Amazin’ Happens In A Gym Full Of MSE Kids

Julian Nixon

The MSE ATL Classic Camp took place this weekend in the ninth largest metropolitan area Atlanta, GA., which hosted a packed house of one hundred plus campers and a bleacher full of spectators. The pouring rain didn’t damper this special Christmas holiday occasion. In a regional event players traveled from GA, SC, MS, NC, AL, TN, VA and Florida to compete against the best in attendance. Daniel Schroder of Student Athlete World shared important NCAA information on how they “help student athletes and families maximize their opportunities for athletic participation and scholarships in college.” Some kids joked during the lecture, while others saw it as no laughing matter. All in all, parents and players alike appreciated the academic segment. Afterward, MSE evaluated players in fifth thru eighth grade to give top performers national exposure on www.MiddleSchoolElite.com. We have plenty to boast.

Here’s some of the major media companies who’s mentioned Middle school Elite Dot Com and who’ll definitely read this article: NY Times Sports Magazine, Wall Street Journal, ESPN Magazine, ESPN recruiting, Rivals, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, Chicago Tribune, Hoop Scoop, Maxprep, Bloomberg Business News, Zags Blog, Dead Spin, Scout.com, NY Daily News, Tampa Bay Times & Yahoo Sports. At the same time the world is expecting.

DJ Brittian

C/o 2018 DJ Brittian (GA) & Brandon Thomas (GA)

Several hopeful college prospects  caught our eye in classes of 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 & 2018. Character, skill and athleticism were on full display.

5’11” class of  2018, CG (Combo guard) DJ  Brittian from Atlanta, Georgia is perfect at the one. He’s an unselfish player who’s able to create his own shot off the dribble when needed. He has a yo-yo handle and Derrick Rose speed. Brittian has no problem advancing the ball in transition for a faster pace game. In half court, he rotated the rock to move the zone and create open shots for teammates. He has a nice mid-range shot to go along with a relentless drive to the rim. What impressed us most was his athleticism. The bouncy kid had a couple of dunks propelling him to the top of list. Brittian should be good enough to start on varsity as a freshman in high school.


c/0 2018 Jamari Smith

6’3 shooting guard, Brandon Thomas from Atlanta is a good athlete with a nice frame and intangible game. He used a combination of strength and toughness to bully his way in traffic for difficult lay ups. He made put back shots over defenders taller than him. He rebounded the ball well on defense and offense. He also showed a taste of PG skills as he distributed the ball using nice court vision. Thomas is a scrappy player that has size, athleticism and jumper. Five years from today he should make a high major college coach proud. We Goggled” Brandon Thomas” and nothing popped up, but that’ll forever change.

 6’4 Forward, Jamari Smith from Atlanta was arguably the best player in attendance. He’s perhaps one of the better players in Georgia and probably the nation. He’s long and wiry. He has excellent skill set to get job more than done. He ran the floor like a deer spreading his arm for the middle or outlet pass. He scored at will in the post. On defense, he disrupted passing lanes with his long arms. He jab stepped and nicely recovered on help side. Smith has a motor that never shuts off. The highlight of camp was his amazing alley oop dunk. This kid has great upside and we wish him the best of development. All eyes on Smith in high school.

c/o 2018 Taylor Brown (TN)

c/o 2018 Taylor Brown (TN)

6’o” Guard, Taylor Brown from Memphis, TN came to take Georgia’s limelight. He has a scorers mentality and shooter touch. A slasher at heart,  Brown likes to give and go for a backdoor cut. The tough guard has a strong body, which he used to absorb contact in the lane. Brown has a good mid range jumper and handles the ball well. He uses a quick first step to get by his man and a three point shot to keep defenders honest. He even banged down low with big men. He played the 1, 2, 3, & 4. The center of gravity player gambled to get steal after steal. He played brutal man to man coverage and dove for lose balls. Brown should’ve returned home feeling he brought back a highly coveted Heisman trophy for the team.

6’2″ forward, Khalil Baker from Georgia made his presence felt as he kept a hand in face of shooters. All he has to do is hone his artistry in the gym. Has to get stronger, but we can’t deny his size. He had the crowd in awe with a couple of highlight blocks. He anticipates a players shot to do what he knows best. Baker didn’t leave his feet to block shots until the ball was fully in the air. Although, Baker isn’t the quickest and most skillful athlete he’s certainly assertive.

C/o 2018 Alex Jones Rated No. 1 at MSE ATL Classic Camp

C/o 2018 Alex Jones rated No. 1 at MSE ATL Classic Camp

5’11”, point guard, Alex Jones from GA was on his grown man. The top 20 national player in the class of 2018 mutilated opponents. He has a high basketball IQ and competed with avenges. Jones wasn’t overly fancy with the rock nor did he unnecessarily dribble. He got straight to the point with fundamental moves. He’s mechanically correct and technically sound. This team system oriented player dominated with a blend of his own style. Jones controlled the tempo and took care of the ball like a baby. His individual accolade is national exposure in 8th grade. How many players can honestly say every media read about them before entering high school? Be serious. He’ll be a good extension of a high school coach next year. Above all we like his confidence and killer instinct. Mark him down as top player in class of 2018 at the MSE ATL Classic Camp.

