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As ranking services and exposure camps continue to come to the forefront of youth basketball; it’s essential that players, parents, and to a greater extent coaches and scouts acknowledge the true value in what is being presented.  Not systematically – but specifically as it relates to the unquestioned national leader in this said subject matter; Middle School Elite.

Clark Francis, who is a member of the prestigious McDonald’s All-American Game Selection Committee, has been featured on ESPN, and has been, published numerous places, such as USA Today, Blue Ribbon Yearbook, and Sporting News.  Francis, is also the owner of “Hoop Scoop” the premier High School Scouting Service; and is widely considered throughout the basketball world as the foremost expert on the subject of player rankings and personnel – even after 23+ years in the business; he still gives Middle School Elite a unwavering level of respect.

Let’s all recall from November 2012 Clark’s comments:

“…I also want to mention the fact that we had 6’4 7th Grader Gavin Schoenwald from Brentwood (Academy) TN ranked as the best player over 6’7 7th Grader Marvin Bagley from Phoenix, AZ at the John Lucas Future of the Game -West Camp  in Las Vegas, NV last spring, but are now flipped at #2 and #3 on our list of the Top Players Nationally in the Class of 2018 (7th Graders) due to the fact that Bagley has grown three inches since that time and MiddleSchoolElite is now touting him as the best player nationally in the Class of 2018″ – Clark Francis Hoop Scoop Online

WACG Middle School EliteSo often the general public conveniently forgets the Jackie Robinson, Neil Armstrong’s, and Robert Johnson’s of the world as time and ego cloud their vantage points; but it’s time for an honest assessment and for due credit to be given to this industry and specifically to Middle School Elite.  In 2015 Marvin Bagley, a player who was previously as stated by Clark Francis, considered by him and former NBA Player John Lucas as the #3 player in the country will open as the nation’s #1 player in the country.  What does this likely mean for him?  1) It means the top position on ESPN’s Top 100 Player Listing 2) Invitation to the USA Olympic Developmental Team 3) The attention of every high major university in the country 4) being added to the NBA and other professional leagues player watch list.

At the end of the day if you assume private institution for high school, college scholarship, and let’s say being conservative that he plays two years professionally not even in the NBA – what is the value of this position over the next 5 to 8 years for him and his family…$100,000? $200,000? No. Try over $500,000 for being positioned as the number one player in the country.

Now, again how did that happen – MIDDLE SCHOOL ELITE TOUTED HIM AS THE BEST PLAYER NATIONALLY though our intense analysis, research and evaluation -respect and due credit must be given for seeing this before anyone else in the country.

When MSE caught up with Mr. Bagley Sr., of course on his way home from another winning performance, he let us know that he is just as excited about MSE and Marvin’s future; but still remaining humble and hungry.

No other company or service does more to positively shape the futures through exposure than Middle School Elite.  In honor of WACG; “We All Can Give” we would like to provide the first ever in the history of Middle School Basketball “Pound for Pound – National Player Ranking”.

“Pound for Pound”

National Player Rankings – Power Rankings

*Progressive ranking to be updated by performance throughout the year:

6'9-10" Marvin Bagley (AZ) is bigger than life as country's "No.1 Rising HS freshman" frershman

6’9-10″ Marvin Bagley (AZ) is bigger than life as country’s “No.1 Rising HS freshman”

Marvin Bagley – C, Memphis Tennessee (2018) & Zion Harmon – G, Washington DC (2021)

E.J. Montgomery – C, Fort Pierce, Florida (2018)

Shemar Marrow – WF, Central, Ohio (2020)

Damon Harge – G, Raleigh, North Carolina (2018)

Jordan Mitchell – SG, Blacklick, Ohio (2019)

Chandler Lawson – F, Memphis, Tennessee (2019)

Justin Moore – G, Accokeek, Maryland (2019)

Jordan Toles – WF, Baltimore, Maryland (2020)

Sarmartine “Fatman” Bogues – PG, Baltimore, Maryland (2023)

Josiah Johnson G – L.A., California (2022)

As always Middle School Elite is sure that the Nation and Clark Francis is paying attention.

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  1. Age Appropriate says:

    Best of luck to small the players on the list. This is a tremendous group of young talent! I have seen many of them personally at AAU Nationals. & MIT. I saw a television special on Zion that stated he was 11 in 4th grade! That was two years ago. & he is only a 5th grader now. How old is he truly. I have kids on my AAU team who are 10 & 11 playing 6th grade. You should be a phenom if you are 2-3 years older than the kids you are playing with. Reclass, home school, etc…. All that is crazy when done at such young ages. Let the players get to middle school at least before thinking about reclassifying. I wish theses kids the best but it has to be on a level playing field.

    • Zai’Reon Stewart says:

      Zaireon is a SG also a SF from Dickinson Mc Adams Jr. Highschool with a positive attuide ,
      He’s never lost a game through out his middle school career but most importantly he’s an all A’s student !

  2. Curious says:

    How are players chosen to be added to these rankings?
    How does a young player get on your radar?

  3. Heath Ihnen says:

    I would more information on how to get my son noticed on MSE.

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