like him. The nationals are a joke each age group is filled with older kids everything is a year or two older then it should be. I am already seeing the kids who were superstars at 10 11 and 12 not even playing in high school. That is not cool at all it is a shame.

  48. Love the game says:

    I absolutely loved seeing Zion play my son’s team. They had a good competitive run and did not fade under the hype of Zion. Zion is an outstanding skilled ball player. The only question I had watching the game was…why is he allowed to push off, hook players when driving, and if he was stripped(clean), a foul is called on that player? If he is indeed an elite player, referees should call the game as it is. They can clearly see, or maybe not because they are watching the game (Zion) in awww as well, which causes calls to be missed. It is not fair to the players who have come to compete. I know refs are not perfect, but, in this game, it was beyond obvious. That’s all I would like to see change. Zion definitley will plateau if he is not taught that he has to obey the basic rules of the game. In the right setting other than AAU, Zion will be called on these bad habits, which could cost his team possession and points.

    • Superstardom says:

      Well said…I have observed these same bad habits that are applauded by his father/coach. The sad part to me is that the other players on the “team” will never get a chance to hone and develop their skills. The adults who support this should be slapped! By the way …their are legitimate teams out there who play without reclassified players. Take Zion off the floor and the “team” is terrible….but we’ll never know since Glory has a whole extra team of bench riders who will never get a minute in the game. Not hating on the kids, but the adults making the decisions for them are idiots!

  49. The Truth says:

    The Truth is. Zion is a legitamate 2002 child. AAU signed, silled, and certified for the 4th grade Nationals. We actually carry his original Birth Certificate around now that there are so many haters in the house. Speaking of in the house. Was anyone else in the house at the Team Glory Memorial Day Invitational Tournament? Zion put on a show.
    In his 11th game of the tournament after playing both 4th and 5th grade. After leading his team to the 5th grade simis and the 4th grade Championship with his left hand wrapped due to a broken finger. He dropped 43 points on a tough B-More Stars Team, with some quality talent on the floor, that finished #3 in the country. Say what you want. 43 points is 43 points at any level. Lets see, 35 plus against a loaded Rising Stars Team at the Labron Tourney Championship. 30 Plus against Jeff Teague (#8 in the country). 30 plus against the Running Rebels. 30 plus against Respect Game.
    Topped 20 point barrier agains B-Moore Finest(D2 National Champs). The Truth is that the Kid loves the game. He did all of this with a painful broken finger. He refused to sit.
    All of the Glory goes to God. This kid is a throw back.
    Old school. Sacrificing even his body to give Glory to God through his gifts from God. See you all at the Nationals and then the Maryland Mania Middle School Elite Camp.

    • Umm ok???? says:

      After you listed his scoring spree from this past weekend don’t you think he should probably be playing up in 6th grade only or just 5th grade but def not 4th grade – I know for sure he just turned 11 in March but with his skillset and experience what does he really accomplish playing down.

      I was at one of the games this weekend at St. Albans and I saw the bandaged hand I also saw in a game he played 10U with kids from team glory who play 9U and Zion was as big as the big man (center)on the other team.
      The kids on the 9U team glory were playing up he is playing down so any championship or scoring spree at that age group is not very impressive. Time to step up and stay there unless there is another reason he is playing down.

      • Truth says:

        I would not even put the stats up. That just prove the point of@superstardom. The adults over their think its cool. He scoring points. Who cares. He aint on here putting up his stats. IT’S THE GLORY PARENTS ARE. Now y’all just goin look stupid at tournaments

    • Superstardom says:

      …and that tough Bmore Stars Team is a LEGITIMATE 4th grade team…number 3 in the nation with no reclassified players. How many points did the other Glory kids score in that championship game? Poor guys…they don’t stand a chance.

      • 410 says:

        I know for a fact baltimore stars starting 5 is 9 my son been playing BNBL with those kids for years

          • 410 Too says:

            Lets be honest 410 – you know we have 5th graders on our squad. As the parents this weekend and then re-post an honest reply. Lets not be a hypocrite….they are legal but they are 5th graders and we play them tough every time WITH our 4th AND 5th graders.

