10 Year Old Jaden Jones Can’t Leave Hoop Alone

 Now Everyone Can’t Leave Jones Alone

10 year old- 4th grader, Jaden Jones who’s from Texas and dad from Baltimore is something special, someone to watch, somebody to guard up.

Jones hopes to make the new 5th grade MSE National Select team to play with potential future pro Seth Wilson from OH and Super Skilled Zion Harmon from Maryland, to name a few. One of their Non AAU stops is the LeBron James tournament in 2014. The talented pre-teen  squad is headed by MSE. It’s no surprise that Jones will be at the MSE MD Mania camp in August turning heads and showing out. So don’t miss this amazing camp experience of a lifetime.

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  1. Smart Coaching Move says:

    Excellent call on the coaching decision – Coach Francis provides college level coaching and thats what the these top players need. He works one on one with lots of kids; and is tough getting the best out of them and DEVELOPING THEM. His contacts have helped get many kids scholarships, he truly cares about teaching the game to kids. He involves the parents so they understand the “game” of youth sports. Can’t think of better choice to coach, he is one I want my sons exposed to. Hope the NCAA doesnt steal him until they do MSE has one of the best in the game!!!! You give him this level of talent they will dominate 5th grade and any other grade you field. You might want to okay these groups up to give the comp a chance….can’t wait to see the talent on the floor in Aug. we’ll be there!!!!!!

  2. Heard it First Here says:

    Dare I say with just these 3 players that this is the best team in the country BEFORE they even play a game…with this coach I can’t see them losing no matter who you put on the floor with them….one word “WOW” please announce the schedule of when and where they will be playing.

  3. Where is he says:

    Will Jones be relocating to Baltimore in 2013/2014? Or will he just be coming to the camp, he will have better comp if he comes up North.

  4. College Programs says:

    Coach Francis has extremely good high school and college connections for the kids and their families. I know he communicates with WCAC schools and MIAA school in the area…he also has pipelines open to the many of the big east and acc schools which is even better for the kids who are on here and on the team.

    Lots of colleges have been trying to hire the coaches who have ties to the top talent ~ how long does Coach Francis plan on handling these teams before he is scooped up and might their possible be a Middle School Elite-to-ACC/Big East/Big Ten pipeline be emerging? Need to know how to get tryouts for our players asap we have to be part of this without a doubt!

  5. All I have to say says:

    Tyler Brelsford better not be the starting point guard for the 7th Grade National Team, when will that team be announced?


    Will Jones be playing in Maryland or Texas for 2013/2014 ~ the comp is better up north; but where will we see him next season or is maryland mania the only time he will be in md. since his dad is from there???????


    Word is the MSE Maryland Select Team, 4th Grade, is playing the #1 4th grade team in the nation (Team Glory – Zion Harmon)on July 11th at 730pm @ the Maryland Juniors Sports Center. Can the MSE roster for this game be published? Are tickets required? Will this be taped? Will other ages be playing too that night b/c this sounds like a must see?!!!!

    • Bull Crap says:

      They cant even win thie own district so why would they play a all star team. Team takeovet beat them at aau disrtict championship

      • Takeover Black are they really legit says:

        Word on the street is Takeover was asked to play and were scared to go up against MSE….leave their contact here and see if MSE calls them. If we dont see their contact info then we know whose really scared and who the champs are….TICK TOCK WAITING.
        Bet MSE BUST TAKEOVERS ASS…and BET Glory take nationals in 2 weeks

  8. at 11 my lil bro had 5,000 vies in a week!!! and he puts up numbers !!! points rebounds assist … lol he has a very polished game!!just watch the video please https://www.youtube.com/watch?


    • MSE Staff says:

      @ Anthony Thomas – Please contact National Team Director, Coach Francis immediately about available opportunities regarding Vann. He can be reached at 240.440.0842.

      Thank you.

  9. 2020 Select says:

    I heard Jalen Suggs,Donavan Billings, Mike Saunders, Hunter Jackson, Shemar Morrow, Devin Hightower,Juwan Carpenter and Namari Barnett will be playing together on a 2020 select team next year. Is that another MSE select team? Heard they will be playing in 5 non AAU events. Please confirm.


