Is 5th Grader Shemar Morrow The Next LeBron James?

Bigger Is Sometimes Better

The newest and hottest website to emerge this year is, where NBT gives exposure mainly to middle school players, who aspire to play professional basketball-perhaps  in the NBA. Then there is Ohio’s future super- star, Shemar Morrow, class of 2020.

Make sure to check out for future articles on Morrow and the best young basketball players.

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  1. Randy says:

    How old is shemar? Not what geade is he in

  2. The unknown says:

    I know Shemar. He is 12.

  3. Fan says:

    Another 19 yr old senior

    • SO???? says:

      @FAN, And you point is?

      • Marko says:

        His point is, he couldn’t get it done in his own age group so he re- classed… Unlike Lebron!!! So he can’t b the next Lebron

      • Fan says:

        My bad age is a touchy subject.

        • loadofcrap says:

          It is interesting how people get mad when they are questioned about keeping their kids back in school just to dominate basketball at age 11. Lebron Dominates at 28.

          • Iagree says:

            Man they hype up these kids.. Its a shame.. its still impressive that he can dunk at 12 but still.. My son was in 8th grade at 12. He’s a 15 year old 11th grader and 6’4 ..

  4. Opinion says:

    Why he leave Ohio to play in Indiana?

    • Another AAU Parent says:

      He left Ohio because Devin’s dad is using him to get his son on a respectable team. This guy pulls Shemar from the team after they make it to the final four in Nationals because his son, who everyone in the world knows shouldn’t be on a top 10 team, doesn’t get enough playing time. There is a reason why Shemar Morrow unlike Jason Harris, Donovan Billings, Jalen Suggs, Mike Saunders, Hunter Jackson, and Juwan Carpenter has never played in the Final four at Nationals. The dad is using him to get his son in the spotlight. Rumor has it he walked to the bench and cussed at all the kids and coaches about his sons playing time! REALLY your going to the final four and you penalize Shemar. Then has the nerve to try to bring the kids back in the middle of the WACG/G3 semifinal game. Saunders did the right thing and cut them loose.

      • You are a very confused parent. Check the record books. OBC (3rd grade) six place nationals. 4th grade (TNBA) 9th place nationals. Google Devin Hightower and see his few accomplishments. MVP of Cleveland Football Muny League( Glenville Titans). WWFL most valuable player, football League 2012. League Champs. Shemar and Devin attend the 10th ranked school district in the state of Ohio. Nationally the school district ranked 307 out of 21,000 schools in the country. Devin has started for each team including G3. Also, both are on honor roll.
        Devin and Shemar was at the game you are writing about before tipoff. Mike is the coach and he make the decision who plays rather i agree or disagree. Mike and I are good. Devin is only 11 years old. So like Lebron would say”Ain’t got no worries”. By the way, what team does your son play.
        I would like to thank G3 nation for a great season and apologize for any issues that these idiots out hear may say. Much love

        • Don't sugar coat says:

          “Devin and Shemar was at the game you are writing about before tipoff. Mike is the coach and he make the decision who plays rather i agree or disagree. Mike and I are good”

          You made Mike’s decision an easy one with the outburst you displayed after the elite 8 game. Don’t make it like it was an option for them to play in the final 4 it was NEVER an option after the stunt Devin’s dad pulled after that elite 8 win. Devin Hightower’s dad ruined Shemar’s nationals and almost ruined it for the rest of the G3 players. Luckily integrity goes far in Mike Saunder’s book and he did the right thing by not rewarding a parent’s pouting. Good luck Shemar. You are a monster talent, I hope you get the exposure YOU deserve.

          “Another AAU parent” got the story completely correct. That is exactly how it went down. Whether Mike Saunders and the Hightowers are “good” I dunno but I know he lost a lot of g3 Parent’s respect after that attempted sabotage. If you upset about your kids playing time on the national stage (even though he played more minutes than the coaches own son (elite 8)) why would you not allow Shemar to play?


        • Idiot says:

          6th, 9th I don’t see any final 4’s… You with calling people idiot’s only idiot on here is you acting like a donkey in front of everybody ruining Shamar really doing something for your son. Somebody in the Morrow family please rescue this boy for a lifetime of being held back because Devin will never be viewed as talented. I was in crowd and didnt hear them chanting his name did you?

