Marquise Walker Stays Back A Grade…Does It Help or Hurt?

Is He No.1 PG?

Left – Marquise Walker

The main reason we like Marquise Walker from Chicago is because at the MSE National Basketball Camp at Fordham University in 2010, he begged to have a few big men on his team to distribute the ball to. A point guard usually tends to behave selfish in a showcase camp setting. However, Walker who was class of 2018 is now class of 2019 and repeating the seventh grade. And he’s 5’7″.

(Correction-Walker actually repeated 6th grade and will be in 7th grade for his first time this September . We wasn’t aware that Walker repeated 6th grade at a private school, in fact the news wasn’t made public until Marquises’ dad recently notified us via e-mail. The message read something like, “he’s now class of 2019”. So, since we had know record of him previously re-classing in 6th grade, it was normal to think he was in his right grade, which is 7th and his original class of 2018—-and therefor would’ve had to repeat 7th grade to be “now class of 2019.” Should MSE have known Walker was in 6th grade again and not 7th grade? Well, we don’t always know about things as they happen nor able to put everything together without knowing specifics, especially when it involves private school; and if a parent, coach or player decides not to discuss certain information. What we do know though is last year, then 6th grade Walker wasn’t playing only down; he also played up against 7th & 8th graders. And as a 5th & 6th grader, he started for one of the top five Indiana state based AAU teams in the country, averaging double digit points per game. That’s another reason we hold him in such high regard. As a matter of fact, he’s currently playing 7th grade in the AAU nationals. Is Walker perhaps the best ‘middle school’ point guard in both classes of 2018 & 2019? Watch out.)

If Walker shows up at the MSE MD MANIA CAMP in August to make the game look easy and put teammates first with low to zero turnovers, then we suggest he’s okay.

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  1. Fan says:

    That s!#? cray

  2. Andrew says:

    Tyler Brelsford will destroy marquise walker.

  3. Real Talk says:

    I don’t know why yall asking…Zion did it as well as most of these undersized kids. Its weak as hell to me…if you cant make it…then stop….Holdbacks are the ones that cant overcome the adversity…Try harder and compensate for size or lack thereof.

  4. Concerned for your safety says:

    Tyler Brelsford? Lol

  5. Wrong Info says:

    Walker repeated 6th Grade not 7th

  6. real deal says:

    The question is why did he reclass..shouldn’t have been because of basketball reasons because marquise was one of the top pg’s in c/o 2018 as well

  7. Young money says:

    That marquise is a bad boy!!! Y’all trippin

  8. Loadofcrap says:

    Why do you glorify people holding their kids back in school? Peaking at 13 is sad.

  9. tell the truth says:

    The height he is now 5’7 will be his height at 19 …he’s just a kid like all the others that parent s has not payed money to take there kids all over the country to get a jump start …all i am saying is yall are trying to start this age thing with him like u did damon harge for youtube purposes

  10. OHIO says:

    Jeremiah Francis is the best pg in that class AOR steam rolled Walker and the Hoosiers in indy twice in one weekend. Francis dominated the one on one match up as well.

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