The seventh grade division featured a ton of talent and here are some of the players who stood out at camp.

6’3″, Shamar Brown from Memphis, TN is a future prospect who’s persistent. He averaged 20 points and 15 rebounds per game. Brown has feathery touch and uses body as intimidating factor. He’s a physical threat in the paint, boxing out and creating space without the ball. This event was his homecoming. We look forward to see how much Brown improves next MSE ATL Classic 2014. He has a long way to go for a 13 years old two hundred pound kid.

Class of 2017 Shamar Brown (GA)

5’11”, point guard, Nick Jackson from Georgia wasn’t afraid to battle. Jackson made good decisions in pressured situations. The heady player ran the show for his team finishing with best camp record. His hustle earned him a spot on the top performers list. Mid-major college prospect.

5’10”, point guard, Joseph Cooper from Memphis, TN was a spark plug for his talented squad. He played with New york City flair. Immediately after his no look passes he put his hands beside his waist fast, as if he never had the ball. He dropped dimes in the space players are going. He also in-bounded the ball well by sealing defenders with his forearm and pushing off. He can shoot the three but prefers to pick and pop near foul line. Cooper has all the skill in the world just has to get bulkier and stronger. Check out Young Cooper in action in a YouTube video.

6’0″ shooting guard, Kyree Walker from Atlanta, GA was the best 6th grader at camp. Walker the beast proved to be top 20 player in class of 2020. With great size, he played up in 7th & 8th grade divisions and held his own. It took a game for Walker to warm up, but he soon got in the groove with a NBA step back three pointer. However he must improve his long range shooting form. Walker has a deep well and has unlimited potential, as his father stands 6’10 and his grandfather 6’9″. He has a good handles but his strongest attribute is attacking the basket hard for a And1. Expect this special talent to make an immediate impact in high school two years from now.

Class of 2020 Joshua Smith (GA)

Class of 2020 Joshua Smith (GA)

We enjoyed watching the talented class of 2020 guard Joshua Smith from Atlanta. The 5’11 prospect is a rising star on Georgia Stampede AAU squad. A national championship isn’t the only thing on his mind. So was dominating the MSE Camp. He has a good feel for the game as if he’s the son of a coach. He can finish with either hand even reverse layups. Smith is a cerebral player, who took his time on offense and forced turnovers on defense. After attending the MSE camp, he should be ready for the crucial circuit this coming summer. We hope to see him compete again soon.

Kusamae Draper is a 6th grader, but what’s peculiar is he’s only 10 years old. His sensitive growing knees were wrapped. At 5’6″ he told MSE “everyone is saying I’m supposed to be in the 5th grade.” We told Draper that playing up against older, bigger and stronger competition gives him the edge. Now that Draper believes he’s in the wrong grade based on his date of birth will he reclassify? We recommend he remain in sixth grade until he figures out age is just a number. However, if he reclassifies he’ll rank high in the class of 2021. Young Draper is a name to remember.

Speaking of 5th graders – they were the most fun age group to watch compete 94 ft. Imagine miniature NBA players in Kennedy Chandler (Steve Curry), Khalil Brantley (Kyrie Irvin), Madison Durr (Kevin Durant), Kameron Jones (Paul George) and KJ Doucet (Michael Beasley). If we add Draper to this fabulous five roster as six man, he’d be Amare Stoudimire.

5th grade Kennedy Chandler rated top player c/o 2021 at MSE ATL Classic

5th grade Kennedy Chandler rated top player c/o 2021 at MSE ATL Classic

5’3″ Kennedy Chandler from Memphis, TN is every definition of the word ‘KILLER INSTINCT’. This fifth grader in class of 2021 has killer instinct beyond his years. Otherwise, it’d be hard for us to write about him, and disservice to readers. So whenever we come across phenoms such as 10 year old Chandler we try to cherish the moment. He’s a lights out shooter who lives off the floater in lane. He has a terrific perimeter and inside game. Is he the best 5th grader? Is there even a such thing? He’s a B level student. We need a A. He has seven years to become academically eligible for an athletic college scholarship. But, what about skills Chandler has presently? Does it count for anything? Hopefully, it’ll add up later on. Chandler is guaranteed to bring the best out of players at any event he attends. He’s as skilled as they come. He equally distributed the ball and found various ways to score. His handle is crazy to the extent he doesn’t need 2, 3 ball dribble drills. He gets by his man easily by shifting him, while cones don’t move. All he has to do is continue growing and skies the limit. He is one of the best polished 5th graders in the nation and one of the best we’ve ever seen. And not only does he play 5th grade AAU, he starts for his dad’s 6th grade Memphis War Eagles team, and he never comes out the game. He also won 8u AAU nationals. Kennedy will most likely be three inches taller than his mother, which puts him at 6’1. His dad is 6’3″. Who knows the exact science of growth projection, and who cares? This kid has killer instinct the size of Shaq. He’s the last player you’d want to face unleashed at the MSE camp.