  5. Michael Buckets says:

    If I Get Reclassified This Year I would be ranked number1 i am a 6’5 6th grader from Philly

  6. Word to the wise says:

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS KIDS DAD….GOLD DIGGER. HE WILL BE INELIGIBLE FOR HIGH SCHOOL…He was the biggest clown at AAU Nationals. Pulls Morrow from team at Nationals because his son can’t keep up.

    • Devin is fine. How is your son. Hope he is grinding to be the best. Shemar is fine too! Don’t understand gold digger. Players and coaches disagree everyday. Move on with your life. Not that serious. A clown have a painted face and make people laugh. Shit not funny to me. Call me clown and make me laugh. 2166501192

  7. No comment says:

    Stop pointing fingers and assuming. Issues between parent and coach is handled in house. Both boys had a great season. Relationships between all the kids is strong. Hopefully for the sake of the kids, parent can work it out.
    @AnotherAAUParent, your insight on what happened at Nationals is totally false. Your personal attack on Devin and his family is classless.

    • No assumptions says:

      AAU parent got it right. And “no worries” quit trying to rewrite history. Players and coaches disagree? sorry bruh this was about a parent pouting on the national stage and having issue with his son’s playing time. That is a coach and parent issue. Nothing to do with the players. They just want to play.

  8. nationals 2013 says:

    Many of us were at the game and witnessed the show, it was embarrasing for Ohio he doesn’t represent us and we don’t want the Hightowers back either. Sad thing about this dad he has bounced around several teams thinking he can pass his son off as a d1 gaurd. Hat goes off to the George Hill Club as you see everything does not fly in that program.

  9. 216 says:

    The only person here who even likes the Hightower dad is Keetan Wyatt. And he is from toledo so he just hasnt been snaked by him yet. We all warned him about Hightower. But I heard it from one of the King James coaches that Hightower is trying to make a backdoor deal to bring Shemar and Devin there only if Devin gets to start at the point guard spot. And every since then the coaches been doing Kiwi bad. He is a disloyal snake and Shemar will be hurt in the long run because of it

    • No worries says:

      To 216. This is close to home. You must be a hater from the past. Whoever need to speak to me, call me. Lebron team, or any other team, the best players play. That’s simple. Kee is a good friend of mine. That is why Ohio needs to develop players and continue to put a good product on the court. Kudos to Hardwork, King James, All Ohio, Puma, TNBA, OBC, Murphy AC, Smack, Team Toledo and many more. It is sad that parents are writing this none sense. We moved on. If anyone feels a person needs to use this site to express their opinion, we respect that. However, to make up stuff is very juvenile. Delvon is a good friend. Meechie is a good friend. Sonny Johnson is a good friend. Mike Duncan is cool. They will always find the best talent to develop their program.

  10. wow! says:

    After watching multiple videos of the 5th grade national championship, that WPGE team is a well oiled machine! Congrats on back to back championships. Hats off.

  11. The truth says:

    Shemar is 12 i live in clevend my son used to be on his team,Devin is good point guard the only reason he wasnt playing that well becasuse on George hill he was play shooting guard so next year lets see who wins so stop talking all the bull shit and just see what happens text year in nationals…make the best team win

  12. Ketaan Wyatt says:

    To 216. You are right… Hightower is my guy. I’ve NEVER said any different despite numerous warnings. My son is very good friends with Devin & Shemar. My boys love Mrs. Hightower. That family has been so great to myself and my son since the day we’ve met. And although I do believe that you are attempting to help. I think that accusation may be a little stretch! Lol. Hightower is a great guy in my book. And just as I told him. I wish that the situation wouldn’t have went down the way that it did, but hey it’s over. If he and Saunders handled it in house and are cool then so be it. It’s about the kids anyway. One thing that I noticed being around the G3 organization is that the kids are ALL friends. And they accepted Devin & Shemar as family. Also accepted my boys as friends as well. Mike Saunders is a great coach and an even better guy. Shemar and Devin are talented and have a parent that goes hard for them. So no matter what happens next, all parties will be fine…

    But DAMN. I woulda loved to see G3 at full strength vs. WPGE in the championship! Lol

    • Akron Native says:

