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Wade just like Dad, has great size and length for the guard position already – he plays the game with a superstars flare and looks like a seasoned veteran on the spring and summer circuit.  As everyone know Zaire Wade is the son of World Champion Dwayne Wade and is quickly making a name for himself. Middle School Elite has Zaire ranked as one of the top 5th graders in the class of 2021.  This isn’t just hype; Zaire has gone up and competed against the best in his age group and exhibited superstar qualities. Whether its transition, running an offense or breaking off a play, Harrison utilizes terrific change of pace to set up his move and his man; Wade’s 3 point range also make him a hard guard as he can step back with consistency and knock it down from distance. While its way to early to call Zaire a #1 Draft pick or even #1 in his own household; the reality is that, that time make come!

Middle School Elite has not received word as to if Zaire Wade and/or his dad will be in attendance for Maryland Mania but we have confirmation that the sons of former NBA pros Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues (Charlotte Hornets/Washington Bullets) and Jerrod Mustaf (New York Knicks) will be. Consistently both of their sons are raising 2nd graders and top in their respective age groups as well.  Both will be featured in an upcoming Middle School Elite article. Stay tuned and don’t miss Maryland Mania under any circumstance.

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  1. 410 says:

    It’s muggsy’s grandson

  2. real deal says:

    I thought Zaire Wade was a rising 6th grader class of 2020?

  3. HardToGuard says:

    Isn’t 5th grade 2020 and 6th grade 2019

  4. D1 NATL COCOA BEACH says:

    Is her playing in d1 this week? Thats where the monsters are. Can’t wait for the outcome.

    Class of 2020 is 5th grade.

  5. JASON HARRIS from Arizona playing with westcoast is a beast.

  6. The watcher says:

    Donovan Billings is the #1 kid in the class of 2020.

  7. D1 Nationals Cocoa Beach says:

    You might be right about that. That 2020 class is full of talent.

    No particular order:

  8. real deal says:

    @D1 nationals Cocoa Beach there are 2020 player rankings (top 60) on 2020 ballers.com

  9. Scout says:

    @The watcher yes I agree that Donovan Billings is arguably the most dominant player in the class of 2020 right now but by this class being so strong they have no consistent leader so far..I also think that Juwan Carpenter is the best defender in this class as he can defend well down low, on the perimeter, and in transition.

  10. The watcher says:

    Love Carpenetr, he is all around good and plays with a high level of intensity every game. He also has great size and length for his skill set.
    The Billings,Suggs,Beekman trio has proved to be a force in this class. Winning a second straight national title is unheard of. Especially in such dominate fashion.
    Jason Harris has proved to be a force himself. After taking 2 different teams to the final four at Nationals, you have to give it up to him.
    Saunders is a great point guard but the combination of Saunders, Jackson , and Jefferson is what drives that team. I’ve seen Hunter take over games when the team needed a spark.
    It’ll be interesting to see if any teams can break into this final four next year of WPGE, WACG, G3, and whatever team Jason Harris is playing for. Think about it, this was the same final four at 2012 nationals.

  11. Scout says:

    @The Watcher what about Shemar Morrow? a lot of people were big on him

  12. Scout says:

    @The watcher what you think of the 2020 ballers top 60 player rankings?

  13. The watcher says:

    I love Shemar Morrow! But here’s the real deal. We haven’t seen him play against Billings or Harris. He didn’t play against Harris in the G3 win against West Coast Elite at Nationals. G3 still won handily but that’s a matchup everyone wanted to see. That said I don’t think he can handle Billings either at this point. But he is a great player with huge upside.

    I think there are way too many G3 players ranked too high on that list. At this point Bilings would have to be #1. He has dominated Nationals 2years straight. My list would look something like this:
    10. Walker (war eagles)

    • 2020 scout says:

      You think Jason Harris or Donovan Billings is better then Shemar Morrow? C’mon now Morrow is so versatile that he will most likely become a Small Forward because of his good shooting ability and nice ball handling. And there are underground prospects then anything. And the G3 Players deserve being ranked high because who actually can hang with Morrow, Saunders, Jefferson, or Jackson that are in the top 20 that are ranked below them? And I believe that Julian Newman and Zaire Wade are very talented but a bit overrated because you have people thinking if Newman played his own grade in AAU that him and his team would do so much but I think that he would be similar to the guards of Metrolina Havoc. And Zaire Wade wouldn’t be really effective because he’s more of a 1 on 1 type of player and is not really as quick as he should be.

