Ohio’s Seth Wilson Is Something To Watch @ Maryland Mania Camp

MSE Warned You

Seth Wilson Middle School Elite

Athletic Seth Wilson, a nationally ranked 5th grader from Ohio made noise at the MSE Maryland Mania Basketball Camp. It wasn’t an easy task for this sleeper, who played with a lot of heart and passion. He’s made for the big stage, bright lights and flashing camera’s. He interviews well, too. He showed signs of NBA hope with a knack for running the fast break and finishing plays in transition with a jump shot, lay up, bounce pass, outlet or middle pass. This tells us his natural position is point guard, though he’s comfortable playing either the 1-2-3-4 & 5.

Heady Wilson also played up in the 8th grade All- Star game and showed he belonged. In the All-star game his age group, he dominated the boards in rebounds along with several assist. Nonetheless, he’s still growing and when his body catches up to his mind he’ll be virtually unstoppable. While Seth’s jump shot is a work in progress, he’s strong attacking the lane and finishing in traffic. It’s too early to tell, whether he’s one and done- but the odds seem to be in his favor. Wilson was a sight to watch at camp and we look forward to seeing him again soon. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come from this monstrous kid, class of 2021 Seth Wilson.


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  1. Talk to me now says:

    Who is better Zion or Seth? Same class right ? To be 100 both are on some big boy grown man , but who has the edge?

  2. IMO says:

    IMO seeing both play and my team playing against Zion I say Zion because he can score anywhere on the court even at halfcourt.

  3. Basketball Lover says:

    As an avid fan of basketball, I’ve followed both Zion and Seth. Zion is definitely the best Scorrer in the class of 2021 he can score at will from any place on the court., Seth has the best Total Overall game. He can control the game in so many different ways. He rebounds, scores, starts the break, passes, defends. So, who has the edge?

  4. truth says:

    I saw seth wilson play I watch him go 0-10 get bench and his father start crying cause he was sat down he is ok player nothing special mse is a fraud stealing money zion is a gd player work harder then most players but hope he allow hav fun and put his education first I see a lot player better then seth and he’s no great athlete that that reckass from banneker kings is the onky player that shoukd hav pkay up hes gd athlete seth wilson did nothing that’s the truth

  5. Facts says:

    I say Seth he is younger and does more things, both are great players tho ! I also like Blackmon from Speice

  6. Haters says:

    You adults need to stop being haters on both of these young men. Both are talented young men I have seen both play and they can flat out play.. like many other kids that put so much time in the gym for the love of the game! We should encourage our young people instead of tearing them down. As far as who is the best it depends on what you want and your team needs !If these two kids are reading this crap! Please stay focused and do your best to reach your dreams and the people that are haters and negative let this drive you !

  7. truth says:

    To haters both can play site like this hurt these kids but education shoukd be encourage not reclassing the truth is people reclass do get advantage not education when all said done 97 percent not going to make it that’s s fact

  8. Stop it!! says:

    its been known that Seth and Zion are 2019 or 2020 class. Ohio public records dude! It will haunt these kids later. They are good and would be good in their TRUE class. Moms and dads stop reclassing for sports. NUFF SAID.

    • LOL says:

      WRONG again!! Do your research and produce FACTS not this crap. 2021 Kids…like it or not. Keep balling boys!

    • So what says:

      just let the kids play. Anthony Davis #1 pick in draft 2012, Muhammad from UCLA, Andrew Wiggins #1 player in country 2013 Kansas, Karl Towns #2 center in country 2014 Kentucy commit, and many many more are all reclass kids. As long as the kids are getting better and having fun

      • Ohio coach says:

        I don’t think that you are understanding these kids situations. First A D is not a reclass he was a kid that just grew several inches in a year and became a post player after playing guard for most of his life. Then Towns and Wiggins are actually younger than they are appeared so that they can go to the nba at their right age. So this is a little different than being held back, actually these kids were pushed forward. But I do agree let the kids play and life will tell. The only fear I have for these young men is that I have seen kids at this age receive such hype and attention and none pan out in the end. Teach life lessons and hardwork, whatever happens from their will be on them. I have been at this for 20 plus years and the most talented does not always see the spotlight. I have been personally involved with 6 kids that made it to the money and only one was destined and he was the most overrated.

    • Ohio coach says:

      Who does these kids play with in the summer?

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