MSE USA 5th Grade Team Dominate NYC


Jaeden Springer c/o 2021

Jaeden Springer (NC) MSE USA 5th Grade Team

AAU Basketball experts may consider the 2021 MSE National Select team as the greatest team ever assembled in the history of the sport. Since the inception of national player rankings at the middle or high school level there has never been as many national ranked players to play on the same team in the same event.  The only talent equivalent would be a McDonalds All-American game, Jordan Brand Classic, Kentucky Derby, or Capitol Classic event.  Even in those instances the collection of talent in separated by team – not combined for the purposes of history.

Yet the title of greatest team of all-time fails to give MSE proper credit for its impact on youth basketball; MSE National Select previously was created to showcase players has decided that effective immediately that domination would also be in their mission statement – after questions arose about the construction of past teams.

Enter the ORIGINAL: Youth Dream Team; who took the floor this weekend in the mecca of basketball New York City; U.S.A. MSE National Select who won the championship trophy and championship rings at the P.A.T Invitational, were a phenomenon on and off the court. In the end it truly matters not that MSE dominated the competition, beating its opponents by an average of 46.5 points – for basketball historians they will recall the ’92 Dream Team beat opponents by an average of 44 points per game. What was truly important was that the MSE Dream Team gave fans a glimpse of basketball at its finest, and the entire world is now paying attention.

“It was,” said Coach Francis, “like Michael Jackson and the Beatles put together. I had11 superstars with me the entire weekend; there is nothing else I can compare it to.” What a group it was; start with the nation’s top three players: Zion Harmon, Jaden Springer and Seth Wilson. Add the irrepressible Khalil Brantley for a little spice, as well as seven more of the country’s best players: center Ramerick Daniels, forwards Jake Koverman and Barry Evans, swingmen Jalen Smith and Noah Rittinger, along with point guards Trey English and Andre Crawley.

Opponents didn’t have a chance, but after a point they didn’t care. One player, while trying to guard [Jaden Springer], was seen frantically waving to a camera-wielding parent on the sideline, signaling to make sure she got a picture of them together.

“These kids knew they were playing against the best in the world,” acknowledged Coach Francis after the team won the championship game with a 55-22 win over the New York Gauchos.” They’ll go home and for the rest of their lives they will be able to tell friends, classmates, and folks they know, ‘I played against Zion Harmon and Seth Wilson and Noah Rittinger.’ And the more they play against the nation’s best players, the better they’re going to get – this is a reciprocal process.

“Honestly there will be a day –likely won’t  happen anytime soon, but it’s inevitable that it will happen – club teams at the Middle School level will be able to compete with us on even terms. When they can they will look back on the MSE National Select Dream Team of 2021 as a landmark event in the improvement of basketball in this county.”

As always here are some realizations from this weekend:

Jaden “Beast” Springer (NC) is the real deal. Springer is a multi-faceted wing who excels in the open court.  Already an expert on how to use his length on both ends of the floor – excellent from the wing both in the half court but is next level in transition.  Can be considered a lock down defender he not only enjoys but buys into this aspect of the game.  A flat out game changer who can also block and alter shots while literally being able to guard all five positions – Offensively he’s very difficult to contain as he scores over smaller players and goes around bigger, what few there are.  There is not a finite way to stop him at this level.  Handle and jumper are improving at rapid pace – specifically the range and range of moves.  Cerebral, confident, and amazingly humble Springer still works as hard as any player on the floor, this is why he can be considered one of the best in nation and why he is a member of the MSE National Select team.

Zion Harmon MSE National SelectZion “The Lion” Harmon (DC) the nation’s most prolific scorer may be its best facilitator. Zion Harmon who continues to prove he is the consummate teammate; if you need points he can score from 4 levels – in the paint, mid-range, 3-pointers,and in the gym.  The time taken to analyze each possession and the pace with which he plays is on a pro level; the use of angles, body control, and tangible basketball IQ separate’s him in so many ways from any player out there.  Playing with other high level players he remains capable of scoring – once during the weekend scoring 10-points in less than 2-mins individually; but he is excellent at finding and setting up teammates for easy looks and scores.  He qualifies and dissects the scoring zones of players and of the weakness of defenses and is able to attack with pinpoint precision.  With this talent he is a double double guy every time out.

