Is John Paul Mobley Jr. Best 2nd Grade Point guard?

Can’t Deny Talent

j M medals

When it comes to John Mobley Jr., who lives God knows where, maybe Ohio…then again…who cares?…he’s only seven or eight years old – still very, very young.

We didn’t bother to contact him for an interview request.

And, we’re not talking about players unless we’ve seen them play live. However, Mobley already possesses a certain ability that caught our eye.

This is probably Mobley’s first real article from a middle school major media outlet and definitely not his last. Although height and athleticism is virtue, Mobley looks like he has good feel for the game.

Who knows yet how tall he’ll grow. Does it matter, now? Mobley seems to have a lot of heart and passion.

As long as Mobley’s academically eligible, according to NCAA standards, and has a strong will to win then he’ll be fine. But, what we like most about this kid is his swag. Check out one of many Mobley videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

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  1. Kevin smith says:

    Lol he gotta do it in front of somebody! But keep workin youngin! But surprise MIDDLE SCHOOL ELITE u didn’t notice JC aka Jaden Colzie 2nd grade at MSE maryland only 2nd grader in the building and still held his own! He only played Saturday due to a 102 fever and left and went back to PHILLY!

  2. Ballerina says:

    This is a joke… Another mobley kid being posterized by the adult mobley brothers. First it was Josiah mobley we heard about as a top third grader at the time. Now he can be barely hang in columbus with your normal suburban kid on the court. His daddy spends more time shooting his videos then he does coaching him. Seth Wilson runs that team anyway…and his daddy…..

    This poor second grader is gonna be another mobley burnout… I hope they learned from Josiah…let the kid have fun and play . Enough with the video taping crap. You look stupid as a parent.

    • LopezGirl says:

      I dont know who you are, but what you are saying here is pure hatred, its sad that you found the time to type a comment, about an 8yr old child that has a drive to play the game!! I guess I will make some time for you, I’ve seen this kid play and he is NO JOKE! He doesn’t deserve the horrible comments that people are saying on here!!! Seriously get a life!!! Again he is 8yrs old!!! Wow a 2nd grader that plays up 2 grades gotta have some talent if you ask me!!!! Please keep your negetive comments to yourself and find something else to do other than come on here and make “stupid” comments!! And about looking stupid as a parent, no parent is looking stupid when all they are doing is giving their son something to love and enjoy!!!!!

    • ty johnson says:


    • Larry easta says:

      Very true stop opcesting over the kid he good he has skill stop covering him let him breath only God knows who’s going to go to the NBA you can be the saddest kid is the one that don’t play much that makes it nobody knows just have fun we just saw a man and stop obsessing over it Damon harge when he was playing at your son’s age he was dribbling the ball doing all that at the quarry that now its like 10 to 12 point guards that don’t jump over him in rankings

  3. Ketaan Wyatt says:

    Saw this kid for the first time at the Tier 1 camp in Lima Oh. Played up with the 4th & 5th graders. I loved his energy and feel for the game. You could tell he really loves to ball. Keep up the good work Lil Man.

  4. Ballerina2 says:

    3rd grader. Soft! All flash, too small and over done

    • LopezGirl says:

      He is in the 2nd grade!!!!! He’s not flashy, and the times I seen him play he didnt look soft to me!!! He knows the game, and I don’t think some people are receptive to that.

  5. Marlon Byron says:

    This kid is in the 3rd grade, dad held him back. Good skills, but very soft, short and not strong. John Mobley the Father is the hype machine aka Don King -promoting this kid, as know one else is talking about him. He has him playing up on the 4th grade All Ohio team, he looks good with those top tier boys, but when you take him off that team and he plays with other 2nd/3rd graders he gets exposed. Stop filming this kid and posting videos.

    • J-Lo says:

      WOW!!!! stop hatin on these babies!!! Just so you know, you don’t just look good because you play with top tier players, its the other way around, if your sorry, and play with top tier players you will look REAL SORRY!!! GET your facts straight he plays up because he IS STRONG, and can keep up with the older players!! Think about what you say before you type it on here, because you sound real dumb!!!!

  6. derick newhouse says:

    If he is one of the top at his age can you guys give me your impression of my 8 year old son in actuall game action no claim to fame jus a lil baller tell us what you guys think

  7. Marlon Byron says:


  8. Derick Newhouse says:

    Thank for the hate…lol…people like you is why he works hard…

  9. Derick Newhouse says:

    Thanks Shawn mean a lot to hear positive feed back..

  10. J-Lo says:

    Stop hatin!! The kid is good!

  11. Derick Newhouse says:

    Thanks a lot J-Lo yeah he’s a hater but hate fuel young baller like j mobley an my son j newhouse..a friend told me in this AAU world you gotta have tough skin..well is aligator tough enough? Get a LIFE Marlon Byron…

  12. Derick Newhouse says:

    Go follow @dnujnujnuknu on instagram 9u Baller. Ig page made just for the haters

  13. Jimmy Chitwood says:

    We are going to the “Buckeye Prep Showcase” in March and both of the mentioned Mobley kids will be their. I’ll get back with a honest assessment(and let you know how my 2nd grader held up, lol). On video the kid can pound the ball but looks very short. But at this age who knows or really cares(other than the insecure parents), just let the kids have fun.

