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Middle School EliteThe MSE ATL Classic will be one of our better organized events, which features some of the top players in Georgia and surrounding states. One player, who already stands out amongst peers is 6’1″ guard, Kyree Walker (Atlanta), though he’s 6’2″ wearing shoes. Walker’s an awfully big kid for his age. Bigger than the attention that could surround him, soon.  Besides unbelievable size, he has a good skill set. Click here to check out his amazing highlights. Well, that’s practically impossible, because he doesn’t have any footage. He’s “under the radar”. Alien to the internet. Google his name. What do you see? Last night, we searched online in the car, while listening to a gospel jam on XM64. “If he did it once/ he can do it again/ the same God right now/ the same God back then” sung the choir. We ran across several miscellaneous rankings with possible mention of his name. Then, we saw a link of the 2011 MSE Top 25 National Rankings for 4th Grade Class of 2019. (Underneath was a comment voiced with content) “I’m not taking anything away from any kids but they let one slip. His name is Kyree Walker and he’s only a 4th grader and only plays up.”

Kyree WalkerWalker name wasn’t on that 2011 list

Apparently, MSE “let one slip”. Well, yes and no. Walker had reclassified in 4th grade. Many assumed he was in 5th grade. Nonetheless, the following year he landed No.8 on the 2012 MSE Top 25 National Rankings for 5th Grade Class of 2020.  He can rank higher on the MSE 2013 national rankings to be released in late December, depending on his performance.  

This past summer, Walker finished in fifth place playing with the 5th grade Memphis War Eagles at AAU nationals. He’s actually played on a top ten team in the country, since eight years old. The phenom has been playing middle school basketball since 2nd grade. His consistency can outweigh the mere fact he’s an athletic specimen. However, he’s equally comfortable playing all five positions. Currently he plays for the Eagles 6th (class 2020) and 7th (class 2019) grade teams. The prodigy can play up in 8th (class 2018) and 9th (class 2017) grades.

The Bigger Picture

His cousin plays in the NBA for the Memphis Grizzlies. Basketball is in Walker’s DNA; it’s a pedigree. He has high-IQ and incredible experience over taller players ranked ahead of him. Thus, he can adjust as necessary.

Middle School Elite

Google Searching ‘Kyree Walker’, who ‘s virtually unknown

Story Continues…

Walker’s grandad played for the Detroit Lions in the 1960s & ’70s. He was six foot seven (6’7″). No wonder Walker shoe size is 13, already. A number larger than his biological age. Mr. Walker says the doctor puts his son at 6’10”- 6’11”. This explains why Kyree is brilliant around the rim with court vision like that of a point guard.

While, Mr. Walker is from Ohio his son’s from Atlanta, but Walker has that Cleveland blue collar grind in him.

Kyree feels the best way to get better and tougher is playing against older and stronger players. It should help prepare him for high school, three years away. He even has college ambitions. Kyree told his dad he wants to play for “Ohio state or Kentucky university.” Mr. Walker says his son’s only twelve so “everything looks and sounds good.”

Kyree WalkerMr. Walker just wanted Kyree to grow up in a neighborhood unlike where he once lived. Scorpion, Kyree is a basketball junky, who plays hoop all year round. He enjoys a little golf for serenity and plays upright bass.

Off the court, he’s mellow and on the court he’s almost, fully a beast. Walker’s been invited to all the top camps, including Phenom and John Lucas and recently was awarded MVP at Buckeye Prep. Also, top high school prep coaches have already taken notice of him.

MSE will tape all the games and create player highlights, per request. Kyree will  have his first video uploaded to YouTube. It’s a given. We might see a slam dunk! In one to two years. He’s clapping backboard. Give him time. Whether, Walker grows 4 to 5 or 8 to 9 inches taller we won’t let him slip.

The big sixth grader must keep a steady balance during the act of exposure, which can easily turn into a load of hype overnight! What’s scary about Kyree is he refuses to become a victim in the vicious cycle of exposure ‘too’ early.

MSE_Basketball_LogoKyree’s mother (5’9″) and father (6’10”) didn’t let their boy slip, neither. Walker needs to take a break from balling, but he can’t slow down nor stop. His heart is embedded into hardwood floors. Basketball flows through his veins. This is hoop to make you puke in that he’s so young and talented. So, we asked Walker who’s the one person he will never let slip away and he said “my grandfather.”


“If he did it once he can do it again/the same God right now/the same God back then”

Contact 1-800-783-5419/ [email protected] for camp information & registration or click here Stay tuned as always, the best is yet to come! Twitter @MSEBasketball.

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  1. Why says:

    Not knocking the kid and great article by MSE. Why would u hold your kid back in 4th grade? AAU is crazy. I wish him luck. When he gets to high schhol he will probably reclass up. COME ON PARENTS. Wake up

  2. The truth says:

    I thought the christmas camp was held in Chicago this year? Smh all the top talent comes out of chicagoland area..ask espn!

  3. loadofcrap says:

    Who cares? He is another hold back early puberty kid who will peak in 7th grade. At least he can drive when he is in 9th grade and out of basketball. Hold back in 4th grade? Stupid Stupid Stupid!

  4. Ketaan Wyatt says:

    Kyree is very talented. One of my favorite players to watch and a pleasant kid to be around. Whether he’s a hold back, early puberty or whatever. You cannot deny his high ceiling nor his skill set. He will more than likely be 6’9 plus. With a guard skill set. We adults need to start appreciating talent instead of always attempting to belittle these young men. Ok. If you move Kyree back up a grade, and move all of the current 7th grader grade exceptions up to their proper grade as well, then Kyree would STILL be one of the top players in his class… Grade exceptions are just a part of the game. And this is coming from a parent who’s kid is in his proper grade. It just doesn’t bother me. It is what it is.

  5. The truth says:

    Who is Kyree playing AAU with this year?

  6. realfan says:

    You guys are funny. You don’t know why the kid was held back. You don’t know. It could have been anything. The fools talking stuff about haven’t seen him play. I have and he’s not early puberty or none of that foolishness you are portraying. He’s plays 2020,2019,2018 class hoops. How many of your kids can do that? Instead of trying to be a hater try some words of encouragement. You should be ashamed of your self. Maybe one day you will get to meet him and you better hope he don’t drop a 30 piece on you haters. Good luck Kyree keep doing your thing. For every hater you have more fans buddy. Oh and my son plays against him so I know what I’m talking about

  7. ballercoach says:

    I know the kid. He played against my sons team and with my son on AAU team. there were 4 players on his team that had questionable classifications that year. they team was punished during playoff time and moved from #1 to #9 in the bracket with 2 players removed. My son is in the correct grade. I have no problem if it was for for grades or late birthday but it is not that case with him.GREAT KID and PLAYER. But it was not his decision to be HELD back nor the schools. When you were that age what would you do to kids that were in 5th grade when you were in the 7?

  8. Will-i-am Romaine H. says:

    Seen this kid and thinks he can or will be one of the great ones; that is if he makes it thru without any injuries or any other career ending issues.

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