MSE Maryland Mania Camp Rankings for Class of 2020

MSElite 6th Graders

The MSE Maryland Mania Basketball Camp was a top notch regional event. New and familiar faces in grades 2nd through 8th emerged as young budding athletes. We bring you exclusive write up’s on some of the standouts and top performers in the building.

Jodan Toles

Six foot tall- sixth grader, Jordon Toles from Baltimore, MD. plays the part of a future NBA player with his pro type built. As of now, Toles’ height advantage and all- around skill set gives him an upper hand. However, if a draft were today for middle school ballers , he’d  be a first round pick. His athletic posture and performance at the MSE Maryland Mania Camp was phenomenal. Let’s be clear, Toles has two and a half years remaining of middle school and then, four years of high school. And, four years of college- if he isn’t one or two and done. As far as Toles, he cooked, cleaned and washed clothes all weekend. He basically did it all from defense, rebounding, passing and scoring. He has a killer mentality for his age, but must play up in competition to bring the total best out. All Toles has to do now is find his true role on court, whether shooting guard or  forward and master the position. We’ll be tracking him through the years and wish him luck.        

Rank, Name, Height, Position State

#1 Jordan Toles, 6’0″, SG, Baltimore, MD

#2 Trayden Williams, 5’2″, Guard, Charlotte, NC

#3 Cory Barnes, 5’6″, Guard, Milton, DE

#4 Malcolm Dread, Guard, 5’6″, Guard, Buntonsville, MD

#5 Anwar Gill, 5’7″, Guard, Washington, DC

#6  Caleb O’Banner, 5’7″, Guard, Baltimore, MD

#7 Josiah Hardy, 5’9″, Guard, Leesburg, VA

#9 Mekhi Price, 5’3″, Guard, Upper Marlboro, MD

Trayden Williams Middle School Elite#10 Ian Wallace, 5’6″, Guard, Baltimore, MD

#11 Ahmauh Jones, 5’0″, Guard, Baltimore, MD

#12 Jared Cross, 5’6″, Guard, Leesburg, NC

#13 Dimingus Stevens, 5’6″, Guard, DC

#14 Demar Anderson, 5’5″, Guard, Charlotte, NC

 #15 Israel White, 5’5″, Guard, Milford, DE

#16 Erik Reymolds, 5’4″, Guard, Temple Hills, MD

#17 Chandler Johnson, 5’0″, Guard, Catonsville, MD

#18 Tony Smith Jr., 5’5″, Guard, Baltimore, MD

#19 Addison Lawrence, 4’7″, Guard, Charlotte, NC

#20 Brayon Freeman, 5’0″, Guard, FT. Washington, MD

#21 Tremaine Chesley, 5’4″, Guard, Huglesville, MD

#22 Jenkins Dormu, 5,2″, Guard, DC

#23 DJ Young, 5’1″, Guard, Ashburn, VA

#24 Chuck Harris, 5’4″, Guard, Virginia

#25 Jalen Bryant, 5’2″, Guard, Edgewood, MD

#26 Jamonte Smith, 5’5″, Guard, Virginia (no height)

#27 Jacob Morgan, 5’2″, Guard, Maryland

#28 Isaiah Folkes, 5’2″, Guard, Bristow, VA

#29 TeJon Ford, 5’3″, Guard, Maryland

#30 Cole Parr, 5’7″, Forward, Maryland

5th grade is coming up next

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