5th grade Khalil Brantley rated top 5 player nationally class of 2021

5th grade Khalil Brantley rated top 5 player nationally class of 2021

5’2″, Khalil Brantley from GA was our favorite player at camp. He drained five consecutive three pointers from half court. We don’t see anyone that much better than him. He average 40 points a game. His style of game from one to ten is a ten. He’s a mix tape waiting to happen and a documentary in the making. Brantley’s a wizard near the basket, every time spinning the ball off the backboard for a layup. He played with such killer instinct that at first we didn’t realize what was going on. We thought maybe it was the MSE battery-powered jersey he represented on his back. Later, we learned a few days before camp his mother beat cancer. His on court behavior started to make sense. However, this kid earned him the aka KI (killer Instinct) and MVP for best scorer at camp. And MVP for best defender. He was worth the trip to Georgia.

5’5″, Madison Durr, from Georgia might’ve been the best player at camp overall. He already has a NBA demeanor. He’s actually the son of a coach and a tougher contender. He knows he’s good and has drive to get better. So it’s difficult to beat him especially with his inherited killer instinct. He has a great feel for the game which he’s knows like coaches basketball clipboard. He has a high IQ and makes good decisions in transition. He’s a team leader who likes taking charge. He has a great sense of space and angles. He knows exactly what’s happening on the court at all times and he know what’s going to happening next. If this kid grows he’ll probably go to the league. Too bad he’s only in grammar school. Next middle school. And college. Basically, Durr has a long way to go. We hope to see him again at the next  MSE Atlanta camp early 2014.

Madison Durr NBA ready game Class of 2021

Madison Durr NBA ready game Class of 2021

5’4″, Cameron Jones, from Memphis TN has game for days. He keeps his head up for a pass and peripherals the rim for a shot. He drained the NBA range three with consistency. He keeps his arm in L shape and gives nice back spin for good shot rotation. He snaps his wrist and uses the right amount of force, as the ball leaves his finger tip. Does he have killer instinct? Well, he didn’t come to “play”. He came for war. A blind man can see it in his eyes. He got busy against the back court dual of Brantley and Chandler to his best ability. Jones is scrappy yet smooth player with a thorough game. He competed with amazing skill and heart until the buzzer. Some could  argue he was the best player at camp his age group. He might’ve been a good player coming to the MSE ATL Classic, but he’s a better player going out. Keep killing em young fella!

5’5″ KJ Doucet made this list because he’s relentless attacking defenders. He played like a man on a mission and brought his whole game this camp. With a football built, he split double teams and broke traps. He played to his strengths and showed us why he’s one of the top players in class of 2021. He has killer instinct like the rest and is no stranger to playing the right way. Doucet did all the dirty work for his team and was still able to get his stats. He’s a unselfish player who took pride in winning and didn’t leave without a fight. His game steadily improved throughout the camp. Doucet played with a lot of passion and love for the game. Has nice athleticism, size and jumper.

Guard KJ Doucet Class of 2021

Guard KJ Doucet Class of 2021

5’1″, Devin Carter traveled from Jackson Mississippi to Georgia to strut his stuff. He also took a game to get comfortable, but once he got in the swing of things it was showtime. He has high IQ and plays with a chip on his shoulder. This was our first time watching Carter play as he came to camp with some hype surrounding him. After his killer instinct kicked in he was hard to guard. Only the strong survive at the MSE camp and he’s one of them.

Chris Johnson 5th grade, Jordan Wicker 5th, Alexander Zwerner 5th grade, Kyle Dunkin 5th grade are some of the other top notch ballers at camp.

One 4th grader out of many who caught our eye is class of 2022 Jyshaun Melvin from GA. He’s a solid point guard who has a knack for hitting the baseline jumper. He has a nice ball handle to get wherever he wants on the court. Has nice ball fakes to keep his man second guessing. Just when you thought he’d pass it he shot it and when you thought it might miss it landed. He never did what the defense expected him to do. Melvin made his case for one of the best 4th grade players in the nation for the class of 2022.


