2nd Grade Point Guard Sensation: Ace Valentine

The Best As They Come

Second Grader Ace Valentine is a natural Point Guard with a textbook shooting stroke. Currently a starter on 3rd grade and 4th grade Division I AAU teams and only player at this age we have ever seen that consistently approaches triple doubles.

Shoots the 3 with ease with range, boards hard, penetrates at will, mom and dad both played High Division I basketball – so the IQ is well beyond his years.

Passes better than players twice his age, but still scores from all over the floor; reminds you of UVA’s Cory Alexander at this juncture. Has a future star guarantee attached to his name, Valentine will play DI Basketball period. Yes, Valentine will be at the MSE MD MANIA August 2013

Check out his HoopMixTape

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  1. westcoastballking says:

    This kid is silly…2nd grade huh? Flat out unguardable, you dont need any camp to prove that. The talent level must be top notch come Aug. if they want to compete with this kid. Great find MSE, Zion and now this. The cream in the DMV just keeps rising to the top.

  2. Fan says:

    Stop it

  3. Opinion says:

    My son team beat them by 30 in states.

  4. I Was there says:

    Due to schedule Ace only played in the 3rd grade games at states and HE DIDNT LOSE ANY GAMES by 30. Maybe thats the reason the older team lost b/c there starting PG wasnt there – hmmmmmmm??????? Something to think about @Opinion

  5. Fan says:

    If your team is not in the July MIT tourney how can u be considered for anything but a Rec allstar.

  6. Opinion says:

    I guess the team isn’t good enough for MIT. We will have to wait till Maryland Mania to see Ace. Put that work in this summer. Everyone coming to camp with something to prove. Good Luck

  7. cousin says:

    thats my cousin. I always play him in the backyard.

  8. bk says:

    i actually coached against him we beat them by 25 not saying he isnt a talen but ive seen way more talent at taht level then him non factor just my opinion

  9. witness says:

    he must be approaching triple doubles in his dreams. I saw him play and he is not that. Phat man for baltimore finest is by far the best point gaurd in the class of 2023. ( Mugsy Bouges grand son). this kid shouldnt be mention in the same sentence. Not hating but his father needs to calm down.

    • Prove it says:

      If Fat Man is better why doesnt his Bmore Finest Mob register him? Maybe there are scared to put their best against him….

      How about this witness contact his coach have him go to this website and lets see 1st if MSE thinks he is good enough, if they do maybe he should make sure he is at their camp so they can go head to head and prove it on the court http://www.msenationalselect.com/contactplayer-referral.html

      Finally if Bmore’s Finest got top talent why are they scared to register their kids for consideration? This site has Baltimore Stars, Takeover, Assault, Banneker KIngs, Glory players WHY NO Bmore Finest players…either they are afraid to bump or they are not being accepted by this site. Maybe its neither – but until I see someone from them on here and see they will not rely on their program/team/system and will come out and compete in a camp down the street from them I give your comment or their program no respect.

      Stop the talk, I’m waiting, You & Bmore’s Finest PROVE IT…..

      And by the way next time they go to the Lebron James Tourney have them play D1 against the top teams and stop playing D2 so they can win a trophy. If the player you talk about is like the org. he is getting his man against under inflated comp

      • Fatman Dad says:

        Sarmartine Bogues ~Christian will be there … We are not out to prove to one kid …Fatman will be legend ! …. Just know Fatman play both sides of the ball … His defense is great not good but great …. On the other side who ever guard him will have trouble staying on their feet ! MSE you will enjoy

  10. Whateva says:

    I heard that Fat Man from Bmore Finest is 9 in the 2nd grade. My lil cousin was in his class and said he failed. I saw this kid struggle when he tried to play 3rd grade so they make sure they force him to play 2nd grade. Wait until these kids get older to see how well they do in school. Parents stop living your hoop dreams through these kids and make sure they get an education. If kids are failing before the 3rd grade there is a different problem that has nothing to do with basketball. I feel sorry for this kid, I saw his father at a couple of games and he is over the top. He said he would kill a ref for making a bad call and disrespects his sons female coach on a regular. This kid could be good if his dad let the coach do her job and stop saying he is Mugsy Bogues grandson. Let this kid make his own identity. So now go to the MSE and go crazy if the kid doesn’t do well. Sad, Sad, Sad. These are kids who do this for fun, so let the adults take the fun out of it and ruin talent before it really starts.