      I met Hightower (nice guy when you meet him),talked with him at several tournaments & nationals. The good is that he cares about his kids. The bad is, he has made enemies every place he has gone. DG Warriors, OBC, TNBA and G3. If you call any of them they will tell you that they don’t want them back because of his actions. Can’t stay anywhere for over a season. I personally know a coach that had his son on that TNBA team. Hightower tore that team apart, he coached and his son Devin started. They finished 9th in the nation after only 1 year together(should’ve finished higher) He acted up at TNBA. Does not surprise me that he showed out at nationals this year. I feel sorry for the kids and wish him good luck. I just hope he doesn’t come to King James.

  13. Sad says:

    Thats how it would been if a certain parent could of held in his pride and Let that team go all the way. Im actually with none of them teams my son’s team lost early on. But I will say this george hill talent in unbelivable. Im sure as smart as that coach is there will be another kid waiting in the wings that can give them what that big kid was giving them. But, really he didn’t play with them all nationals but 1 game so I din’t think they needed him. They could of won that game it was anybody’s game they showed heart and was the best game there. Championship game was horrible We all can go got man handled!

  14. jay says:

    I saw both these kids play last year… Guys have to stop with the next Lebron thing.. Seriously , he is a tall and athletic old 5th grader.. Once ppl size cathces up with him I dont see it…He did not handle the ball or shoot a jumpshot when we played them, I did not see a skill level ..I saw a kid that was tall and fast and old…We are from Buffalo, ny and the PG we had whos was 9 years old at the time ate their team up had at least 25 points with every guard getting a chance to stop him , they had to resort to shemar guarduing him, he did the best job as our PG was only 4’9 but still gave him fits…I actually think the devin kid is more skilled just is not as tall and athletic or as old…Guys have to remember 1 year hold backs and repeaters guys who are 12 in 5th grade should be alot more athletic at this point… But….it will catch up to them by high School..

  15. Not tripping says:

    A year of maturity makes a Hughe impact. If it doesn’t whoever has a old kid play the kid with his own age group and live with the results. Don’t play against kids a year younger and take credit for being the best. I’ grew up with kids who were a grade behind in middle school they were the biggest , fastest and most dominate. Highschool came and it was a different ball game.

  16. Reality Check says:

    I was at most every game involving the top teams at this years National. The top players now may not be the top players in a few years. If the son is taller than Dad now he better get some guard skills. If the Dad’s 6’7-6’9″ and our kids play guard / fwd now on top 5 teams. Let’s revisit these rankings in the next year or two. I want a solid HS. player not a Super Star 5th grader. as for Shemar (Great player) Coach Saunders even better coach….

  17. Reality Check says:

    As per ballers2020 rankings.2013. The gentleman making the ranking went off mostly last years rankings and was not even in Cocoa Beach for tourney.As with ranking top 76 he did a good job of taking kids off top teams. The Dunkdog rankings will be a more accurate rankings as they took the time to attend the tourney…..

  18. The Facts says:

    @Reality Check, Dunk Dog showed up on the last day. They was at 8th grade Nationals most of the week and only attended the last day of 5th grade Nationals.There ranking will only mention kids that had good games on the particular day. Lets talk about the silliness surrounding reclassing and all you haters need to stop and take notes THE FACTS I know alot of kids, but I will name 6-Jalen Suggs, Shemar Morrow, Hunter Jackson, Donovan Billings,Juwan Carpenter and Jason Harris.#1-They all play up one or two grades during the regular season. #2-You can take this team and play them against other kids there age in the 7th grade, if its based on age, and they would win nationals. They would win nationals because you would have to move all the grade exception 7th graders up to 8th to play there right age also. If you took the grade exceptions off every team that finished top 10 at 6th grade last year, this team would beat them all. My point is these elite kids can play there own age and be just as successfull if the grade exceptions above them also played there “right” grade.So for all you idiots that think these kids are only good based on being older a couple of months, your wrong. Maybe they do play kids older then them during the regular season and thats why they are good when it really matters.

  19. Reality Check says:

    I never mentioned hold-backs. You are right on the $ that those kids would probably beat most true 6th grade elite teams.I have a hold back and he only plays 5th grade in big tourneys, plays 6th and 7th all others. I am on your side.

