MSE Launches!

Many Play- Only A Select Few Are Chosen

MSE National Select

The MSE USA Basketball Boys National Team, commonly known as Middle School Elite National Select represents the top ranked players in their respective age groups within their home states.

Starting with the second grade and continuing through grade eight; top regional and nationally ranked players are brought together to create regional and National Elite basketball teams.  These teams compete in high level tournaments locally, throughout the United States and internationally.  

The rankings are cultivated by a private independent group based on scouting and performance at local and national ranking camps, sanctioned tournaments, and events.  Individual tryouts and evaluations can be schedule directly with Regional Directors or Coaches.  

The purpose of our program is to the provide the best players in their respective areas and across the country with maximum exposure.  We do this by putting the best available players together on the court at the same time at premier exposure events, showcases, and tournaments.  The best players from the West play with the best from the East, North, and South.  For none local events, players are flown in to compete creating some of the best teams ever put together. We are not an AAU program and we are not affiliated with any AAU group; our players are comprised of players from many teams, clubs, and programs.   

We maintain adequate rosters sizes to ensure that we never interfere with any club or player schedule.  Our program has strengthen the grassroots AAU concept.  MSE National Select allows the top players across the country on any team to maintain long term relationships with their favorite program; yet still receive the same opportunities for national and local exposure that traditionally had only been available for the top clubs in their respective state or nationally.  MSE National Select has removed need to “program hop”chasing the “hot new program” in your area in order to be seen.

A few weekends throughout year will help to put you on a path to High School and College Scholarships and the national recognition necessary to be considered a top player at the next level.  We are the only program of this type in the Country outside of our United States Men’s & Woman’s National Olympic Basketball team.  All MSE National Elite rosters are submitted to the Olympic Selection Committee for consideration for tryout and placement on the USA National 16U, 17U, 18U, & 19U teams.

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(Please frequent the above website for team, tournament and other important updates.)  

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  1. Total Package says:

    Hey Middle School Elite. I am a basketball player from Columbia,SC and I was just wondering how you can be selected for the national team. Best Regards!

  2. To make the team says:

    Contact Coach Francis at 240.440.0842 for information on how to make the team…

  3. Wow! Great Idea. says:

    This is a great idea. This may provide opportunities for the younger talent similar to what Nike EYBL provides for the older kids. It also has the potential to provide a “premier” alternative to the arrogant AAU system for Elite players. This sounds like it may provide the much needed high-level competitive playing and training environment hopefully without many of the hangups that many AAU programs have. Maryland Mania is only the beginning!

  4. The man for the job says:

    How can I be selected for an Alabama team.

  5. loadofcrap says:

    A bunch of early puberty multiple grade exceptions beating up on smaller kids? Not for me.

  6. Just Saying says:

    MSE Elite should start this program from Day 1 as an age-based 8U to 14U select program. AAU had a major lawsuit “near miss” and major protest at the 3rd grade Nationals in Orlando regarding an “age exception” player with bogus “home schooling” paperwork. “Age exceptions” are too controversial. It will take a major lawsuit and AAU bankruptcy for folks to finally get it.

    • I was there says:

      The protest was lost. The kid you are talking about plays for Banneker Kings and he was born in 2003 and school paper work legit. Just like everyone else who is going to the fourth or fifth grade. I heard he plays up but that’s not against the rules. I saw them play and he wasn’t even the best player on the team. You would think he was dropping 20 a game the way Team Charlotte was crying. From what I hear Banneker beat Team Charlotte in a NC tournament with the same starting 5 from nationals and they didn’t protest then.

      • Just Saying says:

        The kid is an “age exception” and not of “true 3rd grade age” since he was born before Sept 1st 2003. The question is how can you be in the 5th grade at the beginning of the school year and in 3rd grade at the end of the school year. It’s called “homeschooling for bogus AAU rules.”

  7. your wrong says:

    at the protest they checked his paper work from the Maryland District Aau tourny 5th grade and 3rd grade nationals. Both said 3rd grade. Like one person said its not against the rules to play up. he will turn 18 at the end of his senior year like everyone else going to fourth grade

  8. wrong says:

    his paperwork never said 5th grade. they checked it at the protest. his paper work for AAU Maryland district and nationals at COCO beach said 3rd grade. Like the orher person said its not against the rules to play up. The kid from George Hill 3rd grade with the gargels is in the picture with George Hill 5th grade at nationals Banneker did not protest him. Pictures mean nothing. If u havent seen birth certificate or paper work u shouldnt say nothing.

