Middle School Elite Dot Com Is Next Generation (UPDATE)

Hoop To Make You Puke

[A story warrants composing when details are so horrendous you pull into a rest area and pray…]

Middle School Elite

Several top college coaches, a powerful shoe brand company and perhaps NBA general manager’s are courting a new exposure company called www.MiddleSchoolElite.com. Whether true or false it’d be a bit outrageous, and difficult to digest. On the bright side, they’re an amazing website and comes from a strong basketball bloodline.

BUT…why’s a college letter bothersome?

Kids like 5th grader Seth Wilson from Ohio will forever confront the cruel and nasty evaluation process. They’ll endure tremendous pressure thrust upon them by craze media. Waste bag’s full of anonymous bloggers, obsessed critics, naysayers and analytical freaks.

Can they withstand the test of time? Makani Whiteside
Youth celebrity basketball life visited upon them at such a early age is tempting and yet, dangerous. Although, they have great support base, it’s a constant uphill battle. Besides, cyberspace is no marketplace for youngsters farfetched as MSE kids. The whole idea of a tender child receiving a recruitment letter from a NCAA coach turns your tummy. Releasing ink is a journalists’ temporary pain reliever, but no way is it a cure for the sensitive subject of ‘Exposure Too Early’.

Exposure ‘Too’ Early is a paradox

As boys. they can be the tallest kid in school. Two years later, they could still be the tallest in school. And, it shouldn’t be a shock that you’re the tallest player on your AAU team. Former NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal (5’4″) was shorter than MSE kids (5’5″) in fifth grade. No one can fairly and honestly suggest they’ll grow near seven-feet. Hopefully,they’ll grow taller than his half-brother (6’4″), whose mother (5’4″) is much shorter than their mother (5’7″). Not to mention, they’ve grown an astronomical two-inches, since we

6th Grade Kyree walker is 6'1"

6th Grade Kyree Walker is 6’1″

saw them two months ago in late August. Before we met these kids, they’d been to several camps and tournaments in different states. They also was mentioned on a multi-sport website called Youth1, who claims to have captured him. Other reliable sources says they was discovered by Michael Moore at the Nike Pre-Draft camp in Houston, TX. We also heard Joe Keller of Phenom Basketball found them this summer at his national camp in San Diego, CA. Still, they was unknown to a multitude of players in the middle school (Elite) world. His family too, were new to the digital grassroots national youth system.

Growth Plates

On a regular visit, a kids doctor revealed his growth plates are larger than average size. The surprisingly, unexpected news gave the family reassurance he could stretch to 6’7″-6’8″. The tasty toxic combination of (broker) MSE Middle School Elite West Coast 2019coaches, (active) parents, and a (family) doctor, and a college letter could cause nausea or extreme disgust. Three goodwill parties behaving in the best interest of the child (prospect) has to be good. So what’s wrong with a college letter?

You might hear coaches always saying, “you don’t know the player in your son.” Or do you know (the player in him)? They believe to know their (basketball) son better than (coach) anyone. That’s part of the problem.

Is receiving a college letter good, bad or a glitch?

Just thinking about the potential harm of ‘exposure too early’ made us re-think the possible (digital) effect it has on young players short and long term development, mental and physical. We decided to web-browse and stumbled on a BleacherReport.com article about five best NBA players who weren’t recruited to play college basketball.Eman

Class of 2014, Emmanuel Mudiay (TX), who’s rated No.5 player and No.2 guard in the nation, according to ESPN. Mudiay recently committed to SMU Mustangs, coach Larry Brown. Now, picture Emmanuel in your kids shoes. 

If some of our favorite (non-recruited) athletes such as Scottie Pippen made it to the NBA, why can’t kids make it with a scholarship offer?

Fortunately, MSE players chance increase to play on the college level, and possibly go to the big league. What’s wrong with that? For academic purpose, what’s wrong with MSE telling kids if their grades start to drop the letters stop? Who’s to (point) blame? In that instant, we felt complicity. What if our service unconsciously contributed to the extraordinary and unusual circumstances surrounding unprecedented letters and unofficial visits? Imagine the physiological strain and dramatic impact on an adult, child, and unborn.www.middleschoolelite.com Camps, tournaments and ranking hysteria. Electronic letters, numbers, images, pictures and videos molding physique and characteristics of the Next Generation Athlete. Computerists hype sending distress signals to men, women and embryo. In a technical graphic matrix, unseen mechanisms birth a (6 year old) vicegerent, the immaculate conception of  Middle School Elite Dot Com. The progeny of revolutionary exposure. A sight for ALL to ponder.

A final mad search on net to learn whether another ten year old boy basketball player ever received a letter, led us to the October 20th, 2012 finding of “Earlier Puberty: Age 9 and 10 U.S. Boy By Daniel J. DeNoon”

Read the following excerpts…

Michael Feinberg“American boys are starting puberty up to two years earlier than decades ago, new data show.”

“Contrary to what has been the popular belief of medical professionals as well as parents, boys are changing earlier, just as girls do,” says Herman-Giddens, adjunct professor of public health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

On the positive side, boys become taller and stronger as they mature sexually. They are more athletic and look more masculine.

Yet with normal puberty come changes in behavior. As boys enter puberty sooner than their parents expect, Graber says, their behavior is “out of synch with what parents, teachers, and other adults think they need to prepare for.” These grownups may see a boy’s normal behavior as problematic.”

It’s not clear why there’s been a shift toward earlier puberty. The new study does not provide answers to this question.

…Receiving college letters (words of encouragements) and exposure too early for some kids isn’t good bad after all. Stay tuned the best is yet to come!

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