11 Yr. Old Jalen Malloy Is the Future, Forever Young & Lil Laptop

Younger and Tougher

NBA player Kyrie Irvin’s father Kyrie Irvin Sr. with Jalen Malloy

New York native, class of 2018, Jalen Malloy Nesmith is 11 years old and entering seventh grade this September. What high school does he want to attend? “I’m not looking yet”, he said. That’s modest for a player whose father is one of the most exciting guards in America, legendary street baller and former pro Malloy Nesmith, better known as “Future” or better yet “Forever Young”. Malloy told us, “life is sometimes tough therefore I’m tough on my son to get him tough in life, inside the classroom and on the basketball court” However, Jalen’s nickname is Lil Laptop.

But, how well can Lil Laptop play considering he’s Mr. Malloy’s son? “In my opinion he’s better than his dad at that age”, said a D1 college coach. Even NBA star Kyrie Irvin personally gave lil Jalen a pair of brand new sneakers. Now, Future is remembered in New York, where it seems as if he is forever young or the future. Is young Jalen equipped like a computer? He’s smart, quick, skilled and programmed to captivate a crowd like his dad. Not to mention, Jalen will be at the MSE Maryland Mania Camp August 24th-25th, 2013.

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