7th Grade California Guard Jordan Montgomery Is NBA Bound

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Jordan Montgomery

The class of 2019 has a special point guard. His name is Jordan Montgomery. The 5’5″ Montgomery is a class act point guard. His ball handling and passing ability are what really stand out in his game. Jordan’s physical build is great for basketball. His long arms and athleticism allow him to match up against the top point guards in the nation. Jordan also has a competitive spirit. He is all over the place from camps to tournaments.

MSE: What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

JM: I got CP3 Camp and possibly Middle School Elite camp.

MSE: What do you plan to work on to develop your game even more?

JM: Get stronger and polish my game.

MSE: What two things do you think stand out about your game the most?

JM: Court vision and ball handling.

MSE: How was your experience at the John Lucas Camp?

JM: It was amazing. I met and played against a lot of new people. Also, John Lucas was a big help and great coach.

MSE: Plans for next season?

JM: I plan on playing 14s and 15s. Not too much of my own division. As of now I’ll be playing with California Elite and Hard 2 Guard. Also, Mario Chalmer’s team called A Game Team USA Select.

MSE: Who are your favorite NBA players? Who do you study?

JM: Chris Paul and Derrick Rose.

MSE: Favorite shoes to play in?

JM: Adidas Crazy Quick.

MSE: What role does your older brother play in your basketball?

JM: My big brother is a huge help. Great role model. Calms me down in situations. Also, travels with me a lot to camps and tourneys and trains me.

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  1. RepnDMV says:

    I get the point of the website is hype but why do you have to say NBA bound, one of the best in his class is not good enough? Not even in HS yet, a lot can happen between now and then (Pe Shon Howard, William Gates, Demetrius Walker). A lot of pressure for these top prospects, majority of whom will never play professionally. Hope those Hoop Dreams come true.

    • socalhoopster says:

      RepnDMV – you are exactly right. This article is a joke. It’s completely wrong to say this kid is going NBA. Nobody can predict that and at the moment Jordan def doesn’t stand out as a phenom. Hope for his sake he goes as far as possible, but this type of over hype has got to stop. There are so many talented kids out there that these guys never see because their parents don’t pimp them out like this…

  2. loadofcrap says:

    NBA? I hope this kid has a fall back when he doesn’t make it… Dumb article.

  3. Middle School Elite says:

    Jordan is tough, we saw him at our first camp in NY. If he’s gotten any better since then, great. The reason why we say Jordan is NBA bound is because of his story about a kid from Cali whose older brother who played basketball didn’t make it due to the lack of exposure. Was his older brother good? We’re not exactly sure, but we do know he’s tall maybe 6’6 or taller and their dad is pretty tall but jumping high doesn’t make u the best player..It’s having the skill, drive and determination. Jordan has just that. The thought of Jordan going same path as his brother is what gives him the eye of the tiger stare and the passion to be the best. That right there you can’t rank. If he passes the ball now and puts team first like Nash he’ll be good.

    • Corey lee says:

      What about Kenneth Franklin Jr. he was doing pretty good in the MSE 7th grade game. He grabbed rebounds, play tough defense and also can score in the low post . He killed jordan M. In a tourney before but I guess he doesn’t get that much exposure. Soon people will know who KJ is.

  4. socalhoopster says:

    This article is irresponsible. There is no story here. Just because his brother didn’t have exposure doesn’t mean that’s why he didn’t make it in basketball. If you’re good, they will find you without all this b.s. hype.. You saying Jordan is NBA bound is absolutely ridiculous. Note-he’s not 5’5. Will he be tall like his brother? Nobody knows and that kind of height wouldn’t be a guarantee of anything. Jordan is one of the most OVER HYPED kids in SoCal. His family posted in the Kindergarten that he was getting college scholarship offers. Come on. At some point this kind of over-hype could do damage rather than help. If you want to be considered as a legit site covering youth ball, do it the right way.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      thanks for your opinion.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      The article isn’t to say media didn’t give him exposure- maybe his aau team didn’t have a budget to attend a big tourney therefor he missed the exposure. Exposure comes in many ways, camps, tourneys, paper and online. You couldn’t have found jordans brother if he wasn’t at camp and tourneys and online so that’s partly Mr. Montgomery’s fault for not guaranteeing the exposure. Any which way it was a lack of exposure. Jordan killed at the 2011 MSE camp in Ny and we just saw him this weekend in Cali, where he played his role.

  5. socalhoopster says:

    MSE I get what you are saying, but do you get what those of us are saying when we feel saying he is NBA bound is irresponsible? Imagine you HYPE a kid so much (like has been done with JM) that the expectation is now so incredibly high and the kid falls short. Over-hype could equal major disappointment. I get promoting to a degree don’t get me wrong, but it’s when it goes to far that it’s a problem. And, do you know how many kids out there are better than JM? LOTS.LOTS. Why are you saying JM is NBA bound over the many Cali kids out there who are as good and over the ones who are def better than him?

