FlashBack Monday: Jerron Love (2015) 7th Grade

Blast From The Past


Every Monday, we’ll bring you a high school player who’s graced our website, while they were in middle school. Let’s begin with class of 2015, Jerron Love, who’s currently a junior at Wheeler (GA.), which is a top twenty high school in the country. Check out Love’s seventh grade footage at the KO Basketball Camp in Philly, where he played-up against 8th graders and earned honors for best point guard. Make sure to tune next week for ‘FlashBack Monday’s, Blast from The Past’ student athlete. 

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  1. Mike says:

    If he is so good why don’t I see him on the EYBL Circuit? You cannot prepare he path for your child…you can only prepare your child for the path. All this ranking don’t mean nothing. Rating kids at 3rd-8th grade is a joke. Proven fact…most kids who are hyped at early age cant even make there own high school team. Better yet the bounce all over the country and blaming everyone else. At the end of the day..when that ball hits the air and the game starts….all the talking and web publications don’t mean jack shizzle….im like Calipari…when you come here….I cant hide ya…either you can play or you cant. Don’t blame it on everyone else. Look at the Harrison Twins…one and done….naw one and get yo azz back in college.

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