MSElite Top 20 West Coast Showcase Deserves Encore

 Light’s, Camera’s & Action! 

EJ Jackson

2019 Class

EJ Jackson– A very strong Point Guard with a whole lot of confidence. The kid has the ball on string. Not only is he dangerous going to the basket, but he is a good shooter from the 3. EJ has very good court vision. Good at drawing in the defense and making that nice extra pass. He is one of the top PGs in the country.


Makani Whiteside
Makani Whiteside– Combo Guard with good size. Makani can pretty much do it all. He will rebound, block shots, score, and pass. Very good at attacking the basket and drawing the foul. He can play a 1-4, if needed. His overall game and size makes him a national guy.

Jordan Montgomery– Point Guard that can knock down the 3. Very good in a half court set. Montgomery is one of the top Point Guards in the West Coast. He has a good feel for the game and a high IQ. Also, a good passer.

Jacob Ray– Jacob is a Stretch 4 that continues to develop. Jacob will hit the mid range jumper and bang for rebounds. Also, a smart player.

Dillion Depina– Power Forward similar to Charles Barkley. Has a solid big body that can run the floor. Good one on one defender. Great rebounder and finisher around the basket.

Oneka Okongwu

Onyeka Okongwu– Long athletic Post that is a terrific shot blocker. Can finish around the basket. Also, a good rebounder.

Paul Bingaman– Power Forward with good size. Paul is one of the top 4 mans in California. He gives you points, blocks, and rebounds. Also, runs the floor well.

Gianni Hunt– Point Guard with a nice pull up jumper. Good on ball defender. Gianni has long arms at the Point Guard position.

Javon Jones– Combo Guard with a nice solid handle. Has good size and is strong at position. Good rebounder and can score the ball.

Cameron Dashiell– Athletic Combo Guard with good court vision. Very good on ball defender. Attacks the basket hard.

Jonathan Daniels– Combo Guard that can shoot the ball. Flat out scorer. Can shoot and put the ball on the floor.

Ken Franklin Jr.- Strong Wing that will drive to the basket. Solid defender and rebounder.

Jordan Pineda– Point Guard with quick feet and hands. Does a good job getting under defenders and attacking the basket. Also, a good passer. Pineda is really good on the break.

Bryce Zaphir– Point Guard with good court vision. Plays well in a half court set. Makes good decisions.

Bryce Hamilton

Bryce Hamilton– Long lefty Shooting Guard that can score the basketball. Cousin of NBA Wing Jordan Hamilton. Bryce is a stud on both ends of the floor.

Terrence Moorehead– Combo Guard that is hard nose when it comes to defense. Plays full length of the court. Moorehead can also put the ball on the floor.

Dominique Winbush– Point Guard with very deep range. Winbush is very craft when it comes to scoring. He is a very good shooter. Also, has a nice floater in the paint.

Anthony Spencer– Hard nose Point Guard that is very skilled. Spencer really pounds the ball. Also, a good shooter off the dribble and from 3. Floor general and leader.

AJ Robles– Quick Point Guard with a nice handle. Also, has good court vision. Robles is a good on ball defender. His speed gives offensive players trouble.

Josh Vazquez– Shooting Guard that is lethal from 3. He can also put the ball on the floor. Josh is very good coming off of screens with or with out the ball. He has a high IQ.

Dorrian Stewart– Athletic Combo Guard with a motor. Plays hard on both ends of the floor. Stewart is a good on ball defender and rebounds the ball well at his position. Affective attacking the paint on offense.


Spencer Freedman

2018 Class

Spencer Freedman– One of the best Point Guards in the nation. Very good shooter with good range. Spencer has an amazing IQ and good court vision. His ball handling allows him to play at an even higher level. Works well on the break and half court set.



Michael Feinberg

Michael Feinberg– Combo Guard with good size. Feinberg has a nice handle to go along with his 3 point shot. He is also a good passer. His long arms allow him to play those passing lanes and be affective on defense. Will rebound on offense and defense.

Pierre Crockrell– Point Guard that is very dangerous on the offensive end. Pierre is very skilled and fast. Not afraid to attack the basket and create contact.

J'Raan Brooks

J’Raan Brooks– Post with long arms. Very good rebounder. Brooks will knock down the mid range jumper. Runs the floor well. He is good in the pick and roll action. One of the top Posts in the country.

Sammy Duffin– Wing with good size. Great passer and rebounder. Skilled player with a nice overall game. Smart with the ball in his hands.

