Elite 2nd Grade Point Guard: KJ Farfan

How Bad Does He Want It?

KJ Farfan with Regis & Kelly Live


KJ Farfan wanted to share his new video with you. KJ got invited to attend Montverde Academy Basketball Camp this summer. One of many camps he got invited to across the country.

We can’t say enough  about this young man, his jump shot and all around games seems to be developing rather well.

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  1. Maryland Mania says:

    One question, will KJ be in Maryland in August?

  2. loadofcrap says:

    When will the hype on this kid end? His own logo, really? He is just a prop. Dress him up in cool outfits and put cool headphones on him. It is sickening. He banks a three pointer that is out of his range then starts with the gestures? At a camp? Who says he is the top 2nd grader anyway? He walks almost every time off the pass. He does have a good left hand. Just let the kid play for Christ sake. It is a camp and his every move is on video and he is hamming it up for the camera. Soon the other kids will get word of this and will knock him on his ass.

  3. kj supporter says:

    @Loadofcrap Why are you so angry at a little kid. What did he do to you or your kid ?

    • loadofcrap says:

      You have it backwards…It is his “handlers” who are at fault. Kids at his age don’t need to be propped up like he is. You are bringing nothing but damage to him. They are going to be gunning for the kid with his own logo. He will end up quitting because he is so small and the others will catch up and dog him.

  4. dmv says:

    Maryland second graders will eat him alive. players like him geow on trees here

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