    • Middle School Elite says:

      Official MSE National Select teams and players will be announced on this site later. Our first camp in NewYork consisted of players from 45 states, so we’ve dealt with players throughout the country, which legitimizes us. I wouldn’t have even suggested a MSE Select National Team if we were’t mentioned by every major media imaginable. In 7th grade I got Alonzo Trier a 8 page article in the largest newspaper in the world, NEW YORK TIMES SPORTS MAGAZINE. And Trier made the front cover. I got Kj Farfan on Live with Regis & Kelly as a kindergartner. Jaylin Fleming in Bloomberg Business News, a kid in a iPhone and Android basketball video game app that’s been downloades over 2 million. Jashaun Agosto and Jordan Montgomery on Lebronjame.com. All this occurred while the player was still in grammar school. Last time my phone ring it was senior writer of Sports Illustrated, then Wall Street Journal and Espn magazine. We’ve been written about by Yahoo, CBS college, ESPN, NBC , CNBC, ABC, Rivals, Chicago Tribune & all the above. This is why we are doing a MSE select team. And official national rankings coming soon.

  10. TAKE THAT says:

    MSE has has access to the best players and has the best coach available – PERIOD
    Even the haters can’t refute that…

  11. here some links where the articles appear for vannaubrey



    and as I mentioned his YouTube video had 5,00 views with us doing it alone he has a very fun summer ahead with the phenom America aug 1-4 this camp potentially sometime in august and the buckeye elite invitational sept 21-24 …. let’s keep working


  12. and mse is definitely the real deal !! I’ve been doing my research since I was in middleschool lol

  13. More impressive in person says:

    Had the opportunity to finally meet coach Francis in person and become acquainted with Middle School Elite Basketball. I must say the coach and the program is everything and more than I thought/hoped it would be; I brought my wife and even she was impressed. My son has played for multiple coaches over the years and to have him say this is his favorite coach after one night and one game as a parents tell me all I needed to hear. In less then 15 minutes he pulled 12 individuals kids together and had them running offensive and defensive sets; mixed his line ups, and even in tough situations remained positive without yelling…he coached the kids up from the sideline in live action and in brief timeouts. I can only imagine what this man can do during extended periods with a group or a team. I must admit, I was skeptical about the “hype” surrounding this site but having witnessed it in person this is the right program, the right coach, at the right place and right time. Thank you to MSE, Coach Francis, and to the other parents and kids who our family met. All good players and even better people! If AAU programs could be run like this basketball players would truly excel. Our experience couldn’t have been any better. KUDOS to your organization!!!!!!

  14. I see says:

    Article says 11yr old stop pumping up these hold backs. The top11yr olds are down CoCo beach right now playing at AAU Nationals

    • Black says:

      Is Aubrey a rising 6th or 7th grader. The article says 11yrs old and he stands only 5’4. This would be tall for a rising 5th grader. Whats the Math on this kid????

  15. Jaden Jone says:

    If your boy can’t hang with Jaden August 24 and 25 leave him at home…cause he will be there and will have to be dealt with this year at this age group and for years to come (I SEE) – get used to it.

    • Fan says:

      Can’t wait, a lot of kids are going to disappoint their parents. Bring them for exposure and they will get exposed. A lot of kids not built for the big stage.

  16. highlights and game film were from winter and spring ball for 6th grade !! and yes he was 11 at the time he just recently turned 12 ….. no holdbacks this way sorry my brother is a A-b student at a catholic school that’s on a 7% scale if you know what that means ….. anyway yes he will be attending the camp….. summer tape will be out in a few weeks also 🙂 you know some of u adults want it more than the kids lol can’t live your dream through your kids I’m 21 and I put my dream OFF to come back home to help my little brother and keep him in the right direction…. he was also invited to the phenom America camp aug 1-4 but it doesn’t look like we will make it … anyway his game speaks for itself and that’s something anyone with two eyes can see …. for those who would like to see the video just google vannaubrey or click the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN5P8vB1HFQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    thanks #akronsown

  17. just reading some of the post smh u guys are pathetic and will hurt your child’s career by things you say!!! u are a reflection of your child !! think a coach wants a young self centered player ? smh parents you have learning to do and ya need to polish up just a little …. by the 9th grade “if god is willing” my brother will be in santa Ana Cali ….. 🙂 nationally ranked schools is where HE wants to be 🙂 and I’ll say he’s on the right path “for the hating folks” smh

    • Black says:

      This Post is about a 10 year old True 4th grader that is 5’4. That’s why I asked his age and grade. Maybe him and the featured kid could of played together someday. But Aubrey is 2 years older (12) so they cant. Good luck to you and your little brother.

  18. my reason for comments never had anything to do with he better than this player what so ever that’s not the type of guy I am …. I simply commented to get my lil bros video watched and it looked like I did that and a lil more but thanks

  19. MSE Select Team AAU Eligibility says:

    Per AAU rules and any tournament that follows AAU rules, the “MSE Select team” can only be comprised of kids from bordering states. Ohio and Maryland do not border.

    • Know the rules says:

      As long as the team doesnt play in an AAU sactioned Tourney and/or plays together after the completion of district championships, they can play with whomever where ever.

  20. Carlota says:

    This is awesome!

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