Andre Fields– Post player that can score. Not only can Fields score, but he a very good rebounder and shot blocker. Does a lot of damage in the paint.

Tomas Soto– Long Wing that can put the ball on the floor. Soto can play the 1 spot at times. Smart player that makes good decisions. Very solid with the ball.

David Atencio– Tenacious with the ball in his hands. Atencio is a Point Guard that can score and pass. He is flat out dangerous going to the basket. Very good at drawing defenders to create for his teammates. Also, has quick hands on defense.

Nathan Irwin– Solid Point Guard with a nice handle and 3 point shot. His quick feet make him very affective on defense.

Elijah McCullough– Point Guard with good size. Nice pull up jump shot. Elijah is very creative with the ball. Also, a good defender. Rebounds the ball well at his position.


Harrison Butler

Harrison Butler– Wing with good size. Strong body allows him to rebound the ball and finish with contact. Has potential to be High Major division 1 Guard. Harrison has a nice overall game and his body just takes it to another level.

Demarja Gilmore– Point Guard that will set the tone offensively and defensively. His athleticism allows him to compete at a high level. Good defender.

Tae Le– Very strong Wing. Tae is affective in the paint. He’s a good rebounder. Can guard almost all 5 positions on defense. Also, has a nice mid range game.

Payton Moore– Long lanky Shooting Guard that can shoot the ball well. Runs the floor and can finish at the basket. Good off ball defender. Gets in the passing lanes.

Darrell Houston– Athletic Combo Guard that can score and play defense. Houston is dangerous on the break. Rebounds the ball well at his position.

Fletcher Tynan– Wing with long arms. Good mid range jump shot. Also, a good rebounder. Nice overall game. Can play some 1 spot also.

Charlie Walder– Combo Guard that can shoot from deep. Charlie is a very smart player. Also, is crafty offensively.

Lunden Taylor– Fundamentally sound Point Guard. Good shooter with a high IQ. Good skill set.

Jonah Goran– Shooting Guard that shoots the ball well from 3. Plays hard. Also, can put the ball on the floor.

Cameron Boyd– Wing that has an overall game. Can guard a 1-4 on defense. Good defender.

Christopher “Scooter” Smith– Shooting Guard that can put the ball on the floor. Scooter has good size on the perimeter. He will fill up the stat sheet. Does a little but of everything.

Jaylan Slaughter– Athletic Small Forward that is a terrific shot blocker and rebounder. Finishes at the rim with contact.

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  1. Jordan Montgomery is the most OVERRATED!!!!!! Kid in the nation this website is bullshit he had prob 5 points 2 assist and steal and he is ranked number 3. he ranks these kids by who he trains. And this guy who does these ranking said he is #1 trainer. These websites are suppose to be unbiased to.

    • Terrence says:

      I was at this game. Montgomery actually put up 16pts & 7assists. Lead his team to a W. Ej & Makani also played solid. I was very impressed with their game.

  2. Thomas says:

    I saw this kid fletcher Tynen he is underrated he has a jumpshot and makes centers look silly and great defense and ur saying Sammy Duffin is better than him smh.

    • sean says:

      Thank you Thomas for the kind words. Not sure who you are but Fletch will be stoked to hear this. Not sure where he fits in with the whole ranking thing but I can tell you this, ” There is probably not a more hard working kid out there than him!” Thanks again.

  3. I really hope that yall no the Onyeka is not a post player.
    Hes on the wing that can shoot 3s and dribbles on RC Bulls. Seriously, you guys gotta see him play,he has UNBELEIVEABLE talent

  4. Elitest says:

    Middle School Elite:

    EJ Jackson – True story. This kid is amazing and ooths confidence. I love to watch him play. He has earned his title “The Truth”.

    Makani Whiteside – Is somebody gettig paid to create this hype? I have been watching his game for 3 years and Im still trying to figure out what in the world you are talking about. You know your not right for this one.Stop discrediting yourself. This is a joke!!

    Jordan Montgomery – Much respect. This kid works hard! I beleive that he is striving and will be one of the best. I have seen his game only get better and better..

    Jacob Ray – Hmmm. Yes you are right he is developing. He will get there…

    Dillon DePina – A forceful strong offensive machine. This kid averages 30-40 points a game. Amazing dominating player!

    If you were listing these players correctly, EJ, Dillon and maybe Jordan would have been in the top 3. Beleive me I know I have been watching all of kids for a while now. Obviously whoever is writing this stuff does NOT have a clue!