  20. Reality Check says:

    The idiot remark!!! You are right on a lot of these postings. I’ll match my M.I.T Masters vs. yours most any day…LOL………You do have the best interest of the kids,but you keep naming the same group. Basketball is being played outside of OH & IN.You did add the the kid from West Coast? My bad.

  21. The Facts says:

    @Reality Check I also mentioned Carpenter(TN),Suggs(MN), and Billings (Wisconsin). My comment above to you was only a reply to Dunk Dog. Sorry for the miscommunication if it seemed I directed the reclassification comments to you. UPDATE-Shemar Morrow and Devin Hightower will be playing for King James not G3. Rumor has it G3 has added a 6’4 from Logansport, IN to the 2020 team. This hasn’t been set in stone but my sources have a strong line on the information. Memphis Wareagles lost some key players including Kyree Walker.

  22. Reality Check says:

    I did know of all the updates. A lot of changes are in the works, but as you know with elite AAU teams everyone will bounce back just fine.The NYBL 2020 will be a great league for these Elite players/ teams. Best of Luck this season.

  23. The Facts says:

    No WACG, WPGE, OR G3 in the NYBL 2020 Is gonna water it down.

  24. Papadawg says:

    Who cares what hightower does with the shemar and devin Hightower situation. I personally know Duane, and I known he has the best interest at hand for his kids. I have had many conversations with him about the pressures of having two really talented kids. Just back off for awhile and realize that you guys are making a big deal about 11-12 year olds. Get a life. The point is to prepare kids for the high school level. Not to get them ranked as 3 rd 4 th and 6th graders. College coaches could give two shi$s about these kids right now.

    The nationals are so overrated you guys make such a big deal about 11 year olds winning trophies and having rankings, just get the kids in the gym and into practices….let the kids develop. Stop making youth sports like reality tv with all the drama. Shemar is 12 , he doesn’t want all this attention. He is a great kid. I am an opposing coach in Ohio and I know this family. They just want to be kids..MSE and other blogs are the ones making it worse for him and mr Hightower. The nationals are for the parents who don’t get youth sports..a bunch of wanna be parents who think a 10 year old winning a ranking number is what life is about. Life is about being at the
    Pool, building Forts , pranking friends, and flirting with girls not winning a stupid ranking number with cheated rosters and loaded teams … Who cares about your program and team when you are loading up for a scam and you are all suckers for it. the NYbl will have the best teams against the best teams all spring. No loaded up teams no dodging teams In bracket play just everyone playing up and playn the nationals is a farce! A suckers money pit and a cheaters haven! Stop being in denial, everyone cheats for a kids trophy you losers….do what s best for the kids and get them ready in practice for high school….. Not some stupid ranking with cheaters and loaded teams….it’s hard for you to admit but in reality we are selfish parents ifvwevreally care what a 12 year old does at nationals ..,college coaches don’t care about stupid ass YouTube videos of your son dribbling against bad competition.

    Let good coaches defend you and see how good they really are..parents type this hate on this site but in reality you have the wrong goal in kind. It’s your goal not the kids goal you idiots,

  25. The truth says:

    @Papadawg Amen!

  26. Papadawg says:

    Disregard post above my handle was misused by someone who knows my email as a prank and to stir the pot. I have asked MSE to take it down. Thank you

  27. help says:

    Does anyone know if there are any good fall leagues in Wisconsin- milwaukee area?

  28. say what says:

    Why is the Aubrey thomas kid listed as a 5th grader? He is 2019….I know him.

  29. curious says:

    Are there any good fall leagues out there for high level aau? In the midwest…

  30. loadofcrap says:

    Just a big early puberty kid. They will catch him and pass him by the 8th grade.

  31. word on the steet says:

    Word on the street is J5 from Metrolina Havoc has reclassed and he is doing 5th grade over again.

  32. Several of the top 2020 kids the weekend of September 21st and 22nd. Also, there will be a Best of the Midwest all-star game on Saturday the 21st featuring several top 2020 kids.

  33. King James Coach says:

    As the season is upon us I wish all AAU programs success in developing there youth. Good Luck to All…..

  34. Now it is 2015 and this kid is 15 years old in 7th grade. Talk now, wait, you can’t.

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