    • eastcoast says:

      since when is he 2002 he was born in 2001 . saw his birth date on tournement he entered and in show case events

      • Love the game says:

        And, for all the people on this blog that are wondering why there is so much discussion, it is because of the stories that have been told about Zion’s age for the last 2 years or so. These facts have come from the Glory camp and each year it changes. As parents, allowing our children to play in this very completive league, we should be teaching our children how to win and loose when they have put it all on the court. However, some teams will do anything, to ensure there organization is the best. It is definitely ok to be the best, however, no one is going to give you that title when you take advantage of the system. It is natural to want to win it all, but what you have to think about is, at what cost would you give to be so. This young man definitely should be playing up. If Zion had not been reclassed once or twice with his talent, this conversation would not be necessary. I wish him well, but at this point on the 4th grad circuit, he is nothing but a target for ridicule. I would not want my son to be in this position, when it is easily solvable. AAU rules do have exceptions, but I would think coaches/parents would use playing down for players that are new to the game with potential, and skill set. I do come from a family of coaches and they have explained most coaches play skilled players up, so they are challenged and use to that pressure, however, other coaches play highly skilled players down, simply to win games and be highly revered. For the players used for wins, they become insignificant by high school.

    • Truth says:

      he didn’t win his true age/grade!!!! You failed to mention that.

  50. The Facts says:

    Zion is a good “SCORER”, he doesn’t really defend or get other kids involved. You would figure by him being the oldest kid on the 4th grade team he would show more leadership skills. Instead he looks to shoot the ball 90% of the time and sit back in a zone defence. Zion IS NOT A FACTOR on the 5th and 6th grade level. You never hear about him scoring high numbers or Glory beating any high level AAU teams in that age group. I personally saw him play against WACG in Nashville and Carpenter had him crying. I also saw Carpenter at East/West gaurd him and he was scaried to death. My viewpoint is Zion is a good player, but honestly I can name plenty of kids that would be eligible to reclass and play against younger kids. Any kid that is currently not a grade exception can reclass.Imagine how many points Seth Wilson would average if he played 3rd, Mike Saunders if he played 4th, Simon Banks if he played 5th,or Marvin Bagley if he played 6th. alot of your top players on this website play there actual grade and perform at a high level. The Zion Glory Crew is the only people that brag about him playing against younger kids. You mentioned all the 4th grade teams he beat, but what about 5th? Did they ever beat G3, WACG, Wisconsin, Havoc, Memphis, Takeover, N.Y, Leesburg, or 916? You have the stats, how many assist or rebounds?


    All I know is when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember what you said last week,last month, or last year.

  52. Love the game says:

    @Lang-So true…

    • Haha says:

      They getting their trophy and medal count up. Stick your chest out Glory Coaches/PARENTS you finally made it

  53. GA Atl PlayMakers says:

    The kid can play the game at a very high level regardless of his age our 4th grade team played against them today in Chatsworth,Ga we lost but all the kids heard the whole wknd @ the tournament was that Zion was 12yrs old but oh well great experience for our legit team. Personally I really didnt care how old he was bcuz my Son plays up n the Winter league and AAU 5th grade also so I want him to be motivated & stay n the gym after his homework but bcuz hard work does pay off especially for a undersized player like himself hes just a natural athlete just starting to like bball over fball. Educational wise he’s a scholar and wants to be an engineer which makes me proud but sports is just a way to pay for that kind of education. I respect his game bcuz when they all get to High School if they’re good enuff and we’re its be dog eat dog age is not gonna matter. He plays up also so I dont get whats the problem……#ZionisaBaller..handsdown

  54. Zion and glory clowns got that ass taxed by YBR Elite in GIT tourny this weekend…..2nd time this year….Zion is overrated….holdback ass

  55. Zion the Lion says:

    I have a big question where was all Zion’s 30-40 points this past weekend when they got beat by 15 by YBR then in the championship game the Glory team leaves in the middle of the game because they weren’t getting the calls they wanted WOW!! it’s true he scores all these points against kids that are younger than him but when the pressure on or he plays kids his own age you don’t see those 30-40 points!!!! Amazing