    • A fan says:

      Team show up beat city stars with makani. Playing against your “top three” guys. I10 beat Aim high with makani against another one of your “top three” guys. Sooooo whats your point? Makani can go. He is getting better and better and your hate for him grows and grows. The lies your spreading are disgusting. I wasnt a fan at first, but I never hated on him. He must be doing something right. I mean have you seen him lately, he is like a mini hulk out there. Im excited for the kid and am happy to be on this end of the conversation. Grow Up people. Hating on him isnt going to get your kid better. Times are changing the cream is rising to the top. You can either ride or walk. Im a rider! Go Mak! Kill em. Let these haters push you even further past their kids! And remember they dont hate you, they hate what YOU CAN DO!


        MY username explains it

        1. The kid has terrible IQ
        2. He has no jumper what so all
        3. The only advantage he has is that he’s strong and long
        4. I’ve never seen him improve
        5. He just follows all the good teams

        City Stars, AZ Monsoon, I10 Celtics, Team show up, The cove, I mean damn how many teams is he gonna play for

        Overall, the kid id really nothing you JULIUS ( THE MIDDLE SCHOOL ELITE GUY) AKA THE P MILLER BASKETBALL COACH i don’t know what your talking about with all these extremely OVERRATED KIDS

        And speaking about P miller…. Are you serious do you really think Hercy Miller is good, the truth is is that he is terrible the kid has no handles, absolutely no jump shot, and his defense is horrific.

        I really dont know how all these kids get the write ups like hercy miller and everyone but you know that you only do it because you are forced by P MILLER and you just do it to get on peoples good side


  5. Elitest says:

    I am simply an onlooker giving my opinion about indivdual players not a Team. You have your opinion and I am certainly entitled to have mine. And I still dont know what they hype is all about.
    My kid is in the 4th grade so unless some of these players decide to get “held back” not saying any names, he wont be playing against Makani or anyone of these kids anytime soon :).
    Have a great day and keep cheering!!!

    • A fan says:

      Your opinion seems to be negative toward that one individual though. I sincerly hope for the best for all the kids. And ALL but one (jordan) are holdbacks. There must be a makani hater fan club out there. Anyways, good luck this season.

  6. Elitest says:

    You are 100% NOT correct re; the holdback thing.
    One of these kids is 12 (just turned 12 this year) and another is 13. Known Fact. But anyway, yes good luck to all of the kids. Hope they all grow and do well. 🙂

    • A fan says:

      Okay, EJ, Makani, and Dillon are holdbacks. Jordan is not. Dont know about the other kid. Thats 100%.

      • Elitest says:

        Wow. So sad due to the skill level of an individual u swear they are not legit. You really need to get your fact sraight . Dillon was born 2001.i’ve seen his B. certificate. SO SORRY but Jordan and Dillon are the ones that are not holdbacks. Not sure bout E.J. They are just blessed 12 year olds. Do’nt worry Makani was once twelve. I’m sure he was blessed than too.Let them get their moment at being twelve and talented.

  7. A fan says:

    Ok if you say so. You right Dillon is very good. Very versatile player that unfortunately does not get to play at full potential. You see, he has to rebound for the one trick ponies. definately top3 in my opinion too. And if im wrong and he has no reclassified. I apoligize, if it is offensive. Being a holdback is not a “bad” thing in my opinion. Makani BD is 05-2000. Ask around Im sure im not yhe only one to coach him and see his BC as he has played for many teams. Spread the love and hate if you must, hoestly and fairly.

  8. A fan says:

    Oh and being a “holdback” or reclassified DOES NOT make you NOT LEGIT! How is being 13 in the 7th grade playing 7th grade Not Legit?

    • 7th graders turn 13 not 14 says:

      7th graders turn 13 (not 14) after Sept 1 during their 7th grade year – otherwise you are known as an “age exception” or a “hold-back”. You should be judged keeping in mind that you are 1.5 to 2 yrs older than the youngest 7th graders (thanks to the lame AAU hold-back promoting rules)

      • A fan says:

        No. Absolutely not. If his BD is 5-2000. Then he is 4 months older than a kid whose BD falls after sept 1. Thats A 4 months to 8 months advantage NOT 1.5-2yrs. If you would do a lil homework you would know these things. So he turns 14 in May, the end of the school year. Oh and @ the I hate Julius person waaawaawaa!!! :(…(probably a butt hurt mom) A kid with his talent dosent “follow” teams. He gets alot of opportunities because he is that good. Not just strong and long. Dang. Folks are going in on him like he is a high school kid. He is just a 7th grader. A 13 yr old 7th grader thats got yall faces lookin all twisted up.

