2013 MSElite 8th Grade Top 60 National Player Rankings for Class of 2018

MiddleSchoolElite.com rankings are based on performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, players ability to impact games and players long term potential/upside

MSE Damon Harge(N0.2 Damon Harge from North Carolina is one of the best young players in America)

Rank, Name, Position, Height, State

#1 Marvin Bagley, PF, 6’9 Phoenix, AZ

#2 Damon Harge, PG, 5’7″, Raleigh, NC

#3 Chase Adams, PG, 5’4″, Chicago, IL

#4 EJ Montgomery, SF, 6’8″, Orlando, FL

#5 LaDarius Marshall, SG, 6’3″, Jackson, MS

#6 D’marco Baucum, PF, 6’6″, Washington DC

#7 Gavin Schoenwald, SF, 6’4″, Brentwood, TN

#8 Nicholas Bonitto, SF, 6’3″, Pembroke, FL

#9 Kevin Easley, PF, 6’4″, Indianopolis, IN

#10 Will Dillard, SG, 6’1″, Greensboro, NC

#11 Reginald Chaney, PF, 6’5″, Tulsa, OK

#12 Andrew Tuazama, SF, 6’3″, Raleigh, NC

#13 Bol Bol, Center, 6’5″, Kansas City, MO

#14 Shakur Daniel, SG, 6’2″, Onterio CA

#15 Donovann Toatley, PG, 5’6″, Washington DC

#16 Greg Williams, SF,6’4″ Lafayette, LA

#17 Jorden Morris, SF/PF, 6’5″, Chicago, IL

#18 Nazreon Reid, Center, 6’6″,Asbury Park, NJ

#19 Sharriff Kenny, SF, 6’3″, Washington DC

#20 Gavin Lewis, Center, 6’5″, Madison, AL

#21 Omar Kieta, Center, 6’9″,Jackson, MS

#22 Michael Fienburg, Guard, 6’2″, Los Angeles, CA

#23 CJ Washington, Forward, 6’3″, Houston, Texas

#24 Javonie Bickham, Center, 6’5″,New Hope, MN

#25 Justine Winston, Forward, 6’3″,West Orange, NJ

#26 Myles Dread, Forward, 6’4″, Bowie, MD

#27 Luther Muhammad, PG, 6’0″, Irvington, NJ

#28 Alex Serrano, Guard, 6’2″, Allentown, PA

#29 Smi Shutti, SF, 6’4″, Ontario, Canada

#30 Elijah Hardy, PG , 5’9″ Oakland, CA

#31 Justine Gandy, SF, 6’3″, Orlando, FL

#32 Antwan January, Forward, 6’7″, Los Angeles, CA

#33 Jaylan Slaughter, Guard, 6’1″, Los Angeles, CA

#34 Jonathan Kabongo, SG, 5’10”, Ontario, Canada

#35 Torey Zanders, Guard, 6’3″, Atlanta, GA

#36 Jordan McAllister, Guard, 6’2″, New York, NY

#37 Prentiss Hubb, Guard, 5’6″, Washington, DC

#38 Tyson Eitenne, PG, 5’10”, Paterson, NJ

#39 Darius Garland, PG, 5’6″, Smyrna, TN

#40 Maka Ellis, Guard, 6’1″, San Diego, CA

#41 Brandon Slater, Forward, 6’2″, Bowie, MD

#42 Markquis Nowell, Guard, 5’9″, New York, NY

#43 Armoni Sexton, Forward, 6’5″, Paterson, NJ

#44 Julius Francellno, Guard, 5’8″, Evanston, IL

#45 Courtney Ramsey, Guard, 5’10”, St. Louis, MO

#46 Jordan McCabe, PG, 5’9″, Kaukauna, WI

#47 Zion Young, Guard, 5’11”, Chicago, IL

#48 Sammy Duffin, Guard, 6’2″, Los Angeles, CA

#49 Christain Jones, SG, 5’8″, Severn, MD

#50 Jordan Simmons, PG, 5’6″, Crete, IL

#51 Gregory Williams, 6’3″, New Orleans,, LA

#52 Trevor Moore, Forward, 6’2″, Houston, TX

#53 Marquis Brown, PG, 5’10”, Washington DC

#54 Eden Holt, PG, 5’2″, Houston, TX

#55 Ta’Wan Grier, Forward, 6’3″, Orange, NJ

#56 Ethan Henderson, Forward, 6’4″, Little Rock, AR

#57 Chance Coyle, 6′2″, Guard, Washington, IN

#58 Lunden Taylor, PG, 5’9″, Fresno, CA

#59 Amari Sherrod, Forward, 6’2″, Gary, IN

#60 Jerome Reed, Forward/ Center 6’4″, Louisville, KY

 (Rankings for grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th will be released shortly after the MSE Maryland Mania Camp August 24th-25th)

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  1. Coach James "Shange" Black says:

    Please do a update on Damon Harge Jr info, Damon is 5’7 now, and he also plays for Showtime/Juice All Stars NC AAU/Grassroots Travel Team. Thanks

  2. Pierre Crockrell says:

    Pierre Crockrell 7rh grade 2013 pangos all star 7th and 8th grade game phenom camp #2 point guard #7over all point guard rotary style also starting point guard for 2013/14 for dream vision you must of missed one this year ask chase dad Marin baileys dad Brian merit clayTon Williams Joe Keller Clark Francis Damon Harge sum quality basketball people

    • Dave says:

      Him and Wes Slajchert 6’2 combo guard killed the competition out there in San Diego at Jr Phenom camp. Both named all stars and worthy of national ranking. Watched both while my son was at the camp. Can do it all.

