5th Grader Jaden Jones Receives D1 Recruitment Letter

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Class of 2021, Jaden Jones is a ten year old fifth grader from Dallas,TX., but he’s sorted by college coaches across the country. Youth1, who discovered Jones mentioned him in a recent article that revealed he had gotten a letter in the mail (one of few articles). Jones is far from being in high school nor is he nationally ranked. He has a long way to go, and if he turns out as projected, then he could be a high major college prospect or perhaps a successful NBA player. lettersHe’s extremely young, as we know, so it’s risky business predicting where a kid his age might end up later on, as well as the matter of exploitation or exposure. For argument sake, let’s look at this situation as a positive challenge for today’s student athlete.


Breakdown: Jaden has a nice dribble and ball handle, especially for his size. He also has good passing skills. He has a good feel for the game and an all-around skill set. He has probably one of the best jump shots his class. Not that he’s the best shooter, but rather the purest. He’ll ultimately play the two-three or four position. It’s unlikely he’ll be a point guard, though he has the IQ, quickness, court vision, decision making and team first attitude. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

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  1. Good Luck Young Man! says:

    Refreshing – 10 yr old 5th grader that can ball! (versus 12 yr old 5th grader)

  2. Lawrence Scott says:

    They say everything in Texas is bigger and that is even on the court with Point Guard’s. Primetime current examples are Andrew Harrison of Uof K and Emmanuel Mudiay of Prime Prep. But think bigger with Jaden Jones relative to his peer group with his size. Jaden is a true PG at heart. And part of the new era of evolution of bigger point guards coming back around. The league has shown us Jumbo PG’s from the times of Big O to Magic on to Jalen Rose and exploding with Penny and electric with T-Mac. It is not conventional but when you have one; Watch Out! When the world was introduced to Magic Johnson, people did not understand what he could do for the game until you saw it in person. So they called it Magic. Jaden has similar qualities about his game. Jaden is an oversized point guard with special qualities of making kids around him better and the game easier. He has taken on the elite teams (Gulf Coast Blue Chips, Georgia Xclusive, Deron Williams Elite, and Team Texas etc) with full rosters of elite players and won games as well as tournaments (Pearland Classic, Prime Time Nationals, and Hype Sports Tournament). He has taken rec teams to league championships and had teams begging for mercy. As the PG you must be a leader first, willing to sacrifice for the team. You must be able to be an extension of the coach while improvising under pressure on the dime and know the strength and weakness of your teammates. A great quality to have in a PG is the able to see the play before it happens as well as constancy in passing and shooting at a high percentage. Jaden is one of these kids that are born with PG traits. On his age level and above can do all these things a PG needs to excel at for his team to be successful.

    Like some of the bigger point guards in NBA history he is not always the most athletic player on the floor. But he is well above normal with his athleticism. He can push the rock, slow the games down, and close a game out. This kid is special. I see him part of the new era of evolution of PG because he can not only back you down but he can face you up and give you the Ballislife.com handles mix as well shoot the lights out the gym. The best example of his game is Penny Hardaway. But of course Jaden has loooong way to go, but from basketball concept at his age level he is a phenom. A player that can get you into your offense as a team but can take on a large portion of your scoring if needed while disturbing the ball to teammates in their comfort zone to be successful. He doesn’t have blazing speed yet but he can easily take on full court presses with his ball handling ability, strength, and most important seeing over the top of the defense. While most PG’s are small having to beat defenses with their speed, Jaden is a Coach’s dream on how he handles presses. Playing under control and making the right basketball play. Watch his Hype tournament video. http://youtu.be/fPubaGs6k7U

    I have played and watched a lot of basketball on a lot different levels. I grew up learning basketball in the recreation centers in Atlanta, GA. As a teen I hooped every summer in the playgrounds of Brooklyn and Queens, New York. In high school I played varsity basketball in Cleveland, Ohio against, likes on Melvin Levitt aka the Helicopter, Mr. Ohio Basketball & Big Ten freshman of the year Damon Stringer, NBA champion James Posey, NBA All Star Michael Redd , Kansas Alumni Kenny Gregory and other great Ohio and Cleveland hoopers . I was blessed to have the opportunity to play AAU basketball in high school and travel the US and see the phenomenal talents up and close of Kobe, T-Mac, KG, Robert “Tractor” Traylor, Ron Mercer, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom. So I know what it looks like from up close, watching from the bleachers and on TV of an elite talent from youth to adult.

    I have a son that plays youth basketball in Dallas, Texas and have had an opportunity to witness Jaden in tournament play but sometimes highlight videos doesn’t do a player justice. A lot of times what makes a basketball player special are there ability to use their skill set in intangible ways. Once you see Jaden in person you know what I’m talking about. At his size as a Big point guard( height and length) he is not suppose to be as fluent, under control of his game, his toughness in hostile environments handling the ball, his ability to be unselfish, and most important his love and passion for the game. But what will shock you and helps a PG is Jaden’s pure 3 point stroke. This stretches the defenses to open up lanes and brings defenses out to him so he can dance with you or make life simple for his teammates. I have seen him hit up to 9 threes in a game and not even play in the 4th quarter. I have seen him hit 4 straight three’s and not even break a sweat while the ball does even touch the rim. The kid is a big time problem for teams. Bottom-line the kid can play point guard and play it well but because of his size sometimes it is not conventional thinking. But as the famous Trinidad James said “don’t believe me just watch ‘.

    They thought he was to small to be NBA Point Guard and now Chris Paul is the best in the league. He is not the most athletic player on the floor but his skill set and mind has him at the top. Could it be some think he is to BIG to play the Position? Jaden has a lot of developing and growing to do so just sit back and watch the SHOW!

  3. Family says:

    Great Job Jaden!! Your Dallas, Baltimore family and friends are proud of you. Its a long road but we all are enjoying every step of this ride watching you grow into a great young man. Keep God first and continue to prosper. We all knew that you were special from day 1. Your grandmother is smiling down from heaven at you!!

  4. HoopWatcher says:

    @ L. Scott, NO HYPE! Just watched this video from last year and its all that you talked about.. MSE is showing off with this.. Might be scary in 3 years!


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