A New Beginning: Central Valley California Big Two Stand Out

Brandon RecekBig Things Happen In Small Cities

Middle School Elite was in Fresno/Clovis, CA this weekend and witnessed a wealth of talent at the Spring Fling Basketball Tourney at Fresno City College. Two standout players were 6’3″ eighth grade ( class of 2018) shooting guard, Brandon Recek (Clovis), who scored 42, 35 & 28 points his first three outings, and 5’10” seventh- grader (class of 2019) Terrence Moorehead Jr. (Fresno), who led the wild pack in assist, rebounds and steals. Thirteen year old Moorehead is a strong offensive and defensive player with good court awareness, instinct and quickness. His skill-set and IQ is gradually developing, but he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Brandon is a superior athlete who possesses what most scouts and coaches desire in a potential college prospect. 1) Athleticism 2) Height 3) Jump Shot. Recek is a top 100 player in the country, which’ll reflect in our upcoming class of 2018 national player rankings. In a quest for success, Recek has been invited to the prestigious Phenom Camp in California this summer, where he’ll be further evaluated by both Joe Keller and Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop. Brandon’s dad, Chris Recek stands 6’9″, so  Brandon could grow between 6’6″ and 6’9″. One thing for certain, Recek will attend powerhouse Clovis East High School under all-time-winning WAC women’s college basketball coach, Adrian Wiggins from Fresno State and former head coach at Ole Miss’ University for the girl’s program. For lucky one’s, coach Wiggins is a blessing in disguise or dream come true. Mr. Recek said, “coach Wiggins has family and ties”, when asked why Wiggins might’ve returned to Fresno to coach on the high school level.

-Coach Wiggins goes from coaching women’s college basketball to boy’s varsity high school-

Brandon was branded at the 8th grade, Valley All Star Showcase organized by photo(55)CVC and sponsored by Monsterball. Fresno City College, men’s basketball head coach Ed Madec lectured those on NCAA requirements in which Recek maintains a 3.5 GPA. Brandon, starting on the Valley All Star’s-American squad and being introduced last of all players by the game announcer may signal show of support or, mere coincidence. However, Recek clearly dominated on a smaller stage, proving he’s one of the better players in attendance. As one of the best-rising-freshmen guards available, Brandon has a chance to play on varsity as a freshman. He’s endured much as a committed student-athlete at Reyburn Intermediate, the Clovis East HS feeder-system. Recek even earned MVP honors at a tournament in Los Angeles, CA this past winter.

-Recek hopes for not only four years of college-eligibility, but four years with famed college and now high school coach Wiggins-

Who can blame Recek for wanting every bit of experience? Although, Fresno/Clovis youth basketball had come to a standstill, it’s rapidly growing. National scouts and college coaches are increasingly aware of young talent existing today within Central Valley California. And, who thought coach Wiggins would clinch third-place in Division-1 Boy’s Central Section basketball his first year at Clovis East? Seldom do Cen-Cal players gain national attention, especially in middle school. Recek’s one to keep an eye on and a name to remember on the road to Selland Arena.

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  1. CVC says:

    This kid Recek is top 8th grade player in Fesno and Clovis area and maybe Central California due to athleticism, size and jump shot. His potential and upside separates him from rest.

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