MSE Maryland Mania Camp Is Loaded

Camp Agenda & Hotel Info

MSE Maryland Mania Basketball Camp

Booking at the Holiday Inn is reduced by $36.00 per night Just mention MSE Maryland Mania

Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Columbia 7900 Washington Blvd., Jessup, MD. 20794 Contact Info: 410-799-7500

Few Spots are Left!

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  1. loadofcrap says:

    The grade exception poster boys.

  2. Real Talk says:

    Any good players from c/o 2018 attending ?

  3. Come On Man says:

    @loadofcrap you clicking on every picture just to hate. Just dont come on the websit if its that bad.

  4. DMV says:

    camp 4 days away, hope yall got your popcorn ready cause DMV players goin put on a show. Just like the Bball Spotlite allstar games. DMV players took home MVP awards

  5. bk says:

    watch out for them banneker king boys 3rd graders 2nd in da country

  6. Observer says:

    I can’t believe that this camp has been over for two days and pretty much nobody has commented about it. Did anybody other than some Banneker kids even show up??? Usually people are on here talking their kids up and calling them phenoms. Lol.

    • 4th grade "Bump" good after teams were evened out says:

      Some of the known “true rising 4th grade age” talent represented this weekend. Since there are “age exception” players (born prior to Sep 1 2013) involved – a ranking makes no sense. All are guards.

      Lil Sammy (Banneker) – showtime exciting offensive guard with handles – lives for 1 on 1!

      “Rell” (Glory) – one of the best going to the rack and finishing

      Jaden Johnson (MD Finest) – one of the best defenders in age group – overall force

      Antonio Hamlin (MD Finest) – steady performing “big guard”

      Bryce (Bmore Finest) – good overall especially D – team player

      Tyson Mobley (former NY Gauchos) – good handles – one of the best skills/drills stations – team player

      J Marshall (Banneker) – good guard – most improved 2013

      J Franklin (Banneker) – very good guard – hustle – scrappy

      Batman (Bmore Finest) – good guard

      • 4th grade "Bump" good after teams were evened out says:

        before Sept 1 2003

      • Overall Camp Highlights with 4th grade focus says:

        As someone who really wants 8U – 14U alternatives and supplements to AAU as well as for this organization to be successful, the following observations, highlights, and improvements were observed.

        1) Coach Francis is very high energy and had some great motivation points for the kids.
        2) The often overlooked speed, agility, stretching coach was great and knows what he is doing.
        3)Court 2 and 3 ball handling stations (New World) were very good – though coaches/observers were frustrated with some of the “bad” undisciplined kids, troublemakers, skipping lines and not being focused. Give the coaches the power to send “bad” kids home with refund.
        4) Second Day scrimmages better after balancing teams. Good job by Banneker Coach to step in and balance floor (combined teams)
        5) Banneker Coaches stepped in and saved 4th grade scrimmaging.
        6)At least a half dozen of the best guards in the country were there. There is no area better than DMV for 4th grade (amount of talent). NYC, Charlotte and Indianapolis are very respectable but…….

        1) Not enough paid camp coaches who want to be there. Charge the correct camp fee to have responsible and reliable help. This should help with most lowlights.
        2) Some “bad” undisciplined kids, troublemakers, skipping lines and not focused. Give the coaches the power to send “bad” kids home with refund. Need more staff controlling the camp. Sad to say one of the most talented kids in the camp (4th grade) was a troublemaker.
        3) No way was pictures of all the campers going to be taken without a good plan and with a cell phone.
        4) Need more paid help to truly take good notes of who can do what as well as “try to rank” kids. Many are saying the camp was “unorganized” as a result.
        5) Team of 5 point guards – rotate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 positions to see who can do what.
        6) For top 10-15 players add 1 on 1 station.
        7) Russell Simmons approach – God bless and good night. Stories about earning US college scholarship (use microphone) will go over better than making PR national team. (with all due respect to the Founder with great vision and idea)

      • daboss says:

        If you were at the camp, then there is no way you can leave Dillon Williamson off the list. That kid is a monster!

