5th Grade MSE National Select Team Roster [Class of 2021]

What Time Is It? Game Time!

Damin Altizer MSE

The 5th grade/class of 2021 team roster for MSE National Select is set and comprise five-states.  This teams’ first challenge will be the PAT Invitational in New York City on May 2nd-4th, 2014. www.patinvitational.com.

Zion Harmon MSE National SelectCoaches: Coach Towns, Coach Francis, Coach Byrd

Trainer: Damin Altizer

1. Zion Harmon (DC), Combo Guard (National Rank #1)

2. Seth Wilson (OH), WF (National Rank #3)

3. Noah Rittenger (wv), SG (National Rank #8)

4. Jalen Smith (FL), SG (National Rank #14)

5. Rayuan Lane (MD), CG (National Rank #15)

6. Jalen Miller (MD), CG (National Rank #20)

7. Bary Evans (MD), WF (National Rank #21)

8. Trey English (MD), PG (National Rank #24)

9. Jake Koverman (MD), Center (National Rank #29)

10. Julian Reese (MD), Center (National Rank NR)

10-year old 5'7" Julian Reese, whose D1 mother is 6'1"

10-year old 5’7″ Julian Reese, whose DI mother is 6’1″


Khalil Brantley (NC), Guard (National Rank #6)

Chandler Kennedy (TN), Guard (National Rank  #7)

Andre Crawley (MD), PG (National Rank #25)

Ramerick Daniel (MD,) Center (National Rank #40)

Rasheed Dupree (VA), Guard (National Rank NR)

Saveon Jackson (VA), Center (National Rank NR)

Stay tune as we release our 4th Grade MSE National Select Team Roster. They too will compete at the PAT Invitational.

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  1. We All Can Lose says:

    LMBAO – They is no way on the green earth that anyone should come within 25 point of this team. This squad make the WE ALL CAN GO “SUPER TEAM” look like the little children of the poor.

  2. Well says:

    This team against WACG go head and set that up! WACG got some go getters to the best player Springer being a 6th grader but he is TOUGH!

  3. D will says:

    Can someone please explain to me how its 2 kids ranked higher in the alternative than per have the team is not in the top ten. Is because there not from MD. If you gonna pick them. Go off of what you know not what you heard.Be fair,that’s all I’m saying

  4. all bout bball says:

    I think you are trying to say how there are two kids ranked higher on original roster and why they are on alternative team !I believe has nothing to do with what state there from I believe its who responds back to fill roster first and if those kids cant make it for what ever reason then the alternate players are called !But please its not about what is herd about players. MSE def does there backround on the players they choose has nothing to do with what state ANY ONE player from! Lets not start that!

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Incorrect- the reason why more Maryland kids is because Sports Illustrated said DC, Maryland and Virgina is hotbed for basketball. If SI said a different state then we would’ve had that states majority.

      • Cali Basketball says:

        Doesnt Caliornia, Los Angeles in perticular have the most NBA players??? Wouldnt that be considered a HOTBED???

      • A Real Basketball Parent says:

        You telling me Md,Va and Dc has better players than Philly, New York and Chicago. You better go to the Hoop Group Spring Philly Jr Elite Recaps Ali Brown out of Philly would tear Zion Harmon out the Frame. Also he is a true 5th grader who plays for his school Team who won the Philly Public Middle School Championship. He will be at the hoop Group Future All-American Camp and the Adidas Jr Phenom National Camp. He plays for Team Phenom the Same team as Zhree Harrison and yeah he go to Martha Washington a real school not home schooled.

      • A Real Basketball Parent says:

        Oh yeah don’t let the misprint on the height fool you Ali is 5’3 not 4’3 like they have on the hoop group website. That’s why Team Final is upset that Ali left and played with Phenom this year.

  5. ballerallday says:


  6. Well says:

    Two of the Alternates play with WACG showcase team with one not being elgible to play 5th grade this year.

  7. Truth b told says:

    Cause DMV got the best baby ballers talent. Its the truh look at last year 2,3,4,5 grade nationals

  8. Truth b told says:

    WACG talk all that trash andost their players not even from Tenn.

  9. DMV Dad says:

    Its actually sad to see whats going on, on the AAU Circuit. Parents reclassifying their kids in school for basketball. I would understand if they were going from the public school sector to private school and needed to catch up with the curriculum. But, to try and have your kid dominate by playing with younger kids is PATHETIC!!! If your kid is scoring 30-50 points a game in his supposed to be age group move em up not down. Now!!! if you live in DC you should play for a DC TEAM not a TEAM in Atlanta, Chicago or New York. If your kid is so good they should be able to make a bad team from his area better.. Kids shouldn’t be getting flown In from state to state….

  10. Cali Hoopz says:

    @Middle School Elite, Will this group be participating in this summer Jr. Fab 48 tournament in Vegas?

  11. A Z says:

    Kid from the Kansas City team dropped 35 on Zion last year at 4th grade nationals and ripped him at half which shoulda won them the game. Hands down the best player in this class and he’s the right age. Watch out for the team from Kansas City.

  12. matty jevin twins the mimms boys and malik all will attend freedom hs 2017 -2021 all are combo guards tha can hang wit any team in the country on skills tv

  13. I play for Dayton swish 5th grade #3 I play center but I can play all 5 am a great player my number is 9377188091 in all so can u rank me my head coach is coach q

  14. Pat Marshall says:

    Parents, players and those who control the players know what’s at stake and some will do just about anything, whether it’s holding a boy back a grade in middle school to allow him to physically develop or spending tens of thousands of dollars over time on specialized training and coaching.

  15. Loadofcrap says:

    You need to re do the roster. AAU goes by age not grade. The level playing field has arrived. All you Parents. Who held your kids back for basketball Did them a dis-service.

  16. sunny says:

    i played against zion harmon well deserved spot

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