  56. Garnett says:

    Zion a good kid, i just hope he doen’t get burned out. His dad although a coach with knowledge,is teaching his son the wrong way.(ie). 30 shots a game and not to pass, he plays well against 5th graders, his actual class but dominates 4th cuz of strength his Dad not coaching him to play within the team concept. The 4th grade team has 3 5th graders including Zion. 1 4th grader and 1 3rd grader. Theotehr 9 kids are true 4th graders and for the life of me this guy is about showing how good his son is than developing the kids who prop up the organization. The Glory 4th grade semi and final he sho the ball 51 times..51 score 25 out of 28 and 43 out of 49 .. tell me how is that basketball development..

  57. The man says:

    Just asking 1 when giving out rankings what do you look for?. 2 Its seems from what I saw this camp only goes by how many shots you make . 3 When ranking a player you should go by rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers. The reason I say this is because this kid Zion was only in 2 category’s and that’s most shots taken and most shots missed. If this camp had gone by skills some other kids face would have been on here. It seems as if they already know who they are going to pick before the camp is held. This kid shot I’m pretty sure around 23% from the field I mean everytime he touched the ball it was in the air. Parents where complaining in the stands because kids were wide open and he looked them off. That’s not basketball its (ME) ball. Rank players by there skill set meaning foot work dribbling passing making your teammates better on the floor look at missed shots turn overs shots made steals and so on. I’m done .

  58. mb says:


    • Money rules says:

      First of all most people don’t realize that DMV kid’s are 9 turning 10 in the 4th grade. Kids’ in TN are 10 turning 11 which is comparable to the DMV 5th grader’s. Throw in the re-class factor for TN kid’s and your looking a 11 turning 12 year old equal DMV 6th graders. So before you get to excited just remember your bragging about beating kid’s that are at least ONE maybe TWO years younger and they still could hang. If AAU goes back to age rule only then the DMV will DOMINATE.

  59. ballerallday says:


  60. All you parents on this website should be ashamed. Stop hating on these kids. IT doesn’t matter none of them have been offered a scholarship or endorsements. If you really know basketball you will know none of this makes a dam difference until they hit the 8th grade going to high school and by that time half of these kids will have dropped off. So let all just chill and wait to see. #IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS!!!

    • Actually it is serious says:

      Article from internet – something everyone need to learn and consider; this site is provides a great service and folks don’t even know it:

      Youth basketball Prospects Are Being Ranked? How and Why?

      The most controversial topic for youth basketball prospects is, how and why would you recruit or rank child so young? I could write page after page on why youth basketball rankings are wrong, or why they are justified, but it would be based on mere opinions of individuals. This article however is not for me to give you my opinion on the subject, but rather to give you FACTS on the people who rank middle school basketball, and why college coaches value this information.

      Fact 1: Most College Institutions consider you a prospect in 8th grade for basketball, and as early as 6th grade for football. A prospect means that college coaches can recruit you as far as offering you a full scholarship to there institution.

      Fact 2: Scouting services who rank basketball prospects are business that make money in two main ways. Scouts can sell information they gather about youth prospects to colleges. Scouts can also hold there own tournaments,camps, or showcases where they will analyze and rank players; these events can cost for prospects to attend anywhere from $100-500 dollars a piece.

      Fact 3: Lots of coaches believe that if they can build a relationship with a basketball prospect early, they have a better chance of getting them to commit to there school and will have the edge on competing schools.

      Below we have listed some of the most prominent sites online that have middle school basketball rankings and a brief synopsis.

      Is one of the most popular recruiting sites on the internet that ranks players from as early as 6th grade, and runscamps and showcases for prospects as early as 4th. The site is run by Jerry Love, the father of Bronx basketball prodigy Jerron Love, who is a youtube sensation. Many question the rankings, but one thing is for certain the site gets tons of daily visitors and has a community of fans who are veryinteractive leaving comments and posts.

  61. That is what the Glory Clowns do!!! They have Knasir McDaniel aka Dougy Fresh….that played with 2nd grade team in 2011 and now he is on 3rd grade team…thats what they do!!!!