  9. Just Saying says:

    Again – Fact 1) The kid is an “age exception” and not of “true 3rd grade age” since he was born before Sept 1st 2003. Fact 2) The question is how can you be in the 5th grade at the beginning of the school year and in 3rd grade at the end of the school year. It’s called “homeschooling claims for bogus AAU age rules.” It has nothing to do with 5th grade team pictures.

  10. i was there says:

    I agree with you @ just saying should do age based

    • wrong says:

      I agree also. should do age based.

      • Answer says:

        Q.The question is how can you be in the 5th grade at the beginning of the school year and in 3rd grade at the end of the school year?

        A.You were a third grader at the beginning of the year, you are such a monster that your parents let you play with 5th graders all year, even though you are a 3rd grader. You are so tough and fearless, you battle against bigger players all year. Then when Nationals approaches, you go back to playing with your 3rd grade team. Been playing with them all year but you just like playing up too. Then you come away with the title then everyone is mad at AAU and the system because they think this 3rd grader is actually a 5th grader. Some become incensed after losing protest money.

  11. loadofcrap says:

    Just imagine the respect mse would get if they had a team that was the right age beating everyone. Right now whatever AAU national event you go to kids are 2 years older then the age. 11U is 12 and 13 yr olds and so on.

  12. Wrong says:

    Does being born in April instead of September make u that much better than a player? I can see 1-2 years. COME ON MAN

    • Answer your own question says:

      Take the 3rd Grade D1 Nationals Elite 8 and have them play the 4th Grade D1 Nationals Elite 8. What do you think will happen? That should answer your question. There is already an age gap for 3rd graders born on Sept 2003 vs August 2004 (true 3rd graders). Why would you want to add an “age exception” gap down to Sept 2002 birthdays as the bogus AAU rule does?

  13. loadofcrap says:

    In baseball and soccer they play what age they are. Grade does not matter. In AAU it should be by age until 8th grade. It should go by grade From 9th up.

  14. RepnDMV says:

    Kid was legit 3rd grader, has always played up. He plays football with one of my sons teammates, who is rising 4th grader. He is legit.

    • Aau Fan says:

      Who cares just play ball. It’s in the rules so what u going to do. Go Get U One. As long as my kid gets better every year

  15. Only in Basketball says:

    Only in basketball are youth players’ age a “secret”. The Baseball world series this weekend identified kids by name, hometown, and age. The AAU Track and Field Nationals identify kids by age. Basketball has made “Class of 20XX” a joke with 3rd and 4th graders being held back and becoming “age exceptions” for basketball sought glory.

  16. not uncommon says:

    Parents have been holding kids back for years now. The parents that are doing it for the”right” reasons are doing it in preparation for high school, where grade doesn’t matter. It’s in with star football players also because it’s so physical and kids are at a disadvantage that develop late. The goal is to have a4 year varsity player to get a much exposure for college. The same parents that argue against kids that are older are the same ones saying there child would”shine” if kids play there age. Some of the names parents throw around are actually legit just very good or developed early. Whether middle school rankings and championships matter or not everything becomes level in high school where there could be a much as a5 year difference between a freshman and a senior. Just stay in the gym.and be ready.

  17. Keep doing what y'all doing says:

    Banneker Kings keep doing what y’all doing. Up and coming AAU program with no sponsor. Just parents putting their money together to better the kids. They are beating programs who get kids from any state they want. I live in Baltimore and they don’t even get the pic of the litter here. Yet they have two nationally rank teams and runner up at state champion (2nd grade). People wound not be saying anything if these kids played for a program backed by a big name.

  18. banneker coach says:

    for the record kid played 3rd and 5th all season long go to mit he played 3rd and 5th rvals tourney played 3rd and 5th he has been a third grader all year playing up and his rite age no foul play with the banneker kings just hard work in da gym

  19. Don't forget says:

    Also played 3rd at Banneker Kings tourney and Team Glory tourney wich they lost both championships to Team Glory. Kid does not make them invincible they just got better and went down Orlando with something to prove. Can’t wait till nxt season 4th grade will be a tug of war in the DMV.

  20. So what says:

    just let the kids play. Anthony Davis #1 pick in draft 2012, Muhammad from UCLA, Andrew Wiggins #1 player in country 2013 Kansas, Karl Towns #2 center in country 2014 Kentucy commit, and many many more are all reclass kids. As long as the kids are getting better and having fun

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