        • 4th grade "Bump" good after teams were evened out says:

          Dillon – good scrappy lil guard – has been a part of Glory’s success for past few years

    • B baller says:

      Wow really hating on Banneker Kings!!!!

    • realtruth says:

      The focus from what I hear was more on the 5-7 graders then the 3/4 graders.

  7. I was there says:

    i thought it would be more compatition. Banneker players defanitly took over

  8. jaymanboggie says:

    I thought the camp could have been a little more organized especially with the younger kids all an all for the 1st time not too bad of a job coach Francis you are a high energy dude

  9. attended says:

    Camp wasnt bad. great facility. good compatition. wanted to see more of what the DMV had. playing two grade together took away from younger kids. Cant wait to see national select team.

  10. daboss says:

    My Top 5 in no order!!

    Dillon Williamson (Glory) – 3/4 with guard skills. Doesn’t take plays off. Has a nice shot. A real competitor someone you wanna go to war with.

    Jalen Franklin (Banneker) – Has a high Basketball IQ. Plays great D (shutting down 2 of the top players in his class over the weekend). Always under control.

    Sammy Scott III (Banneker) – Very exciting player to watch. He has one of the best handle in the country. Highlight of the camp “dropping his defending in the open court”!!

    Jaden Johnson (MD Finest) – His ability to defend 1-4 makes him an elite player. Good finisher around the rim. Ran the floor well and displayed a great attitude.

    Jalen Marshall (Banneker) – This kid just kept coming all weekend. Does all the lil things for the #2 team in the country. But this weekend prove that he can handle his own vs. anybody. He score, rebound, and played solid D all weekend.

    To all the kids. Just keep working hard. Stay humble. And use everything someone says about you as motivation.

  11. banneker coach says:

    good work boys

  12. banneker coach says:

    just for the record none of the banneker boys are grade exceptions late bdays on anything just flat out hard work and talent

  13. RepnDMV says:

    As a group hard to argue with that.

  14. VAball says:

    when will the site have new articles about the maryland mania camp and will new c/o 2018 rankings be coming out soon?

  15. realtruth says:

    Who were the 4th graders that were trouble makers? Just curious??

    • daboss says:

      I dont know about troublemakers. Somebody else said that.

      The kid from Glory is very good. I was just pointing out the kids that impressed ME the most at the camp. But he is one of the best in his age group. Im not taking anything from any of the kids that were there. They all did a great job playing with one another and competing against one another. The kids seemed to have a good time and thats what matters most.

  16. Witness says:

    #7 from glory “Rell” def one of the best players in 4th grade.

  17. Respect Due says:

    All the kids did a good job. Not enough staff. The more well rounded/complete players don’t get enough respect. Their unselfish/team play goes unnoticed. Antonio(MD Finest)& Bryce(B-More Finest)

  18. Mr. WHITE says:

    @ Respect Due. You are so right about the kids that are well rounded. They never get there just due, only the “And 1” kids or the ball hogs get respect. Now on another note… Went to see a few kids in this Christmas camp last year and the unselfish and well-rounded players never got mentioned. People who rank these kids these days don’t know anything about the game of basketball. I’ve seen tall kids get ranked over a smaller player who was very, very skilled and just plain out better than the taller kid who had no skills. The most famous word they use now is upside. In my time when we played that was called a downside: big, tall and no skills… that’s a downside. I look on the 2018 list on MSE and there are kids ranked on there that have never attended not one of their camps. How can a kid get ranked that has never participated in your camp? That’s just giving a kid a ranking, period. Who you know, how much ass you kiss and politics have destroyed youth basketball.

  19. YEA OK says:

    Is Jordan from Banneker a legit 5th grader now 6th grader um enquiring minds would like to know since you run such a up front program

  20. Jordan is in the 6th grade. Our program has done a great job with the talent thats been coming to us. Its nothing to hide. We showcase within our program. We have a strong talent pool of players. Banneker also has the top 7th grader in Maryland Jermere Williams a 6’2.5 stocky 2/3 he is another manchild, and Kahleem Jennings a 5’11 pg who can get it done. You’ll spot Jordan teamed up with them in 2014… Go Kings!!