        • 7th graders turn 13 not 14 says:

          @ A Fan – you do the math. 7th grade hold backs or “age exceptions” born in May 2000 are 16 months older than 7th graders born in August of 2001. That is a 16 month difference between that kid and the youngest 7th grader on the court. 16 months difference is too much. Yes – it gets worse. The holdback promoting AAU rule allows 24 months difference between the youngest and the oldest on the court.

      • Coach White says:

        Thank you, some one else is finally speaking the “truth” about all these hold backs. This is just a reflection of the society we live in today, No “truth” everyone does whats right in their own eyes. My son is a true 7th grader who turned 12 on July 2ND. So when he finishes 7th grade in June of 2018 he will still be 12. As he starts the 8th grade he will be 13 years old. This is the correct age for all players graduating in the Class of 2023. So let me make it clear for all you parents out here, if your son is 13 or 14 in the 7th grade he is a HOLD BACK !!! You may not want to hear this but its the ‘TRUTH”. Holla Back !!!!!

  9. jamar lewis says:

    come to westpalmbeach fl …we have talnt to
    rooselveltmiddleschool asap

  10. elitest says:

    Seriously, wish the best to all the kids. I hope they all work hard, and never give up for whatever they choose to do. Each special in their own way and being the young ages they are, its important for them to know that “earning” their respect with
    honesty and with fairness will pay off much greater later.
    Best to you this season.

  11. loadofcrap says:

    I would love to see a list of all the great re-classes from a few years ago who are no longer competitive in Highschool. I am sure it is long. Every year kids get help back earlier and earlier. What a shame…

  12. Not the top 20 says:

    The only thing I will say is that there are plenty of kids from a number of organizations that did not show up, get invited, or even a mention. The 20 players that were there from each class were not the “true” top 20. You have kids that are considered the Top 20 and there not even the best player(s) on there respective teams from all 3 classes with the best player not being in the Top 20. How is that possible? From what I saw it looked like a combination of I10, City Stars, and a few players from other teams for (13u). But whoever picked these “Top 20” is sure missing out on another at least 5-10 kids that should’ve been there or be considered from each class with no invite extended. I’m not going to down talk one specific kid. Parents, Coaches, fans… they are still just kids and some of you take this a little to serious. But I would agree that these rankings should be unbiased but it seems they only talk about the kids that are known. There are plenty of great players and sleepers out there that will out play some if not most of the players chosen. So again how can this be called the Top 20 when the True Top 20 weren’t even invited?

  13. thomas says:


  14. dion says:

    I rarely comment on forums concerning child athlete’s but this ideal that you can forecast the future of 12-14 yr old players is a reach at best. There are so many factors that will determine future success. The parents who are raising these athlete’s are in for a rude awakening if they expect all these kids to play at a high level, they should slow their role when it comes to the blatant hyping and selling of their kids. I have seen some of the players that are being discussed and to forecast greatness on any of them is unfair and self-destructive…can you say Schea Cotton ? I do understand wanting the best for your kid but this is ridiculous. Here is the reason I say this “I was once YOU” !!!! and before you think I am a hater, I will say that my child was an elite player in another sport ,ranked as a possible 1st round pick as early as his freshman yr by professional scouts and gm’s not ranking publications. I was over-zealous ,absorbed and demented in my want for my child to be the best. I see the same sad actions in the parents I see in the gym now ….it is so sad. If your son does not ask to train everyday or play on 12 teams or ask to be berated on the way home in the car …..then this is about you not him !!!! I Know all the BS excuses “I just want him to be a good person/student etc… but all along they are learning the worst values possible.I know you dont hear me because I did not listen to the people/family/coaches who told me to back off . The game teaches hardwork,perserverance,teamwork but what we want is stardom ,fame ,money and you will start to do anything including hurt your child or someone else’s child to get it…..just read these blogs and comments and tell me I am wrong.You can tell these dad’s sign up as three other people so they can hype or argue their position or demean another player …so sad, but funny if you have seen it before. Let em be kids !!! they will thank you later. Ps. My child played pro ball for five years and it was not worth the pain that I caused.

  15. pierre crockrell says:

    This man is tryin to give kids some time on the court and no one is perfect the key is he is tryin I liked that the young brotha is trying now all the crabs in the bucket shit needs to stop if you think he msde some mistakes tell him in a cool way and help him nexr camp we xame all the way ftom seattle and eill agin and bring mire kids its all sbout the kuds getting better thats all

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