Class of 2021 Devin Carter MS

MSE camps are essentially designed to plant the seed and/or emphasize a “killer instinct” in boy basketball players. We took it upon ourselves to workout a 7th grade camper who recently embraced the sport we all love. For his first drill, we told him pound the ball to quicken his reaction-time to a) shoot, b) dribble c) pass d) make-a-move. “Pound the ball with your left hand then shoot… after you make three in a row switch to your right hand.” Nervously, he looked out the corner of his left eye at a group of kids sitting around the score table and fumbled the ball. “Make three in a row with each hand and you’re done.” Then he heard what sound like a snicker in that direction and lost the ball, again. Obviously he was shook up. We turned toward Brantley and said “he better than you”, referring to the 7th grader. “I will kill him,” said Brantley. We told the humble 7th grader to say the same thing in return, but he refused. We spoke up for him saying to Brantley, “he’ll kill you”. No he won’t”, Brantley fired back. We planted the killer instinct in the 7th grader and reinforced it in Brantley. I’ll get at him right now,” KI said as the 7th grader whisked off with his head down.


Class of 2022 Jyshaun Melvin (GA)

“Killer instinct – :an aggressive tenacious urge for domination in a struggle to attain a set goal.

Let’s not forget 5’10 Julian Nixon who’s a 10 year old 5th grader in the uppermost picture. Just by him being at the MSE camp he got better and hopefully killer instinct rubbed off. He’s still a little raw, because his skill hasn’t caught up with his beautiful body. We’re monitoring this unusual specimen closer than most. And, don’t expect him to make a dream college announcement anytime soon. We look forward to seeing him develop over the years and having him back at the next MSE ATL camp 2014.

Notice nobody’s smiling…

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  1. ball fan says:

    Nick Jackson sure was a top prospect at the camp! He moved the ball and scored exceptionally and was a lock down defender on the perimeter. In this prospect he can be something special in the long run.

  2. ball fan says:

    Joseph cooper was also amazing throwing the craziest passes getting the crowd involved! Such a fun player to watch!

  3. ball fan says:

    Big DJ was a man amounst boys! He bullied in the paint and ran the floor getting put back dunks. Yes put back DUNKS! He is a top Center in the class of 2019

  4. ball fan says:

    Also, Big JD was amazing getting buckets everywhere!

  5. ball fan says:

    Everyone played great!

    • Bob says:

      Brantley is in the class of 2020 & is from NC, not GA. Get your info right on here. He was on the Havoc with Trayden Williams, Jordan McPhatter, Jacobi Hairston & company. His pops took him to Worldwide last year. He is in he 6th grade. Left Havoc because he wasn’t starting. Too much daddy ball in AAU anyway. He’s a good player but get it correct.

  6. Football Guy says:

    This is Nixon’s first full basketball season….

    • Starla says:

      Yes, Julian Nixon just picked up a basketball in the last eight to ten months. He’s a fast learner and we’re excited to see his development.

  7. KD says:

    You all sure Brantley not in 6th grade everything I hear is that he is a 6th grader unless he reclassed…. Also did he move to GA he was staying in Charlotte last year.

  8. DK says:

    Brantley is 6th grade…check out this article from 2011

    Local boys help winning hoops team
    Posted by CW Editor on May 11, 2011 in Sports | 0 Comment

    by C. Jemal Horton and Aaron Garcia

    The Metrolina Havoc 9-and-under AAU basketball team recently won a pair of state championships. Team members include (front row, from left) Jordan McPhatter, Jacobi Hairston, Khalil Brantley, Trayden Williams; and (back row) Tremaine Lowery, Monty Bowser, Keyan Mims and Chris Ford. Not pictured: Alex Kosareck, Jaylen Dibble, Dylan Jones and coaches Quincy Miller and Chris Wright.

    Three south Charlotte-area boys have played key roles this season on a state-championship-winning basketball team.

    On May 8 in Raleigh, the Metrolina Havoc 9-and-under squad won its second state title of the season, playing “up” a level to defeat the Queen City Athletic Association Force, 41-37, and earn the N.C. AAU Fourth Grade10-and-under Division II championship.

    The Havoc roster includes south Charlotte residents Alex Kosarek, who attends Charlotte Country Day School; Dylan Jones, who attends Victory Christian Center; and Keyan Mims, who attends River Gate Elementary.

    Earlier this year, the Havoc won the Third Grade/9U Division I AAU state championship.

    In addition to Kosarek, Jones and Mims, the Havoc roster also features Monty Bowser, Khalil Brantley, Jaylen Dibble, Chris Ford, Jacob Hairston, Tremaine Lowery, Jordan McPhatter and Trayden Williams.

    Last year, the same core group of Havoc players won the 8U AAU National Championship. In August, they’ll attempt to defend their national crown in the 9U championships in Orlando, Fla.

  9. kj says:

    you guys should check out jaylon Williams c/o18 from Cleveland tx he plays SF’PG and he is 6’2 he is very great and should be ranked in your top 100

  10. kj says:

    jaylon Williams Cleveland tx c/o18 worst highlights but had 26 points this game


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