    OH….ps…CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

    Notes: One man with a rooting interest in both teams was Mike Harmon, God’s Glory (AAU) founder and coach. You see, Harmon has coached a number of players on Ballou and McKinley Tech including Thomas, Gentry, Jennifer and others for years on the spring/summer circuit.

    To say Harmon cares about these kids is an understatement, as he expends not only time and energy in their development and well being, but personally funds much of the team’s game playing efforts as well. His family is also involved in the enterprise, as Harmon’s son Zamychal (a junior at Bishop O’Connell) participates, as does another, Zion, a talented under-eight year old player that is the team’s defacto mascot.

    Dormu put the importance of what Harmon does with God’s Glory and the young people who participate in it well: “They learned the game from Mike Harmon”.

    Be sure to check them out this summer. It’s unsure whether they will be once again part of the DC Assault organization, as occurred last year, but whether sponsored or solo, God’s Glory will be a team to reckon with. Again.

    2009 This website is a supplier of information unaffiliated with any high school, AAU/travel, college, university, or professional team. All Rights Reserved

  62. Glory parent says:

    @ Eastcoast…he already is…He turned 12 in March!!!! Its a damn shame…he is small for his age… look at his dad…its not in his genes to be big…he will fizzle out in hs due to his size or lack thereof…

  63. Confusted Too! says:

    Now…I don’t care but if the question comes up about his age because it’s a legit one. Prior to high school those 1 to 2 years make all the difference in how one plays. I get the GE’s and all and don’t complain and my son has gotten better by playing all those reclassifies. But for the kid your touting…how does he benefit…has he really been challenged?

    Now it’s all over the internet, that’s why parents really need to careful what you post about your child. Exposure will come if your child works hard. But just posting things just to get your child exposure will come back to bite the kid. Plus, this is in your words…keep track of your story and you won’t have discrepencies that go against what you are claiming. A simple google will exposure this.

    Example…how hold is he really??

    1/12/2012 – STATES HE IS 9 –
    ***now we now his birthdate has to be after this because..

    6/16/2013 – STATES HE 11 –
    *** so his birthday is after june, but 4th graders are 9 to 10.

    so is he turning twelve this year? if so then a 6th grader going to the 7th.

    How does he benefit dominating people he supposed to be better than?

    The cream will rise and unknow names will flourish.

    Kids keep working hard on and off the court.

  64. Fan says:

    This is crazy. He like a Latin baseball player when he come to the USA.

  65. Real Talk says:

    6/16/2013 – STATES HE 11 –

    This says it all…how was he listed at 9 last year…but 11 now…TRUTHFULLY…HE TURNED 12 IN MARCH!!!! MIKE OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED…

    • langhornebball says:

      According to Real Talk He will be driving in 8th grade!
      Wow is this true? He will turn 20 in his senior year? Is this true?

  66. JB says:

    4th grade team takeover 2013 national champs. And we busted Zion Harmon and his bum ass glory team to get it

    • DMV IS A FRAUD says:

      Team Takeover is a FRAUD!!!!! 2nd grade Nationals team was solid 3rd grade Nationals they fell victim to the hype and added J.Hall for no reason and #7 nice size kid but not a 3rd grader.Adding Q jus wasnt enough huh!!! J.Hall was the biggest difference in the 3 grade team but his size and strength let us all know he was not a legit 3 grader. 4 grade armed with a bigger stronger J.Hall and a much much improved #7 they were finally able to take down Team Glory. I love the way you guys play but why did yall have to fall victim to the hype after 1 year?????? B More Stars looks some what legit but has a few older kids but they dont affect the game that much. Chick Webb/B More finest I can honestly say they are legit 4 grade team. Team Glory I love watching them play but Z is just to strong and his basketball I Q is to good to be playing on that level. So why even bring the hole DMV to Nationals ever year when yall have yall on Nationals at MIT ever year!!!!! I will still come watch yall battle it out ever year. Jus keeping it 100

      • Love the game says:

        Sorry, B-More Stars has no older kids. All the kids are 10U and actually the last 9 year old turned 10 during Nationals. This is a young team, but some look older…keep watiching this group. No other issue with your comment and/or opinion. Just wanted your statement to be accurate regarding the Stars.