      • The watcher says:

        Morrow is good and will be good in the future. But if you combine resume with upside Billings dominating performances at nationals twice and Haris’ carrying overall lackluster teams to a runner up and two final fours is impressive.
        Harris probably has most upside of anyone on the list because he is pretty skilled already and looks like he may be a 7 footer. But head to head Billings dominated him and his 2 championships gives him the nod.
        WPGE and G3 hadn’t played since last year nationals (if I’m wrong I’d love to know the score). But from what I’ve heard on the circuit g3 and WACG split at each others tourneys and WACG beat G3 at nationals in a game that G3 actually dominated for 3quarters. I know Morrow didn’t play but his resume doesn’t matchup with Billings or Harris at this point. Doesn’t mean that he isn’t a talent though.
        The other players from WACG and WPGE deserve to be ranked that high because they have gone blow for blow with G3 on multiple occasions.
        I don’t mention Wade or Newman until I see them play against other top talent. I know there is a lot of talent that isn’t on the circuit but I must give respect to those that play against the best. Speaking of Metrolina I feel one of the most underrated guards is J5 from that team. That kid can go and has major heart! Only lacks size.

        • Reading is fundamental says:

          @The Watcher WACG played G3 Four times this year and Beat them 3 out of 4. Nashville tournament G3 beat WACG in pool play than WACG beat them in the Championship game. In G3 tournament WACG beat G3 in the Championship game and in Nationals.

          • The watcher says:

            @RIF thanks for making my point. Why aren’t those WACG guards ranked higher? They are all talented and their resume speaks for itself.

          • Not Exactly says:

            Not exactly. Those guards aren’t better than G3 guards. anyone watching those matchups can tell the guard play on both teams are good but G3 guards appear to have the better overall skills/talent. If you look at those games you can argue G3’s crutch is lack of a athletic big man and lost those games due to getting beat inside the paint and out rebounded. Those games were great battles and could go either way honestly. Morrow was suppose to be the answer but G3 seems to get sabotaged by either themselves or an issue with a parent. Those games were great battles and could go either way honestly.

          • Reading is fundamental says:

            @ The Watcher your guess is better than mines!

          • the watcher says:

            @not exactly according to your theory 2 of the 3 losses that b4 suffered to WACG they were beat on the boards. I’m only saying 2 because I watched the live steam of the game at nationals and those WACG guards out played g3 and literally snatched that game. So in the other 2 losses one could say Bagley out played Morrow? I say Bagley because the other big that had the broken hand seems less polished, and I can’t remember his name. From what I seen in the final for game three WACG guards played extraordinarily well to come back in that game. I finish with this thought: if g3 lost to WACG because they got beat on the glass, would you even give them a chance against Billings and crew at WPGE???

          • Abolutely says:

            I give g3 a chance against anybody. They played WPGE before. They were battles. Its just my opinion. G3 guards are better. Not by a long shot, just better.

          • the watcher says:

            Anyone has a punchers chance when the balls are rolled out. Hell, WPGE had just lost at MIT, so I agree any given Sunday anyone could get beat. I watched the g3/wacg game live,I wish it was on YouTube. I’ve watched the championship game live. it’s my humble opinion that even if wacg had played like they did against g3 they would’ve lost by 15 not 30. I also feel that wpge was hitting on all cylinders. And if they play like they did that game,I can’t name a team that’ll beat that including a fully loaded g3. I’d like to see it but that team came out hungry. It’s on YouTube so let me know what you seen.

          • Abolutely says:

            I agree. WPGE came out swinging ad they have consistenly shown what they can do for a couple years now. We still haven’t seen a true G3/WPGE battle. They snuck up on G3 at HIT and they’ve never went head to head since. It truly is a toss up between WACG and G3 but with both teams fully loaded, best out of 5. I think G3 get them. At this point, im my opinion, team wise its WPGE, WACG then G3. Player wise, I gotta go G3, WPGE then WACG but its so close that Its really no point in discussing. All three teams are elite.

          • Abolutely says:

            Meant point guard wise not player wise.

          • The Facts says:

            Here’s the facts WACG beat G3 3 out of 4 times. I seen both games in Nashville and was at the National game. Saunders and Jackson combined outscored the gaurds for WACG. People say they need size but lets not forget they beat Shemar Morrow in 3rd and 4th grade. Jason Harris in 4th and 5th . Jack Pugh in 5th and Visual Russell in 3rd. Gaurd play is there strength and with Saunders/Jackson/Jefferson its tough to argue that. I feel when Jefferson struggles it hurts the flow. I like Carpenter and Lonnie Ray. WACG losing like that to WPGE is very shocking, but when you look at the fact they played Memphis and G3 the day before, I can see why. Why didn’t WACG start Lucky vs Billings? I think in reality Saunders guessed wrong adding Morrow. He was the perfect piece but in reality the kids stood and watched him too much. Its on to 2013-2014 and once again WPGE, G3, WACG will be the top 3 picks. Who will be the 4th team? P.S someone forgot to mention Jason Harris lost 3 games at Nationals by double digits..not good! Metrolina didn’t even place. I do agree Saunders is best PG and I also love how he is the only non grade exception on the list for @AAU RECAP. Jalen Suggs is a beast. Morrow is the truth. Jackson is the truth. Carpenter is the truth. What happen to Team Glory? Can anyone beat WPGE when it matters?

