Wild and Wonderful Noah Rittinger – 2021

Follow Him From The WV to MD

Noah Rittinger is a confident shooter that possesses great size and length. He has a sweet stroke, quick trigger and deep range. His size and length allow him to shoot over smaller opponents with ease. Every shot he takes looks to have a chance to go in and most of the time does. Rittinger will take you off the bounce and will finish with an array of different finishing moves; most of which result in the ball reaching the bottom of the net. A deceptive handle that has been honed with many hours logged on the gym is well beyond his years. Another unselfish star that consistently makes the players around him better; is joy to watch. The definition of a gym rat, this West Virginia native travels most every weekend looking for the best challengers as he dominates his regional competition with ease.

Rittinger has a terrific frame for future growth and is projected as a scoring combo guard from our early research. Already an excellent floor general that does a good job of running the team and being productive on a consistent basis with scoring and other tangible statistical areas. When playing the 1 he exhibits great instincts and is a good decision maker. Noah will be tested August 24th and 25th and is CONFIRMED for Maryland Mania; he is looking to take down a spot on the National Team too – we have spoken with him and he is coming ready to play!  See what Rittinger can do before camp starts.



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  1. MSE action is fantastic says:

    This kid is unreal – does anyone remember Rex Chapman (thats who he reminds me of)? HOW DO FIND THESE KIDS. Another player with a capitol “P”; Noah and MSE keep us the sensational work these kids are a joy to watch. I am coming to this camp just to watch as my son is to old; but I have to see these kids in person!!!!

  2. Reserve Judgement says:

    @MSE action is fantastic – at the end of the day he will have to consistently play vs top comp to get to the next elite level….we he be able to do that in West Virginia, this is a big question!

  3. He can play says:

    This kid can play we palyed against him in the classic bracket last year at nationals he is pretty tough!

  4. WV coaching is usually good on fundamentals says:

    They do more than run-n-gun. Both Key Player and especially Triple Threat coach out-coach most run-n-gun and chase-the-ball 3rd and 4th grade coaches with more talent. They teach young kids how to truly break a press with passing and sound dribbling…….and did I mention that they teach them how to shoot and encourage shooting. Run-n-gun coaches discourage shooting and insist on layups only for young kids. A packed 2-3 or 3-2 kills run-n-gun (NYC style)because the coach has the kids scared to shoot and they are not trained well enough to shoot from the perimeter.

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