Class of 2019 Makani Whiteside Dominates The West Coast

A Star Is Born

Middle School Elite

MSE walks into the gym and says, “Wow, this kid is pretty good!” We assume he is of the class of 2018 or 2017. We later find out that he is of the class of 2019 and it is hard for us to believe he is so young. One of the biggest sleepers on the west coast is 5’11 Makani Whiteside. Whiteside is a combo guard that plays club ball with the I-10 Celtics. He is a long and lanky youngster.

He has good size for both guard positions. Being 5’11” assures that Makani is usually the tallest on the court (unique for a player attending both guard positions.)  Makani has excellent ball defense and his long arms give his opponents trouble in the passing lanes. He can knock down shots, rebound, put the ball on the floor, and pass. This young man is certainly an all-around player.

His athleticism and length allow him to defend 1-4 positions. Whiteside will fill up the stat sheet offensively and defensively. His name will certainly begin to be heard on the national level very soon.

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  1. Monk says:

    I hope this dude is really the truth of this class. Cause that dude Tyler Brelsford did not live up to the hype that y’all gave him on this site.

  2. The Wood!!! says:

    don’t know Tyler Brelsford. But I’m from LA and Makani is at least a double holdback. That’s a hella old pic! His parents didn’t want to use his driver’s license pic so they gave one from when he was in 3rd grade (12 years old). Plus he’s not the best player on his own team. EJ has that locked!!!

    • socalhoopster says:

      You got a grudge against this kid for some reason? How do you know the parents gave MSE this pic? Maybe they just pull them off the web??? Alot of photos they post of kids they hype look like they are from when they are younger. Also, EJ doesn’t have that locked, he’s not even on the team any longer. So check your facts. EJ is also a completely different player than Makani. You can’t compare the two of them. EJ has alot of things he needs to work on. He’s dominate in many areas, but not in others. And, let’s be real. EJ isn’t older? Let me guess, you’re going to come back swearing he’s legit? OK, sure. Most of all the ballers now are re-classified…Get over it. Makani is a very talented player, not to mention his work ethic is ridiculous. As with all the kids, time will tell how things pan out for all of them. Hopefully they will all get offers to good colleges and get to play ball.

  3. Humble one says:

    Heehee thanks for the compliment. Love it when people say my kids older. Something those height challenged kids never have to deal with! I love it!!!! Stay Short Homie

  4. The Wood!!! says:

    SoCalHoopster, no grudge here but it sounds like you have one.

    Humble one, no one mentioned heights as a factor. Plus both of my sons are and taller than your son Makani. The difference is that their acutally 13 & 14.

    Holdbacks is common, it is what is is and your right SoCal… hopefully all of these little dudes get to play in college.

  5. Humble one says:

    Well if its not height, what is it then? If you google him he has NEVER been listed as anything other than 2019. So when did this double holdback occur? Kinder? Lol! Too funny. And just for the record all you double holbacks out there. GOOD FOR YOU! Playing by the rules, nothin wrong with that, unfortunately my sons birthday dosent allow him to be a double holdback. So like i asked earlier, if its not height???? Be careful because your answers could be taken as compliments.

  6. socalhoopster says:

    The Wood – Come on man. No grudge? Really? Why on earth would you take the time to write something about this boy and take jabs like you did? That’s a grudge no doubt. And, let’s get something straight, West Coast has mostly been about 1 yr hold backs, but double holdbacks are becoming more common than before, Go to the East Coast, that’s all you’ll see. If people are playing within the rules and you don’t want to follow suit, that is your decision, but not something you should dis someone else about doing…

  7. PARENTS says:

    Makani is a ” holdback” .Birthday is May 2000. So, technically, Parent held him back and are selling the NBA dream to him.

  8. Hoopmom says:

    Makani should be in highschool by now. This is a known fact, ask anyone from So. Cal. thats been around basketball. Does his current game/skill level say he can play against an experienced 9th grader today? No absolutely not! So what is all the hype about again? I must have missed something here.
    I feel bad for the kid. He has been allowed to feel that it’s ok to not work even harder so he can compete amongst his true peirs, and this ad simply justifies that thinking for him. Wow, very sad…
    It seems like this site is focused on 3 So. Cal players because you watched them from traveling in I10 Celtics. It is just hilarious how you have made such a bold statement in Makani when you really haven’t been able to watch the games of a few other players/don’t know very much about players in the So. Cal Circuit. However I will tell you that Makani does not dominate the West Coast. I could probably get 98% of people to agree with me on this one. Spend some time here for a while and you will know that you got it wrong on this call. 🙂

    • Basket_Ball says:

      Uhhh how many NBA players are hold backs and if you think it’s not challenging him enough then maybe you should worry about your own kid before you worry about someone else’s. You feel sorry for what, it’s not your kid so why do you worry about it. I feel sorry for you spending all of your time writing a paragraph about how bad you feel for Makani. If I were you I wouldn’t complain because that just means your feeding your kid excuses if and when he goes up against him. So you go and get your 98% and support your kid while the other 2% are what not haters just add the two percent. What I’m really trying to say is what is your point maybe you should get on your kid and have someone write about him because your tired of hearing about just those three kids.

  9. socalhoopster says:

    Hoopmom what 3 players are you talking about? Jordan Montgomery doesn’t play w/ Celtics? They are not dialed in to just those kids, I see them talking about alot of other kids. If you want to get worked up, why don’t you blast them about Feinberg’s kid? He is old as hell and they hype him so much and he def doesn’t have the talent. Dad pays big time for his publicity and the talent falls VERY short.