    • sharpshooter says:

      If you were at the D1 nationals you know the kid fredric burton who fractured his toe in the 2nd game against wpge, he was giving donovan problems in that game, and if you ask anybody they would tell you the same, fractured his toe and still played the entire game, check him out he plays for inland force in cali

  14. Sleeper says:

    @The watcher who are the sleepers in the class of 2020?

  15. real deal says:

    Who are the top ten point guards in the class of 2020?

    • Saunders kid says:

      Its hard to rank but to me Mike Saunders Jr. is the best point guard in the class of 2020. Kid can ball. I agree he does need to get stronger but he holds the number 1 spot.

    • 1. Saunders G3
      2. Beekman WPGE
      3. Carpenter WACG
      4. Thompson Gauchos
      5. Tyler WACG
      6. Wyatt King James
      7. Murphy Atl Volt
      8. Reynolds Takeover
      9. Williams Havoc
      10. Cook XTR
      11. Coleman Memphis Suns
      12. Greaves King Street Kings
      13. Fitzgerald WACG
      14. McPhatter Havoc
      15. Brantley Worldwide

      I cant give kids credit that don’t come to Nationals

  16. The watcher says:

    @real deal its touh to rank these guys but I’ll mention what I’ve seen with one exception.
    At this point I can agree that Saunders is probably the best point at this time, and would probably be #11or 12 on my all around list. I’d love to see Saunders and the point guard from the Gauchos match up, he’s really good also.
    I’ve watched Carpenter run point at times for WACG, he can do it and he’s effective at it. That’s why I ranked him so high.
    The three guards for the Havoc are also very good all thre of them could leave that team and be effective point guards for any team. But that three guard line up they have is really good.
    Tolliver of WPGE is tough as nails but with that teams’ big 3 you don’t get to see much of what he can really do.
    The Wyatt and Jackson guards from Ohio are pretty good also. Miles of Texas is really good and plays under control. The problem with a lot of these kids will be if they grow. With the exception of Carpenter, all of these guys are really little. In this class, by next year or maybe 7th grade the guards will get longer and present problems for the guys that don’t grow. I’m sure I’ve missed a few but I’ve seen those that I’ve named multiple times. No disrespect to those that weren’t mentioned.

  17. 2020 scout says:

    @the watcher Isaiah thompson is the guard name from the gauchos team and yeah he can play..I like Lonnie Ray Tyler game from WACG ,he is a pretty solid guard..Marshuan Robinson from Ohio is fundamentally sound but he doesn’t play for a good D1 team..Zahree Harrison is a beast from Phenom East and I also like Devin Tolbert and Aquan Smart from the Evanston Battlecats too

  18. AAU Recap says:

    @watcher I like your evaluation and agree with your overall opinion. Here is my opinion based on being at Nationals regular season and speaking to fellow coaches

    1.Billings-The most dominate kid in 2020 class based on size and athletic ability. Problem is when he plays “up” 6th grade he is below average. His skill set is limited right now because he relies so much on athletic ability. Question is how does he match up in 2020 as other kids begin to grow into body.

    2.Suggs-Great basketball I.Q. Does whatever it takes to win. Back-to-Back National title, what more can you say. Great attitude, great size for the gaurd position.

    3.Jackson-Very raw talent. Had the plessure of watching him play Div 2 last year with Indy Storm and then watched him play three times this year. Does everything on the court that you asked and unlike Billings is just as affective playing 5th and 6th.

    4.Harris-Alot of upside, but you have to wonder how his team still lost 3 games at Nationals. Attitude is an issue.Obvious upside and showes great versitility on the court.

    5.Morrow- The #1 overall prospect in 2020 class based on skill set and athletic ability. Heard he actually played two games at Nationals with a fracture in foot. Nobody knows real reason why he didn’t play against WACG. Only prospect to never play in a final four game.

    6.Saunders-#1 PG in class. Can’t measure the heart kid showed in final four game against WACG. Also saw him in Nashville and Coach T Tournament. Hard to rank him against other Wings in class, but as a pure pg and winner he is top notch. Four final Fours in a row with him running the team says alot. Needs to get stronger

    7.Carpenter-Great attitude, desire, passion for the game. Plays every position and is heart and soul of WACG. Struggled at Nationals with individual matchup with Jackson, Saunders, and Suggs. Does whatever it takes to win.

    8.Walker- Very athletic and can score anywhere on the court. Attitude can overshadow talent at time. Tends to get in foul trouble alot. Alot of upside especially if you look at his father.

    This is strickly my opinion and no disrespect to anyone that posted similiar information before. I think this is a great class with alot of the same kids still going strong heading into 6th grade. I was very disappointed in the National Championship game but cannot explain the electricity of the WACG/G3 Game.