      • TTO Fam says:

        How can you say the DMV is a fraud. All of the DMV teams were ranked #1 in their respective pools. In addition all the PV teams placed weather it was the championship bracket with TTO Black 1st and Glory 2nd or the classics bracket with MD Kings 2nd and TTO Orange 4th (By the way is a first year team with only SEVEN true 4th grade ballers). The DMV is at a major disadvantage when it comes to age and size and we STILL let me repeat still come out on TOP. You don’t have a clue when you say FRAUD and don’t know anything about basketball. The DMV has the highest concentration of NBA players in the world. Your mad because our kids are more skilled and smarter.

      • TTO Fam says:

        I almost forgot to respond to the only statement I agreed with. “So why even bring the hole DMV to Nationals ever year when yall have yall on Nationals at MIT ever year!!!!! I will still come watch yall battle it out ever year. Jus keeping it 100”.
        The two top teams in the DMV placed 1st and 2nd not ONE but two years STR8. We should stay home for the next 2yrs and watch the runner ups win and wonder if they are the TRUE 1st and 2nd place teams. In a heavy weight match the champion accepts challenges only on his turf. Come to the DMV because there is no need for us to see you.

  67. KC 2021 Elite says:

    Well, Zion just met a 10yr old from KC named Steven Strong Jr (StevieJ,Jwonder) who just turned 10 on 7/7/2013. Zion is a great player but is not the best 4th grader in the country! Stevie J lit’em up for 30 pts and picked him clean in the final seconds only to get a VERY LATE and questionable call from the last minute changed officials???. That KC team is the best TRUE 4TH Grade team in the nation based upon there 5th place finish at Nationals. NO EXCEPTIONS on this team all true 4th graders!

    • Scout says says:

      Sorry , but your way off you have to be from KC. Your team had a nice run and number 4 is a good little player however,he is Not better than
      But he had a nice showing .

      Harmon -Team glory
      Wilson – Ohio Red
      Grey – Takeover
      33 – Atlanta Playmakers
      35 – Miami City Ballers
      5- Takeover
      Blackmon -Indy

  68. KC 2021 Elite says:

    Who knew we needed/could take 12&13 year olds to a 10U tournament. Nobody complains because they all are cheating….what a shame! AAU is losing/lost theri way and their integrity and status along the way! I guess USSSA is now the main organization of integrity left in youth sports. Why are you destroying your historic brand to appease a few…truly sad!

  69. JB says:


  70. TTO Fam says:

    Team Takeover Team Takeover Team Takeover Team Takeover Team Takeover Team Takeover Team Takeover Team Takeover!!!!

    Need we say more.

  71. TTO Fam says:

    The truth is all of this going back and fourth does not matter. All the hype about this and that kid is BS. What you should be concerned with is your child’s development on the court going into high school where it really counts. The college recruiters don’t care if you were that kid playing down not up but how well you can play defense and offense. In addition to the above, if your son does not the potential of being at least 6-4 or above, have skills, and good grades with a solid SAT score (MOST IMPORTANT) this is just an extra curricular activity for you and your son. That is the truth.

    • 6"4 says:

      Is Tyler Ulis 6″4 or Isaiah Thomas. Is basketball just a extra curricula for these 2 mentioned above?

    • Just keep preparing for high school says:

      So is Tyler ulis 6″4? How about isaiah Thomas is he 6″4?
      Are you a scout?
      I didn’t think so

  72. When a kid is playing kids two years younger, he is not good because he does well. Watched him play in the National Tournament. He was not even the best player on his team, let alone the best player in the nation. There was a kid in the game before him significantly better that isn’t on any “Ranking List”. Moral of the story, if this kid played in his own age group, he is a role player at best. Can’t shoot, defends lazy, no understanding of how an offense works (his coaches fault, not his). Basic plays were not made, so stop all the absurd rankings and judgments. Play your own age group (in this case that comment is for his coaches/caretakers.)

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