  10. socalhoopster says:

    You all need to get over the holdback thing. Look at Shabazz. Look at many NBA players who went to prep schools to get an extra year or two to develop in HS. Do you know how many high level players have reclassified? Get with it people. If you choose not to do that with your kid, that is your choice, but if others choose to take advantage of that option (which is within the rules), then don’t hate.

    • parent says:

      To socalhoopster, no one is against parents holding their kids back to make them look better while playing against younger kids but when MSE starts making them semi- god. on the court , that is when it stinks. He is an okay player playing against younger kids. Other kids will eventually grow and caught up and overtake him. That is the truth.

  11. Compton-Lueders says:

    I haven’t seen not one game that Makani has dominated. And my kid plays for the same team as him. He does too much don’t get me wrong the kid will be good in the near future. But the hype y’all putting on him is ridic. What’s crazy is that I heard he is suppose to be in HS as well , he’s not ready for that yet as well all can see.

  12. Humble one says:

    He was at frosh/soph showcase and got some shine in the ball is life mixtape. Guess they are wrong too huh?

    • The Callout says:

      @humble one – LOL! less than a second on a mixtape is shine? how many times did you have to pause the video in order for you to see Makani in that video.

      Here’s a side note for you since he will be a 19 years old as a senior:

      CIF Southern Section Rule – AGE LIMITATIONS – (Rule 201)

      No student whose nineteenth (19) birthday is attained prior to June 15 shall participate or practice
      on any team. A student whose 19th birthday is on June 14, or before, is ineligible.

      Guess he’s going private school…right?

      • Humble one says:

        Soooo who you callin out? Whats your point? Bcus all I get from this is YOU GOT MAKANI on the brain!!! Real bad. He gone have to start patin rent for the space in your head!!!

        • the real truth says:

          Have anybody heard of the real no.1 player of 2019? Julian smith, tulsa, ok 5″10. He is really the best pure player in his class all around game..he currently plays for Oklahoma athletes first… no joke he’s ahead of hi time

  13. James Herriot says:

    If his birthday is really May, 2000, then he’s 13 & playing 13U which is fine in my book. But the real word is that Makani is a 2X holdback. For all of you saying “It’s within the rules, “Get with it” bla zay blay, then why do most parents that do it defend it online but quiet in person? When they’re yelling at the games why don’t they also say, “oh, he’s older. We held him back.” Its because they know that they’re trying to get a advantage that has nothing to do being competitive or with the play on the court. It’s about attempting to look good by playing younger kids. What “Socalhoopster” said DO PREPSCHOOL which seems better than holding back. Back in the day players did the JUCO route to prove themselves. The first thing that Humble1 mentioned was size!
    There are a lot of kids that could get put on front street for the holdback & double holdback situation & the Whitehead kid shouldn’t be seen as the posterboy for it. Cody Riley (Sierra Canyon) should be sophomore or junior & Paris Dawson, (Tri-City12U & City Stars) 2X holdback, he should be in 8th grade! Dominque Winbush (i-10*), Fred Burton (Inland Force), Austin Galuppo (i-10*), Joseph Bush (i-10*) are holdbacks. Socalhoopster is right… Feinberg & Spencer Freedman (Pangos) are both trash & holdbacks. Their family uses their $ to get them pub. Want to go to highschool with this? How about this list of holdbacks, Brandon Davis (i10* & Alemany), Billy Preston (Mater Dei), Jalen Riley 2x (i-10* & Village Christian), 90% of Village Christian’s basketball team, 95% of Sierra Canyon’s student body , 40-50% of Poly, Justin Woodley (Bishops). *Shout out & salute to i10 Celtics aka HOLDBACK aaU! lol 
    Say what you want about Montgomery at least he’s playing his AGE. If these fake middle school rankings did it based on age then we could at least pretend that it’s legit. What they should do is state the kid’s age in the articles. All-Star Camps and even high schools shouldn’t allow players to participate in sports after turning 19.
    Humbleone – take your own advice & watch your mouth. Telling kids to be double holdbacks because its in the rules is nothing more than stupid. ‘Delay graduation because its in the rules’ ‘ Play lesser competition so that you’ll look better.’ WOW. I know that Whiteside is being used as an example of parents afraid to have their kids compete at their age but the kid is not the only one even in his area. I put out other players because if we’re going to blast Makani for doing it, then we should blast anyone that we know did it & not just Makani because he’s getting a little pub while ‘some’ of the other holdbacks kids STILL CAN’T CUT IT.

  14. Hoopmom says:

    James Herriot,
    I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  15. Thomas says:

    How can u guys be talking about kids. They are just kids you adults are jokes

  16. Jack M says:

    Aye man this kid is fine. He is just a monster balla that you guys can handle.

  17. new travel ball mom says:

    This is an Interesting chat! I have encountered some hold back situations. I have a 13 year old & a 11 year old. last year my 11 year old now and 10 then was playing 11u against one of the above mentioned hold backs. The hold back was good, but he looked familiar. I finally realised that he had played against my 13 year old when they played park ball. The parks go by age not grade. They don’t care if u r 16 in the 9 th grade u still have to play with ur age group. I do think its unfair and misleading. I feel it will catch up with u & the kid and the kid will not be able to compete. WORDS OF ADVICE PLAYERS KEEP UR GRADES UP CAUSE EVERYONE DO NOT MAKE THE NBA!!!!!!!!!

  18. Humble one says:

    All aau kids better be playing up at rec ball!! Its just unheard of not to. Smdh

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