Feast Your Eyes On Fabulous 8th Grader Marvin Bagley

No.1 In America

AMAZING 8th grader Marvin Bagley from Arizona is currently the top school player nationally, according to MiddleSchoolElite.com. Keep in mind – he has a younger brother, Marcus Bagley, who’s a gifted athlete in sixth grade. The elder Bagely has an excellent skill set, including a top notch perimeter game. Scouts appreciate his outstanding ball handle and passing ability at 6-9. The fact that his main attribute is defense makes him a promising DI college prospect.

Bagley reminds us of class-of-2014 top-five ESPN player,  Karl Towns Jr., a 7’0 Kentucky commit who attends St. Joes high school in New Jersey. Soon, Bagley may pledge to the same school as his close friend Towns. And don’t be surprised if Bagley helps lead the 16U USA next year. In conclusion, we won’t see another player with Marvin Balgley’s potential for a another decade. Stay tuned the best is yet to come.

Watch him FLY!!

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