  14. Pro says:

    I will say this. The kid is really good. I seen him play last night up close. He is the real deal. To only be in the 2nd grade playing with 5th and 6th graders and dominating. You must see it to really know.


    • Jimmy chitwood says:

      Guys and gals I saw him play at the buckeye showcase this weekend and will say that he is good for a 2nd grader. Was he the best 2nd there? Not by a long shot. He handles the ball well, but concentrates on showboating and posing much like the older Mobley kid. Both are talented as several were at this event but to much street ball tendencies. Whoever said this kid dominated against 5th graders obviously is family. Yes he is good but from what I saw was very soft and stood around if he didn’t have the ball. Their were 2 other 2nd graders with better size and definitely competed with the older kids a lot better. I’m not trying to stir up all the defensive comments from friends and family just stating that the kid has mad ball handling skills for a 2nd grader but a long way to go to be the best. Give em heck young ballerina a dont get caught up in the hype and work hard.

      • Cbus says:

        Everybody keeps over looking the fact John Mobley Jr was held back in school, he should be in the 3rd grade, that is FACT. He has good handles, solid basketball IQ, struggles against bigger kids. This kid is being hyped up as the next kid to come out of CO, and go to the pros. FACT is he has a higher chance of going to jail as a African American then the NBA. Focus on education, and not your daddy’s dreams.

        • Jimmy chitwood says:

          Cbus, I agree totally. Again this young man has solid handles but on the team level must have solid teammates around him to cover up his lack of defense. He is definitely undersized, especially if he’s been held back. Hopefully he doesn’t model his game after the older mobley kid. He appeared to be the type kid who’d rather score 25 points and lose than score 6 and win. Less than 1 percent play college ball, so yeah focus on education.

      • J-Lo says:

        Here we go again – someone claims to know it all about John Mobley, Jr. Guess what I was at the Buckeye Prep Showcase too and it’s funny- that you think you know sooo much about him! Am I family? No. I have been following him for a long time – it is a FACT THAT HE HAS NOT BEEN HELD BACK. The kids he played with at the showcase were not all 2nd graders he had 2 2nd graders on his team, also just for your information a showcase is streetball did you know that? Your hating on this poor 2nd grader that is getting the hype from people he doesn’t even know. If you were there you would have seen that the people that are close to him DO NOT Hype him up. The haters do. and about the “being small” comments, must of not seen his parents – dad is 6’4″ and Mom is 5’8″ he WILL be tall. He plays with older kids so he will look small next to them. Stop HATIN on this kid PLEASE !!!!

        • jimmy chitwood says:

          Maybe you didn’t bother to read my posts all the way J-LO. I said that he had and I quote “mad ball handling skills” and that he was a good player and to keep up the hard work. I also said that he was short and soft. The short part was in regards to all 9 of the other 2nd graders there(yes he was the shortest and a foot shorter than the 2 tallest I saw there). He is a good player and I’ve been coaching for 18 years so while I definitely see talent I see a lot of bad habits developing early which are very hard to break. I’ve been to several showcase events and you always have “streetballers” at these but in case you didn’t hear them announce at the beginning they were looking for team players not individuals. As I said in the posts earlier I’m not trying to ruffle family/friends feathers, just making observations that are pretty obvious to coaches in an attempt to help this player work on things that will improve their abilities and potential. Fact, the kid plays no D-didn’t even attempt it. Fact he stood around if he didn’t have the ball. Fact he is short for his age(yes he will grow but right now he is short). Fact he was in my opinion not the best 2nd grader there. I was not hatin on this kid just some thoughts as to what he needed to work on. As far as the hyping goes someone had to send in the video of the kid to this website and if you put it in a public forum you had better have thick skin. Again as I said earlier, young man don’t get caught up in the hype and keep working hard.

          • Razzle Dazzle One on One Showcases says:

            Most showcases are Razzle Dazzle One on One events (mostly guards) especially at these young ages. “They say” a lot of things. Team players are overlooked for showboat streetballers. With that said – young men you need both including a no mercy killer instinct.

  15. derick newhouse says:

    Hey Cbus an j chitwood check out my lil dude tell me what you think(honestly)..I asked on here before an got hated on cus we from cali im sure..he is in the 4th grade playing 9u just turned 9 on nov 24th 2013 our instagram page is dnujnujnuknu a lot of videos for you to view at an tell me what you think…Thanks

  16. realistic man says:

    Are we seriously talking about a 2nd grader lol. Come on this kid may not even like basketball by the time he’s in middle school not to mention the fact that stars that rise fast fizzle out early. But come on a second grader….lol let that kid be a kid and have fun playing ball… U guys are arguing about a second grader a kid who was in kindergarten two years ago… Lol all of you are idiots. He and his brother are talented kids no question why dispute that. And if his dad thinks his sons are the best more power to em. I think my son is the best looking kid in the world and there is no way ur gonna convince me other wise. U adults arguing on here is halirious…. Haha

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