Im glad you guys are back.  Just wanted to let you know that KJ this year got invited to attend the Adidas Jr Phenom Nationals camp in San Diego, CA on Aug 1-4 2013.  KJ will be the youngest player ever to attend this camp.  He will be attending the camp with the Top 5th & 6th graders in the country.  KJ has been very busy this year winning several Championships.  Also getting MVP in 3 different Championships.  Also this summer will a busy one for KJ.  KJ will be attending many Camps across the US.

Student Athlete

Also KJ was awarded Student/Athlete of the Year Award from the Miami Herald/Miami Heat.  The gave him the award right before the Miami Heat game.  KJ also received an award in School for Student/Athlete.  1st time in History they give that award out in his school especially to a 2nd grader.  KJ has brought home nothing but Straight A’s since Kindergarten.  His grade point is a 4.9 avg. He has also came out in the newspaper several time this year,Power96 Radio station, & TV.
He is super excited for the summer. Here are a couple videos of KJ in action.  Enjoy.
KJs Mom
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  1. loadofcrap says:

    Anyone willing to write a check is invited.

    • teamkj says:

      @loadofcrap First of all no check was written. Second KJ got invited because you have to be at least in 5th grade to attend this camp. This Camp is for 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th graders. KJ is only in 2nd Grade. If you were to register it will not allow you to register a 2nd grader. You can try for yourself. 3rd of all KJ never attended Local Phenom Camp which you first have to attend before you get choosen/invited to go to Nationals in San Diego.

      • loadofcrap says:

        These camps are money grabs. You will see many players who are not very talented but someone wrote a check so they are there. This KJ kid is a joke. What is with giving a 2nd grader his own logo? Trotting him with lots of different expensive headphones and shoes? He is not that good and you are only putting a huge target on him. Believe me when I say there are much better players who did not even pick up a ball yet. There are better players who can’t afford to travel to all of these money grabbing camps that rank little boys…

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