2014 MSE Team Rosters & Events


MSE National Select TeamThe United States is asking what’s all this noise about – regarding MSE USA team? Well, some years ago, we wanted to create an exposure website to cover both grammar and middle school basketball players within each state, thus, a national level. Mission accomplished. Secondly, we hoped to organize stimulating camps to attract kids from across the country. We’ve even had people travel far as Canada and Puerto Rico. Mission accomplished. Nowadays, we challenge ourselves best possible by playing with and against top players throughout America as well as having National Select Team members from 50 states. Mission accomplished. Moreover, we aim to scrimmage [showcase] the 5th grade MSE team vs. NYC Gauchos this Friday [May 2] at a undisclosed location in New York City while the 4th grade team eagerly await their chance at the PAT Invitational. There’s plenty work left!! As Middle School Elite openly support today’s student-athlete, Coach attempts to lead players and teams to a unbeaten record. In conclusion, let’s accomplish these goals together!

May 2nd – 4th – NYC PAT Invitational (Queens, NY)

Final 2022 4th Grade Roster

 1. Sammy  Scott

2. Knasir “Dug” McDaniel

3. Josiah Johnson

4. Ferrell Crowell

5. Travis Upchurch

6. Chris Winborne

7. Sarmartine “Fat Man” Bogues

8. Evan Young

9. Andrew Reubottom

10. Kameron Rodriguez

Final 2021 5th Grade Roster

Zion Harmon MSE National Select1. Zion Harmon (DC)

2. Jaden Springer (NC)

3. Seth Wilson (OH)

4. Jalen Smith (FL)

5. Noah Rittinger (WV)

6. Chandler Kennedy (TN)

7. Jake Knoverman (MD)

8. Barry Evans (MD)

9. Trey English (MD)

10. Ramerick Daniels (VA)

11. Andre Crawley (MD)

May 10th & 11th – Big Shots Tournament (Fayetteville, NC)

Final 2019 7th Grade Roster

Brian Mack BJ1. Brian “BJ” Mack 6’7 (NC)

2. Tristian Miller 6’6 (NC)

3. Kyree Banks 5’5 (DC)

4. Garrett Kirkland 5’9 (MD)

5. Marquise Walker 5’8 (IL)

6. Tyrese Jenkins 6’4 (VA)

7. Bobby Carson 6’1 (MD)

8. J.C Tharrington 5’10 (NC)

9. Jaylin Wiggins 5’9 (MD)

June 13th – June 15th – M.I.T (District of Columbia)

Final 2020 6th Grade Roster

Shamar Morrow Class of 2020 OH,CA1. Devin Hightower (OH)

2. Kyree Walker (GA)

3. Jason Harris (AZ)

4. Shemar Morrow (CA)

5. Zion Harmon (DC)

6. Jordan Toles (MD)

7. Montez Mathis (MD)

8. Paris Dawson (CA)

9. Zeb Jackson (OH)

July 15th – July 19th – USBA National Championship (Myrtle Beach, SC) https://www.usbahoops.com/

Final 2020 6th Grade Roster – Playing 2019 7th Grade for event

Jordan Toles1. Grant Huffman 6’0 (OH)

2. Trey Patterson 6’1 (NJ)

3. Isaiah Leblanc 6’0 (TX)

4. Shemar Morrow 6’2 (CA)

5. Jordan Toles 6’0 (MD)

6. Kyree Banks 5’5 (DC)

7. Ketaan “Keewee” Wyatt 5’2 (OH)

8. Vannabrey Thomas 5’9 (OH)

9. Montez McNeil 6’4 (MD)

10. Tyrese Jenkins 6’4 (VA)

11. Brian “BJ” Mack 6’7 (NC)

12. Devin Hightower 5’8 (OH)

Check back for more upcoming tournaments and events – Interest players contact MSE immediately for available opportunities and future events at [email protected]

Many Play but Only a Few are Chosen


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  1. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    Well! Exactly how can you actually put together a list of the top 2020 players and you don’t even have the best point guards in Ohio on the list? Haha!! Y’all are crazy these Ohio PGs would get ate up by a few PGs I know in Ohio right now. I’m just saying the hype most certainly ain’t justified…

    • Middle School Elite says:

      At the end of the day they won it all… They allowed a silver bracket which is level chip MSE took home. But we cherish not the win but the MSE on chest so always look at it as we won.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      MSE won the silver bracket chip which is stated in the article

    • Curious says:

      What other guard or guards in ohio is not on the list

  2. Ohio Kid says:

    There are a few kids here that are not on the list…not sure of the kid from Dayton, but he should be on here. Little Meechie Johnson from CLE, also Shomah Scott and should Omon Robbins should be here too. 5th grade kid Jaden Hamid should def be on this list. Why are these kids left out? They are some of the best!

  3. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    White kid from Upper Arlington Matt Allocco
    Willeon Yates from Springboro
    MarSaun Robinson is tough
    Little Carter Mims from OBC Swish
    That O’Neal kid from New Birth out if Columbus

    Any more?????

