Ohio’s Best 4th Grader Seth Wilson Highlights Maryland Mania Basketball Camp

Remember The Name Seth Wilson

Ohio native, Seth Wilson who’s only in 4th grade has unbelievable swagger as well as a future NBA body type. He happens to play all five positions, and looks to score on each possession, though he’s willing to pass to an open teammate when double-teamed. Well, not exactly every time. The fact Wilson looks to score even if triple-teamed says he’s a serious match up problem. He’s also a threat in the paint with rebounding and able to easily post up players who aren’t trained to box-out properly. Seth is bulky & strong, but plays as if he has a wiry frame. He’s beyond athletic. He has a big motor and bigger heart, which is why he rather run over multiple defenders to get a bucket; before considering to rotate the rock. But, no sweat! It’s extremely difficult to strip the ball away from him as he tries to make the right play. He’s a beast! While some may think he’s a bit too confident or a little selfish, we believe Seth has a strong sense of dominance.

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  1. Fan says:

    DMV has three 3rd grade teams that placed at nationals in Memphis last year. Where are some of these players. Hope he ready this aint Ohio.

    • Wil Davis says:

      Don’t play ! lol… Remember the BEST NBA Player in the WORLD is from OHIO! I’m just sayin….

  2. Invite says:

    Come to MIT and get a tester

  3. STOP IT!!! says:

    Seth was in 3rd grade last year!!! Has he been held back too, like Zion?!!

  4. Invite says:

    look on homepage MSE did a article on this kid in July 2011 and said he was playing his grade which was 2nd for the first time. It’s now 2013 and you are now saying he is in the 3rd. He went one grade in two years. WOW

  5. True says:

    Your correct said he was the top 8yr old in the nation in 2011. So he will be the oldest player on the floor come Maryland Mania.

  6. Observer says:

    Title says 4th grade. Story says 3rd grade. Which is it, MSE?

  7. Nice1 says:

    Okay I remember his name. Seth Wilson. Correct is grade already. Thanks sir.

  8. JC says:

    Mistake or publicity stunt, which is it Nse? Seth a target anyways wit or without all da hype

  9. Impactful says:

    It’s apparent we pay attention to such interesting content. how tall is Seth?

  10. Seth Wilson says:

    Seth Wilson could be something special if he gets 6-3 or 4

  11. Manymen says:

    This website isn’t perfect afterall

  12. ooooh says:

    Problem is MSE raked in a dozen comments and may be more views then normal. Genuis. Go Seth! Hoop Scooop knos Seth Wilson now

  13. just wondering says:

    You guy’s amp this kid up so much. But I haven’t seen him on the circuit or just didn’t notice him. Who does he play for? What tournaments they play in?

  14. Under a Rock says:

    He played up with TNBA 4th last year placed 9th in the country and play with G3 U Know!3rd grade which finished 6th in the country. Also while in 2nd placed 6th with OBC while in 2nd playing up 3rd grade. This kid plays all over and he shows why he is so special he can FLAT OUT BALL !I think he plays with All Ohio Red now that’s who I saw him playing with not to long ago but I’m hearing Hardwork now too.

    • Overrated says:

      Saw this kid play in Milwaukee with All Ohio Red and was not impressed. They lost by more than 20 and he plays no defense. Overrated compared to kids he plays against.

  15. Question says:

    Will he be in the MIT next month

  16. Wil Davis says:

    Don’t play ! lol… Remember the BEST NBA Player in the WORLD is from OHIO! I’m just sayin…….

  17. sockspulledup says:

    Seth plays NO defense. I mean NO D. Kid is a nice player but far from the best in the country. We saw the them play in Whitehall earlier this year vs The Pumas and was a non factor in the game. Hopefully the kid grows some cause if not…WOW!

  18. Papadawg says:

    Mid ohio Pumas killed all ohio red and Seth by 20 that game….. Sawyer kid on pumas is better then seth

    • Scout says says:

      We watched the game at King James and Seth killed the Pumas ! He had to have at least 25points and they killed that pumas team. The big blond kid is who your talking about ?? He is a good player but he is defiantly not in the Wilson kids category . Papa dog come on out to the DMV and get some run if you think your kids can hang. Come to he camp and prove your point ! Lol Pumas didn’t represent at Nationals. Saw big kid playing with All Ohio Red – if you can’t beat-em than you join-em! I’m just saying …..

  19. Diggs says:

    Team Air from Wv ran through Ohio, now Md. Was a different stoy.

  20. loadofcrap says:

    Another kid who will be driving in the 9th grade. Not impressed with 4th grade hold backs.
    PS all 4th graders play every position.

    • Comment says:

      No. He won’t. He’s in the correct grade for his age. He’s never been reclassed. He is currently a 5th grader (2013-2014) and turned 11 in October. I know that you enjoy going around and declaring that all the good players are holdbacks, and sometimes you are right on. This time, however, you are very wrong. Stop badmouthing a kid who is doing a fantastic job and is deserving of praise.

      • loadofcrap says:

        My Bad… Good job!

        • loadofcrap says:

          Wait a minute. 5th grade is 11U he should be turning 10 in October to still play down in 4th grade. Most kids turn 11 in 5th grade.He should be playing 11U this year. If he is that is where he should be.

          • Comment says:

            The date of this article is May 17, 2013. That would have been the last month of Seth’s 4th grade school year. He is currently in his 5th grade school year. Therefore, he turned 11 in the 3rd month of his 5th grade school year. This is completely normal for a 5th-grader attending school in a district with an August 1st age cut-off date. (August, September, October) You should check the article dates before commenting in a negative fashion. There are many articles on this site that are from 1-3 years ago.

    • Teacher says:

      Seth was tested and qualified for my 5th grade gifted classroom. He is a straight A student and a great kid. Do some research

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