8th Grade Spencer Freedman Is Better Than Some HS, College & NBA Athletes

Earl Watson’s MVP

Spencer Freedman 2018

This past weekend, California’s own, class of 2018 Spencer Freedman (@Spenfree3) earned MVP honors at the West Coast Elite Earl Watson Jr. All -American Camp by Director, Ryan Silver. Not just NBA, college & high school players, but even Middle School “athletes give us an outlet to cheer, scream and vent our personal frustrations with other people who are on the same side as us.”

Spencer Freedman Middle School EliteOn February, 10 –  Hoop Scoop’s, Clark Francis who covered the WCE JR. All American wrote in his article, Spencer Freedman Dominates Earl Watson West Coast Elite Jr. All – American Camp. If you recall, Freedman was the best 8th grader at the Middle School Elite Top 20 Showcase in California last summer. Word on the street is, Freedman will be at the next PANGOS camp, where Director Dino Trigonis will watch him again amongst an array of extremely talented players his class.

We’ve read and heard a lot about Freedman; however, Iowa Elite was present to produce a skill- full highlight video of Him for everyone to See. Those players @WCE25 who want a mix-tape of their footage from @IowaElites can reach them, via Twitter.

If the title sounds too crazy, then try ‘8th Grade Spencer Freedman Is Better Than Most Middle School Players’. Check out young Spencer Freedman in action!!!

young free

Click here for Best Of Spencer Freedman 2008

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