Jaden Jones & Aquille Carr @ MSE Maryland Mania Camp

The Future Is Now

Aquille Carr and Jaden Jones MSE Maryland Mania Basketball Camp

Former High School Sensation Aquille Carr (Crime Stopper) & 5th Grade Jaden Jones at 2013 MSE Maryland Mania Camp

Up and coming 5th grader, Jaden Jones, who’s born and raised in Dallas, Texas had a slow start, but day 2 he picked it up. He earned ‘Most Improved Player’ before it was all said and done. He’s a little raw, but advanced for a ten year old, who believe it or not won’t be eleven years old until next year. He’s long with a wiry body. He has a consistent mid-range and three point shot. He has good ball handle for his size. He’s simply oozing with potential. However, Jones got a taste of real, rough and rugged athletic play that his dad was accustomed to growing up in the mean streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Jones played in the MSA “A” conference and played against Sam Cassell in high school. Basketball is second nature for a growing Jaden.

Jaden’s much more than a commodity, he’s a student athlete who’ll eventually compete at a top high school and division 1 high-major college. He might could play overseas or perhaps the NBA. We’ll, now, he’s the subject of MSE mass media and has gained a national name. As a consequence, he’s a target on many player’s radar. Sunday, when camp ended we brought Jaden on the court to put him through some game situation drills. He picked it up rather easy, as if he was born to ball. Nowadays, the hardest thing for a middle school player is being in the midst of a pro-minded killer, which is MSE. Superior Jaden faced us with a smile. He was happy to be in our presence. So, essentially he’s a killer at heart and just needs continued support from his family, friends, community and the most competitive atmosphere basketball offers. Jaden Jones performed admirable at the MSE Maryland Mania camp and is definitely a name to remember.

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  1. DMV hoopsFAN says:

    MSE got this one right! Otto Porter/Durrant written all over this kid.Finally something Real! We watched him break a older group press with little effort. My son should of played more but o erall it was a good camp. DMV hoops Rule!

  2. Both Harrison Twins from TX are going to UK this year. Julius Randall from Dallas is going to UK this year. Jaden Jones is simply the best in his class and will continue to add to Texas long list of future stars. TX= NEW MECCA.
    Betta ask Somebody!

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