    • Dave says:

      Him and Wes Slajchert 6’2 combo guard killed the competition at Jr Phenom Camp in San Diego. Both were all stars and both deserve national ranking. Slajchert told me hes playing with I 10 Celtics this year. Was down there watching my son and was surprised at what I saw.

  3. Matthew says:

    Shariff Kenny is now in the class of 2019(he reclassified).

  4. J says:

    I’m 2018, I’ve played against almost half of these kids, Prentiss Hubb is like 6′, Tyson Eitienne is like 5’4, and Markquis Nowell is also like 5’4 and is obviously better than Tyson but Tyson is very good too. I played against Playaz in may, before they had Justin Winston, and Armoni was clearly the best on that team, better than Tyson. But Tyson is very good, nice ball handler and had a very nice floater.

  5. Jay says:

    There is a mistake Jordan’s last name is “McAllister” not McCallister and he is 6ft 2

  6. bags says:

    no atiba taylor, no luther mohammed?

  7. bags says:

    i see luther, but still atiba?

  8. Matthew says:

    Watch out for a kid named Cameron Reddish. 6’2 and is a long point guard plays for Team Final.

  9. Matthew says:

    Also watch out for in my mind top 3 prospect in the country Jordan Brown out of Sacremento California. Skilled PF/C 6’7 or 6’8 and is really athletic. Here is a video of him doing some nice dunks(does not show skills and not in game situations). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTb_NChG9No

  10. Middle School Elite says:

    People say we missed 10 prospects…Id say that’s good compared to the many players one of which is Atiba who is considered one of top PG in the class by some, however we haven’t seen nor heard much from him since the MSE camp in 2011, where he had a good performance. Taylor has been on MSE radar for years and we look forward to seeing him back in the rankings. We have missed a few, but where will they rank on hoop scoop

    • Matthew says:

      You have to keep tabs on the Dunk Dog.com rankings as they are possibly by far the most accurate rankings compared to any other site and go out to more events then any other site. I also suggest you go out to some of the top tournaments in the country, so you can have the best gauge of players to evaluate.

    • loadofcrap says:

      He needs to work on his shot. He is young and it is probably no worse then the kids on the list. High School is when it counts. Atiba will be there.

  11. Avery says:

    MSE has eyes & ears everywhere! They know who the next best feshmen is n MSE.com is more visible offer better exposure for kids so more accurate

  12. Ball4life says:

    I know that rankings are subjective. Just curious, what is the criteria for your rankings?

    • Matthew says:

      Says at the top of the page though, I question the criteria in which they used for the rankings. I mean the criteria is good but idk about why some players are above others.

    • Matthew says:

      Says at the top of the page though, I question the criteria in which they used for the rankings. I mean the criteria is good but idk about why some players are above others especially when discussing recent accomplishments and upside.

  13. Earl Watson says:

    William Dillard is definitely not top 10 or top 20. In fact he is known for dunking. At this age almost everyone can dunk. He can’t shoot doesn’t have a handle and doesn’t have any heart. He didn’t even play in the class of 2018 this year. He played up with the 14u Team Felton.

  14. coach says:

    What about Willie B. Hill III from the Kentucky Gators. He is ranked #34 by Future 150 in class of 2018 and #7 in there Camp rankings. Also 2012 Generation Next All Star Camp MVP. He is 6’2 and weighs 150lbs combo guard. People are sleeping on him. Not a hold back legit 8th grade. Only 13 wont be 14 until November

  15. Knowledge says:

    @Earl Watson…Where do you base your judgement on Mr. Will Dillard, who is an 8th Grader? Where do you get off, saying this kid has “no heart”…He has two of the best parents I know, very supportive brother, his teachers are second to none, and Will is very willing to learn…Will Dillard is the first one in the gym, calling his teachers for help, where do you get off sir, going after this kid for his heart….Will Dillard should be in the “TOP FIVE” in these rankings….You my friend, are the one with NO HEART….

  16. Mike says:

    Matthew Martin from indiana needs to be watched! Good handle,combo guard! All around player!

  17. Vanessa lee says:

    Y’all definitely missed one. Javian Williams out of Little Elm (lakeside middle) is the best point guard today….. Don’t take my word ….u ck him out on YouTube. But it’s listed under Javian Hollis…. Ball IQ is phenomenal…. Makes everybody else’s job easy, and a thief on D!!!! I’m not just saying that because he’s my grandson….. Ck him out! Javian Hollis!

  18. COACH K says:

    All of these guys are good players and believe me, i did the home work on them all but gentleman there is a kid down in West Palm Beach, Fl. by the name of MEHKI MILLENDER, remember that name. He is 5’8, 140lbs with all the #1 and #2 guard skills of a leader. His defense is smothering and and he is just a joy to watch. A very smart and humble kid. If you ever get the chance to check him out, do so and drop me a email ([email protected]), i know you want be disappointed. Thanks in advance. COACH K

  19. malik Harrington bethelhem pa east hills middle school is the real deal handles ball very well and defense is off the change check him out also there are two twins from Bethlehem pa mimms boys they all run together aau also

  20. east hills ms mimms twins and malik Harrington are the real deals all can defend well and great ball handlers they are 6th graders playing aginst 8th graders they live in bethelhem pa holla

  21. matthew says:

    Donovann Toatley is definitely what NBA scouts would look for in college/ high school athletes

  22. Randy k says:

    Where is Camron Johnson on this List he’s only 6’1″ and out scores , rebounds , assist, steals than the #1 guy on the list just saying . He’s a real work horse and no one out hustle this kid on these ranking? He’s a all american in basketball and football and dominating track true athlete !!!

  23. Abhinav Cheruvu says:

    Reginald Chaney is very good!

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