  21. banneker stay away please says:

    Jemere failed but he being playing with his right age 13 so he’s on yall now 8th grade team. yall convinced his parent to hold him back too? smh. banneker stay off this site, yall making the org look bad.

  22. Lol… So negative…smh. Fact still remains he is the #1 7th grader in MD! and he plays for Banneker..:-). We started from the bottom.

    Thought I’d give u a lil more to hate on!!
    9th grade Andre (st. Frances) 6’5
    8th grade James Bishop 6ft pg/sg
    7th grade Jemere Williams 6’2 sg/sf
    6th grade Jordan Toles 5’11 pg/f
    5th grade Sean Carr pf/c
    4th grade #2 team they all tough!!
    3rd grade Joshy Franklin pg & Dillon Dennis pg
    2nd grade Daquan Davis sf/pf
    1st grade Tyler Marshall(this will his 2nd yr playing 8u)pg
    BK you know we got it!!!

  23. banneker coach says:

    yall need to stop the hating at the end of the day these are kids and banneker kings play by the rules and the rules only get in the gym with your kids get them better then holla at us clowns @king of kings you already banneker kings get wit us or get rolled over

  24. Seems Like says:

    @BannekerCoach….Seems like the info posted here about Banneker is coming from folks who have knowledge…outside not haters. Haters make up things though, Facts are the facts there’s no hating if facts are correct. How strong is your house or those that know about your org? Disconnect could have been created when you started naming names that may not be fully accurate. If you are that good no need for you to boost. Sometimes what we create disconnect by what we do. Is this your normal behavior? Just let other’s do it for you, as this site clearly does.

  25. loadofcrap says:


  26. RepnDMV says:

    Banneker is from our area. Some people don’t like them because they win a lot, but no one accuse them of cheating. I have a lot of respect for Coaches Tony, Phil, and Marshall, they are getting it done.

  27. question says:

    What do they win. Glory, Leesburg, Takeover, Gouchoes, Maryland Finest, DC Assault has a way better resume.

  28. banneker coach says:

    #2 in the country enough said

  29. question says:

    In the words of Kanye, second place is the first one who lost. Anyways, one second place in 3rd grade is not worth all the confusion.

  30. What confusion?? Does Kanye play ball, because I’m confused.

    Question – I respect your opinion. Just know where we started. Know where we trying to go and know the work we put inn to get there.

    How many of you have picked up kids for games and needed booster seats…lol! And 4 yrs. later everybody hating cause his a good basketball player. Banneker Coaches know all about that.

    • a kings dad says:

      Everbody that have questions about banneker kings should take a look at the link above ..look at the faces of the player .. look at how tall they are … look at what they have in their hands .. they have been winning since 8 & under .. most of the kids you see still play on the team today … its no secret reason to why we a top 25 team now … its a family and it will be that way .. but how many programs can say that they had kids half as long as us .. WE PUT WORK IN … Stay tuned its going to be a tuff 2014 for a lot of teams and we know that …so we stay in the gym as always …thats how you get better no need to cheat … Let go kings !!!

  31. RepnDMV says:

    Kings keep doing what you are doing, don’t worry bout the haters. Just proves you are doing it right.

  32. So what says:

    just let the kids play. Anthony Davis #1 pick in draft 2012, Muhammad from UCLA, Andrew Wiggins #1 player in country 2013 Kansas, Karl Towns #2 center in country 2014 Kentucy commit, and many many more are all reclass kids. As long as the kids are getting better and having fun

  33. 3rd and 4th Grade Age Exceptions says:

    C’mon Man. You will be asked “how old are you”? You are 1.5 to 2 yrs older than the youngest kid on the court. That’s nothing to be proud of.

  34. 3rd and 4th Grade Age Exceptions says:

    To be absolutely clear – that’s 3rd and 4th Grade AAU rule – supported “Old Age” Exceptions

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