California’s 2018 Michael Feinberg Wins AAU National Championship Playing Up

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One of the most entertaining guys to watch play from the class of 2018 is the “crafty lefty,” Michael Feinberg. He’s such a thrill to watch. The kid is a class act on and off the court. Feinberg can finish with either hand and that makes him all the more difficult to guard. At 6’2″ he is a fantastic shooter. Another plus is Feinberg is not only a skilled shooter but he can put the ball on the floor and play awesome defense. He is not your typical knock down shooter. Michael passes the ball pretty well. He can also play point guard. Michael Feinberg has been recognized as one of the elite guards in the nation. He is definitely one of the top combo guards in the west coast-if not the best. Feinberg plays up a division with “California Basketball Club.” I had a chance to sit down and speak with the humble, classy and well-spoken young man.

Q: I understand you just got back from winning AAU Nationals, how was that experience?

A: It was a great experience. I had a lot of fun playing with my friends. I think us having fun and being friends off the court definitely helped our chemistry on the court. We had a lot of fun, but we knew once we hit the court it was time for business.

Q: What upcoming events can we catch you involved in finishing out the summer?

A: I will be playing in the 17u division in Vegas. It should be great playing up against some bigger and older guys.

Q: What parts of your game will you work on the rest of the summer?

A: I’m definitely going to work on all aspects of my game. You can never be too good at anything. I will continue to work on my off hand and shooting off the dribble. Also, paying attention to detail.

Q: Who are some of your favorite NBA players?

A: Steve Nash is my favorite NBA player. But, I also like guys that are crafty and left-handed like Manu Ginobili, James Harden and Goran Dragic.

Q: How is it playing with Cody Riley?

A: It’s great! He’s a really good player. He gets me ready to play against bigger and stronger guys.

Q: Since most of your teammates will be in high school in the upcoming fall, what are your plans during their high school season?

A: I will most likely play in my own grade division, and once they are done with their high school season, I will play up with those guys.

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  1. Gameface says:

    Bring out the birth certificates.

  2. Riding Solo says:

    Exactly “Gameface.” All the kids on his team are mostly double holdbacks and daddy pays the way for his son to be in the basketball limelight. It’s a complete joke. Dad pays people off for his kid to mentioned as a top player. A recent Full Court Press Fall Showcase for 8th graders published their rankings showing him as the #1 player with a score well and I mean WELL above all others. And I mean well above players that are far superior to him. In fact, people at that showcase know dad payed the organizers to “pad” his son’s stats to get him to top spot.

    This is what AAU basketball has come to. And, rankings like this mean NOTHING.

    To all the kids out there working hard and doing it the right way, keep doing what you are doing and your day will come.

  3. rob collins city of Northridge says:

    Hes like a triple hold back should be a senior by now

  4. Mr. WHITE says:

    This is what I’ve been saying its who you know and how much ass you will kiss. AAU and basketball camps are a joke. Its all about money at the end of the day. Parents go home smiling with a false ranking and who ever is running the camp goes home with fat pockets.

  5. Coach Lou says:

    Just coached this kid at King of Kings and he played forward had close to 40 points and about 15 offensive rebounds, he also took some top players completely out of their games (I won’t name names). His bball IQ and know how of where to position himself on the court is amazing! This kid has a real future in the game and I don’t know his parents and have never seen him play before…impressive!!!!!

  6. Gameface says:

    Where have you been coach Lou? This kid is older than the kids he plays against. Stop cheerleading and open your eyes. All the players he plays with are old. Do we have to get the police to run profiles on these kids? His pops should just pay their way through college and stop burning his cash on big kids beating up on little kids. Coach Lou you sound dumb.

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