    • Middle School Elite says:

      His bro didn’t make it so what does JM have to lose?

      • socalhoopster says:

        Every hardworking dedicated youth basketball player out there should dream and dream big, because nobody ever knows who will be the lucky one… Again, we are all just saying that your headline wasn’t the best choice. There are MANY talented 7th grade PG’s out there that you could of said the same thing, but didn’t.. Saying JM IS NBA bound wasn’t responsible. You said He IS NBA bound. You don’t know that and can’t say that. How about Could this hardworking, smart, PG be NBA Bound? Could not IS very different meanings.

  6. PARENTS says:

    Too early to be future NBA bound, one thing that i can tell you is that he is good but not the best. We have kid who might not be good now but will catch up with him and overtake him. Pray that he gets the height which does not seem to happening.

  7. Hoopmom says:

    Somewhere along the way you missed kids taking the steps to get to the NBA. You take them from Elementary and Jr. High straight to the NBA. A better topic would be, “Jordan Montgomery is Varsity Basketball Bound.”
    This is alot of pressure. I hope Jordan can live up to this predicted NBA career of his.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      MSE is most important camp you’ll attend in middle school. Why? We have been thru everything thinkable from being top 10 to top 50 to top 0. Its politics. No one or company has been through what we been through this level. So we will speak!!! Academics and athletics in hs and college is a given. Obviously, he’s varsity bound because it has to deal with education in some shape form of fashion. And it’s amateur sports. However, the NBA is much different and if Jordan can be patient, as he keeps working to improve his game then it could pay off. And if you know us well, we had a current NBA coach call one of our junior high school players cell phone yesterday to say we’re watching you. The confused young athlete asked “what college are you with again?” The upset caller said, “I’m a NBA coach”. Now, this forever changes the way we perceive middleschoolelite.com and its players. So for entertainment and exposure purpose, when we say Jordan’s NBA bound we know it’s not impossible whether short or unranked. Now, right now, you’re saying to yourself, “No NBA coach called a JR varsity player… Middle School Elite is lying on his national website… and if he’s a NBA coach he mistakenly dialed wrong number and was put up to it but doesn’t realize the players is only junior who’s not yet in college”. Then you say MSE should use a better lie and say a college coach called. Okay. God is working through us to help these kids for free, nothing in return. So when you say don’t give MSE your money- They are paying for a service which is exposure. “Oh well still they’ll never make it, I’ve been on this rodeo before” Now you’re lying, you never seen the likes of MSE.com. Welcome to the new world!

    • Middle School Elite says:

      And in HS no player ever called out our player to battle so we know for a fact that HS is non threating playing field. Just keep relationship with coach and play your role on court. ALL CAMPS, TOURNAMENTS and INDIVIDUALS will never walk up to a parent and say let your son battle this or that player. It doesn’t exist. So parent relax and work on your game. “I’m a parent of a 7th grader and people say at the next camp my son’s a target” LOL. That’s all imagination. Any camp you attend later on they like a cool, friendly, non too competitive environment. Kids are young and growing and don’t want break confidence or ruin whatever stock for future. No one has ever approached my son asking to battle, so I know for a fact it doesn’t exist. You may hear or read talk of it but it’s 200% hype. So parents on here trying to scare players saying my son gonna get u in the game you are full of it like the rest. If you want to battle then call MSE and we’ll arrange a actually Lance and OJ match up. Also no one ever called me to say we to match up your boy since he’s supposedly a killer. They don’t do it, so parents stop thinking you’re gonna ever see it happen for real. MSE will foster the battlefield of student athletes who are humble and don’t feel they’re better but they’re trained to dominate using body and mind. Then we’ll watch the evaluators rank kids over you. smh. hoop has a long way to go but Im sure we’ll get there one day. Bless be it to the battle players who play their position. Shame on those who shy away from tough competition. And if you’re a coach or parent who disagrees with MSE then send us the footage of the bloody battle and then we’ll show u a more bloody past video from a 7th grader. Just get your grades and workout. The rest takes care of self.

  8. Mr. WHITE says:

    I have seen this kid play a few times he is pretty good why because he puts in the hard work. Its so funny how people base basketball on height. Height does not make anyone a better basketball player skills does. What ever height this young man grows to will not play a role in him not making the NBA. If he turns out to be a very elite player he has a chance no matter how tall he turns out to be. If players are better than him at that position when time comes then is stock will drop. Its about what positions a team is trying to fill and if the player fits what the team is needing at that time. If height matters players like Steve Nash ,Tony parker would not be playing today. This is how it goes if your good your good period.

  9. Urban Girl says:

    Has the moderator for MSE been a member of the NBA? Or recruited HS students for college? How can MSE identify who is NBA bound or not?

  10. Coach K says:

    Jerron Love was hyped this way and where is he now? I haven’t heard anything about him since middle school, except for he’s moving a lot because he’s still not starting. Who knows what the future holds. I think this article would have been fine with another headline.

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