The Too Familiar Two-Basketball Dribble

Jashaun Agosto, Jaylin Fleming, Julian Newman & Jordan McCabe 

Julian Newman on Conan O'Brien Show

11 year old talent Julian Newman on Conan O’Brien Show

As a middle school player, class of 2016, Jashaun Agosto, from Seattle, WA. had one of the biggest youth basketball names on the internet. Countless news interviews, talk shows and video commercials. We mustn’t forget his popular two ball dribble.

Julian Newman uses speed and wit to drive by defender

Julian Newman uses speed and wit to drive by defender

However, Agosto dominated the world of YouTube one hit at a time. One of Agosto’s videos has thirty million views and still counting.

Class of 2017, ninth grader Jaylin Fleming (IL), who appeared on Lopez Tonight and graced front cover of Chicago Tribune newspaper experienced a similar stint.

Agosto is currently a sophomore at Garfield high school in Seattle, WA. There’s two good reasons to mention Agosto in this article. For one , he’s a MSE alumni who’ll forever be in our sacred archives. And, he’s one of three young players we helped get on with the launch of Lebron James’ website,

Secondly, two other distinguishing players in Class of 2020, sixth grader Julian Newman from Florida and Class of 2018, eighth grader Jordan McCabe from Kaukauna, WI. decided to take the Agosto route with their “amazing” two and three-ball dribble.

Jordan McCabe on Ellen DeGeneres

8th grader, Jordan McCabe on Ellen DeGeneres show

This may be your first time seeing and hearing about these two or maybe not. Newman made headlines for being the first fifth grader to ever play high school varsity basketball. McCabe became notable, because he’s a white boy with a killer handle like Maravich.

Jashaun Agosto, Julian Newman, Jordan McCabe & Jaylin Fleming have been acknowledged by the only youth national basketball exposure website. If you haven’t already, check out Julian Newman and Jordan McCabe in their respective YouTube videos below.

Julian Newman – Sports Illustrated Kids

Jordan McCabe – Dribbles through ESPN News Room

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