  19. Reading is fundamental says:

    @AAU recap Suggs attitude Sucks! I seen him play about 5 times this year and one thing I learned about him is that he don’t take losing well.

  20. AAU Recap says:

    Alot of kids take losing hard. Attitude can also be defined by motivating your team, doing what your coach needs you to do and battling through injury/adversity. I have seen Suggs do these things many times.

  21. Reading is fundamental says:

    I seen Suggs quit on his team, because they were losing, also I seen him snapping on the Ref.

  22. WACG/G3 says:

    That WACG/G3 final 4 matchup was for the ages. Unbelievable game to watch. My heart was pounding from the jump. Two great programs!

  23. Reading is fundamental says:

    Yes indeed it was by far the best game @ the 2013 D1 5th Grade Nationals.

  24. eastcoast says:

    what about D.C. assault guards and game time sports guards both teams finished in ttop eight inNATIONALS and no mention of any of there players

  25. Final 4 says:

    Final Four teams will get talked about first. If you want to talk about players from teams nationally ranked 4-8 go ahead. Provide the motivation.

  26. real deal says:

    2020 ballers now have the top 75 player rankings

  27. eastcoast says:

    yea but are they accurate

    • No says:

      No. A ranking started in dispute to rankings displayed on this site. Its got a “arena football league” feel to it. Imitation.

  28. Ketaan Wyatt says:


    National Championship game is on YouTube. Search “keewee11”

    • Question says:

      Is the video of the 13 year old football player the same person playing 5th grade?

      • who??? says:

        Who are you referring to??? If you’re implying cheating, the final 4 teams have played at nationals for 3 years now. I’m pretty sue someone has thoroughly gone through all of their info. So, of that’s what you’re saying you sound absurd.

  29. Reading is fundamental says:

    @Ketaan Wyatt did you post the game up that WACG BEAT THE HELL OUT OF KING JAMES? They had a Bad game all around against Playground, but you or nobody else Can’t take away all the Talent them kids have on that team. Did your team make the Final 4?? People’s be killing me trying to make these kids look Bad! WACG BEAT MEMPHIS WAREAGLES BY 30 points also at National, but they Didn’t post it up on you tube Clown!

    • Ketaan Wyatt says:

      If you listen to me talkin on the video my nigga. you hear me say. WACG just played this way because they were mentally drained from the final 4 game… I even posted that at the end of the video. I could never try to make the kids look bad. I respect the organizations track record too much for all that. Just an off night. Shit happens. Ain’t nothin personal. Them Lil niggas is NICE. All of em. and yeah they knocked my Lil dude squad off By a 20 ball. And believe it or not. I was probably the ONE person who gave props for that…

      If anybody from the program is offended. It wasn’t meant to make y’all look bad

      • Clown? says:

        We all know Wyatt is not a clown and there was no bad intention but to show the game to people who want to see. Sounds like a sore loser. Everybody has to explain themselves because people get so uptight. Believe it or not some people are just fans of young talent and aren’t out to bash or shame. Results are results. WACG has clowned during and after many wins. I’m sure they don’t need you to defend them cause they know it comes back both ways. Wyatt doesn’t need my defense either. I just felt like commenting on that weak mess.

        • loadofcrap says:

          I hope all of you dumb asses enjoy watching your kids peak at 12. In 20 years they will be in the gym cursing at your grandkids!!

    • Cry Baby says:

      @rif I just watched the game. If Wyatt was the guy talking then he gave the kids a lot of love on the video. Even had a message at the end of the video. Sounds like a sore loser to me. From the program wit multiple non-bordering state players. And the most disrespectful and cocky fanbase. Hell, I’m glad he posted the video.

      • Reading is fundamental says:

        Not True Hater! Did your team finish in the Top 4? Lol! I’m Not from the Program I just hate Hating ass parents like yourself!

  30. Coach Smith says:

    @RIF, PUMP YOUR BREAKS! Nobody does a better job of making those boys look bad then the parents. They yell and cuss at other kids all games. Its fine to cheer for your team but the way you heckle other kids “looks bad”. The way you have to bring in kids from Arizona and Chicago “looks bad”. The way you reclass kids “looks bad”. Win at all cost “looks bad” . In case you didn’t know, if King James really wanted to build a stacked team of kids his pockets are a little more deeper then yours. He just smart enough to know all this doesn’t matter till high school.

    • Never Stop says:

      @Coach Smith stop Spreading Rumors on WACG! It was some Old Ass kids at Nationals, but they wasn’t on that team. Is your pockets Deep? Stop worrying about the next man Pockets you sound like you are Bitter!

  31. Never Stop says:

    All of you Clowns assume Shit, but Don’t have a Clue. Let’s Start Posting everybody Lost and see who be posted the Most!

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