California Produces Young Elite Players

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Last weekend two big tournaments took place in Southern California. One being the West Coast Elite Tournament at Open Gym and the other was a Spartan Tournament at Gahr High School. There were several kids that stood out this weekend. Most of the top West Coast teams made sure to be in Los Angeles for the competitive tournaments that took place this past Independence Day weekend.

Elijah Hardy 5’8 2018 (MVP Flight Elite) Elijah Hardy is difficult to play against. Streaky shooter with deep range. Elijah is a combo guard with good ball handling skills. The kid scores at will.

Jaylan Slaughter 6’0 2018 (LA Bobcats) Jaylan is a great athlete that can put the ball on the floor. He is very good rebounder and defender. The kid has a motor. He is always one of the first guys back on defense. He has a good low post presence and can block shots. Plays both forward positions.

Domonique Winbush 5’1 2019 (I-10 Celtics) Plays up a division. Flashy point guard that distributes the ball. Fun to watch.

Ernest “The Truth” Jackson 5’2 2019 (I-10 Celtics) Best player in Class of 2019 in California. He has the ball on the string. His ball handling is amazing. His nickname “The Truth” would be an understatement. EJ is very confident on the court. He will go up against any guard in the nation

Paris Dawson 5’6 2020 (Tri-City) Paris Dawson has good size at guard/wing position. He’s a scorer with great vision, but only passes when he has to. Plays with multiple teams, but main team is Tri-City.

DJ Jackson 5’8 2021 (Inland Force) First off, let me start by saying this is the best player I have seen in his 2021 class in the West Coast. I have yet to see a defender keep this kid in front of them. Jackson has court vision on top of his scoring ability. His upside is ridiculous. He stands tall at his point guard position. DJ is affective on both ends of the floor. Very mature basketball player with a high IQ. He is just physically too much for the division to handle. Look to hear a lot about him in the future.

Alexander “DD” Tremblay 4’11 2021 (ESP Stars) Strong lengthy guard that can stretch the Floor with his deep range. Not only can the kid shoot, DD is also aggressive going to the basket and finishing with either hands.

Jalen Vazquez 4’5 2022 (LA Bobcats) Jalen has amazing shooting ability. Big time zone breaker. He has a very smooth game. He is affective at both guard positions because of his high IQ and shooting ability. Jalen is Class of 2022, but plays his own division and up a division.

Josiah Johnson 4’4 2022 (CJBA) Lead guard that can score. Very solid at the point guard position. He is Ty Lawson type of guard. Josiah will attack the basket and draw contact. And, also shoot the jump shot.

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  1. Critics Be Quite says:

    Looks like folks can’t say MSE doesnt do west coast anymore…you guys are everywhere; keep up te good work and let us know when you guys will be coming to our town we are ready to show you what west coast ball is all about.

    • hoopstruth says:

      Paris Dawson is repeating 5th grade this year to be able to standout.

      Dominique Winbush is unconfirmed to have re-classed – having been 2018 class since he hit the scene with ARC in 2008. But has been playing 12U illegally all year

      Ernest Jackson is in class of 2018. He plays below his grade level because he was born after the Sept 1 cutoff.

  2. Not in Az says:

    You guys not mention any AZ kids???

    • Southwest Showcase says:

      AZ boys basketball is not strong….only two national level players….Marvin Bagley 2018 and Jason Harris 2020…some good guards play for AZ Monsoon in 2019

  3. sharpshooter says:

    Check out fredric burton on inland force 11u he’s an caliber player that alot of people are sleeping on!!!

  4. sharpshooter says:

    *high caliber

  5. Norcal says:

    Cali is a big state and there’s no shortage of talent in the north as well. Oakland Soldiers Jay Taylor, Corey McCoy. 916 Select Devin Askew. West Coast All Stars William McClendon, just to name a few. And these kids are standouts in other sports as well.

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