    • Fatman Dad says:

      Let me give you the facts

      Fatman played the whole second grade year as 8 yrs old

      Next year he will be 9 in third and that will be for the whole season

      Can’t help if his grand dad is Muggsy Bogues

      Fatman played has played as high as 5th grade ball and he has room for improvement we not running round saying he the best

      When fatman walks across the stage he will be 17~18 his birthday in May depending on the date of graduation

      We never forced him to play any grade he plays what he qualify for

      As far as his coach go I never had a argument with her a day in my life nor disrespect her ever! Actually I love his coach she proved to some of the men coaches how it’s done..

      Now I have been to all kinds of games where parents have disagreed with ref calls and in any case has I ever saw a game that parents didn’t speak on calls but the killing of a ref is a insult that’s just a pure lie …

      I’ve watched parents tell their kids to hit my fatman and fight him because their child couldn’t keep up now that’s a problem bottom line …

      Whoever wrote this comment continue to pay at the door to watch fatman play find more false info to put out on fatman we love it !

      Last but not least if you ever saw fatman play his socks say I LOVE HATERS …
      WE LOVE YALL !!

      And we don’t need your sympathy don’t feel sorry for him ..feel sorry for the reason you even at the gym … I wonder if one of your kids or team has witness a fatman sighting …

  11. 410 says:

    bmore finest 2nd grade 2013 #3 finish at D1 nationals. I didnt see Ace in Memphis. Starting point gaurd Fatman. Bmore stand up

  12. Bmore Sit Down says:

    Ace was offered by multiple teams to attend nationals this year and DECLINED as he made a commitment to his track team. Ace is actually at NATIONALS right now for track…where so far he has won the 200 meters and the 400 meters (SETTING A NEW NATIONAL RECORD BY MORE THAN A FULL SECOND) and has other events to go…he still trains basketball everyday and will be more than ready, willing, and able to bust Bmore & Fatmans ass come August. Fatman has never seen quickness like this and wont be able to handle it…Fatman wont have the rest of the team to protect him in camp just one on one man on man; he should be worried TRUST THAT

    • 410 says:

      Stars make their team good enough for nationals not get invited to play for someone else. Im glade he is doing good in track. He’ll have something to fall back on

  13. loadofcrap says:

    Let me ask y’all a question… Are you arguing about 8 year old basketball players? Do you feel foolish?

  14. Amanda Hudginkiz says:

    Are you guys really fussing over 8 year olds? Leave these children alone and let them enjoy the game. Heck, Ace just turned 8 in May. He was 7 during the making of this video. He’s a stellar student in the classroom, a national track champion and he’s about to begin his 3rd year starting as quarterback on his football team. I don’t have any adult friends who can run a 400 in 64 seconds. Keep having fun Ace!!

  15. I’ve known this kid since he was 5years old. He is an athletic freak. Was catching a football with his hands twenty yards downfield. I have not seen these other kids but this kid is a special athlete. He just set two national records for his age group at the USATF Junior Olympics. Stop the hate. Ace keep doing your thing. I know one thing, this kid will be on TV one day representing his family and community. He won’t be all-park 27years in a row.

  16. RepnDMV says:

    Saw him play at States he is very good for 2nd grade. Have not seen his 2nd grade team but his 3rd grade team had tough time at states. Whoever post before about them losing by 30 was wrong. They lost by 25 to 3D and Banneker.

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