  4. Get it right 2022 says:

    Top three players in co 2022 are not on here the two guards from George Hill who won the national championship in this class and the big man from WACG sorry don’t know names but I’m sure people familiar with this class know who I’m talking about

  5. yall folks dont read says:

    The other stories say the teams are made based on if that player in available for an event – also if you look at at the national rankings from different places the players that have ARE RANKED many of the ones you say they “missed” are not – Meechi is in 5th grade now and a solid player BUT NO ONE CAN ARGUE with that 2021 mob all those players are 100% legit – Hamed is actually a roster 2021 player so facts have to be checked prior to writing – he just wasnt at that one event check with his dad he will tell you…this group at MSE is doing a great thing and a great job, heard they just took two more chips this weekend in NYC

  6. Jelousy? says:

    The 2020 Ohio guards on the rosters have each won on the DIVISION 1 National AAU level. Each has finished on at least one top 10 National team on the circuit. Their work speaks for themselves. And that’s without them being held back a grade.

    No disrespect to any of the guards you name. But who are they? Who have they played for on the circuit? These young men that have each played against and held there own vs the top guards in the NATION would get ate up by the kids you’ve named? Where’s the proof? These kids have EARNED their respect. No doubt about it

  7. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    @Jelousy what do you mean?? Allocco is winning against D1 teams on the 8th and 9th grade level and him and O’Neal both played well against the #8 team in America. Yates made the all star game every time he went playing 1 grade up. Robinson is helping his Mansfield Cavs teams beat some good D1 comp this year. And Mims despite being the smallest player on the court is unguardable and plays like he’s much taller and his team busted Team Toledo twice, Team Teague twice (even tho they lost 3 times), and beat King James twice so what do you mean??

  8. Sounds good but says:

    Once again. Wheres the proof? And for the record. I was just informed King James only lost because they didn’t have their best player. Who is also on the roster. Sorry. Havent heard of the other kids or teams. Besides Team Toledo. And 2 of the Ohio guards on the MSE roster led them to a 7th or 8th place finish at Nationals

  9. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    Are we talking about 4th grade bruh?? This is 6th now? Don’t bring up stuff from 2 years ago man! Right now it’s just overhyping kids so I’ll let all this play out. Lmao

  10. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    Are we talking about Huffman? He is not that effective at all he has his on and off days so don’t get it twisted?

  11. National recruit says:

    I’ve been around to various circuits thus far this season and have seen the Jackson kid play at the king James and the buckeye prep tourney. I attended team toledo game specifically to see him play. While I’ll admit I seen a lot of solid talent, I will also admit this kid was on of the most solid players at his level on a sub-par team. I seen the OBC game at the buckeye prep and I’m here to tell you if there is a more all around guard that has good size, not only fast but extremely quick, can get to the bucket at will, excellent on ball defense, rebounds, creates for his teammates and makes those around him better, can shoot anywhere on the court without much effort, and posses great leadership skills …I’d like to meet them personally. Not to take anything away from Mims and Johnson as they are both skillful but I’ve seen them at several events and yet to see the package that Jackson posses. He’s a very unselfish player that could easily ave 20-25 an outing if he was more aggressive which is one area i would like to see him work on. Just my opinion based on my assessment as a recruiter that evaluates talent, skill and character.

  12. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    @National recruit I saw the game too and not to take anything away from Jackson but he tries to play too smooth. He had only 2 points against OBC and that was on fts. He missed 8-9 3’s? And OBC won the game. He’s more of a 2 to me.

  13. National recruit says:

    I think we’re talking about 2 totally different kids. The game I saw in Columbus, I walked in on the second half. I personally seen him score 7 points and that was in 7-8 min with on of those buckets being a smooth pullup from 17ft to put his team up by 1. I thought and was told by a spectator which was a kid, it was Jackson when inquired about him. Maybe I had my eye one the wrong kid but whoever #24 is on that team is solid and I presumed it was Jackson. I also like the Huffman kid very hard worker who can shoot, rebound, excellent size and very athletic. I’m not evaluating scorers but basketball players. I also like the Allaco kid as well. However, the other kids you mentioned do not posses the same level of skill or leadership in my opinion. By the way, I’ve seen LeBron miss shots as well. Let’s not forget they’re kids.

  14. National recruit says:

    Correction, I saw the OBC VS. TOLEDO game at the Nike grassroots tourney not buckeye prep. Jackson played a very multi-demensional game and demanded a lot of attention and respect. He was easily noted as the best player in the gym and that was dictated by the respect his peers on the opposing team showed him during the game …thats what I saw. That weekend OBC also beat king James in the championship game but of course they didn’t king James didn’t have the Huffman kid.

  15. Whoaaaa?!?!? says:

    C’mon a guard doesn’t matter that much. OBC starting 5 are 5’6 and shorter. Both Toledo and King James should have beat OBC but didn’t. So your opinion who are the top 5 2020 Points in Ohio??

  16. Rob says:

    Best Ohio guard is Allocco. He play on a team with my son last winter so I saw him play a lot and against a lot of other top guards. No one better right now! Great skill level and nobody be tougher than that kid.

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