Seth Wilson Middle School EliteSeth Wilson (OH) can be a star in any system.  Wilson has further impressed after another strong showing this weekend.  He played all over the floor and scored from all over the floor.  He is a dominant rebounder and so tough on the offensive glass.  Wilson cannot consistently be denied as he is relentless in his effort and his attacks – a player who can take the ball off the glass, handle it in transition, and finish for you if needed.  The versatility is complete and high level, he does everything he’s asked to do; well.  No one in the nation transitions from offensive to defense as quickly as Wilson; with horses on the track as fast as him for the first time ever he displayed impressive court vision and knocked the socks off with his ability to see plays develop.  Seth is a five category contributor every time out which makes him the perfect player in this type of situation.

Khalil Brantley Middle School EliteKhalil Brantley (NC) is the #1 point guard in the 2021 class. Let’s get a few things clear; this kid plays with a chip on his shoulder – he wants to be great and there is nothing he will let get in his way of getting there. Without question – we have seen them all; Brantley is far and away the clear cut #1 PG in the class to date.  Great physical strength and ball handling ability – his passing skills are remarkable and fun to watch.  Yes, there is mustard on his hotdogs – but folks are eating well; he doesn’t turn the ball over even when playing with his stylistic flare.  The ability to break down his man and take players off the bounce to finish or create is clear, he cannot be stopped in space; his ability to read traps and defense makes it tough even in tight space to stop him – he doesn’t give up the dribble and is unselfish getting just as much enjoyment about the pass and score of his teammate.  What completes this total package is his ability to shoot the ball which is almost unfair when asking someone to guard him on the perimeter – you can’t play off either but boy ‘o boy if you get to close that’s not good either; so pick your poison; just don’t think about picking any other point guard over Brantley – PERIOD.

Jake Koverman Middle School EliteJake Koverman (MD) is ready for a breakout. Koverman found another gear this weekend and never turned it back down; playing all 3 front court positions he impacted play and was a difference maker.  Jake shot an excellent percentage from the field, showed 3-point range, and worked well on the flash as a receiver and passer.  He was locked in and was one of the best finishers on the floor filling the lanes like we have never seen before.  As a defender he continues to be a dominant shot blocker – using his skill to initiate the fast break at one end and then running the floor to complete what he started on the offensive end.  The wing span and length were on display on the wing  and on the glass – this kids ceiling is nowhere close to being realized; one of the most versatile front court players in country when in the right system he must be remembered.

Jalen Smith (FL) is more than a shooter he is a scorer. Jalen Smith who we feel will be a high major PG; showed so much more as a player than the prolific shooting we have seen before.  His floater and mid-range package was a clear and present danger for opponents.  His ball-handling combined with the other facets of his game led to him earning trips to the foul-line where he rarely misses; showing all the different ways he can impact his team on the offensive.  Off course we still love the potency and beauty of his 3-point stroke; but we knew that part already.  The pull-up game and floaters came from all angles and distances with smoothness; while is buy-in and commitment to the defensive side added to his completeness as a top national player.  The size and length that he has at this age which is off the charts will only increase which will make him a physically marvel as he moves levels.  A team first guy who still finds a way to contribute no matter where he is on the floor.

Barry Evans (MD) knows how to make a difference.  Evans guarded 5 positions over the course of the weekend, the definition of versatility – he played all areas of the press and half court set; a regular Swiss army knife he did anything and everything he was asked to do.  Great length he displayed by playing the passing lanes deflecting numerous passes and when the ball was in his hands he showed the ability to find the open man in scoring position.  Solid rebound numbers were further proof of his impact, got to the paint many times on the offensive end and he was constantly in great scoring position – Evans stays around the ball and the basket as an attacker, facilitator, and rebounder.

Noah Rittinger (WV) can make plays from anywhere on the court .Rittinger stays on the attack constantly pressuring the defense, display of knowledge of how to create space for passing, penetration, and scoring lanes progressed with each game.  Still a knockdown shooter from distance, his continued work on the mid-range game off the bounce was apparent and pleasing to watch.  It’s clear he likes certain spots on the floor to operate but stopping him defensively from getting there is easier said than done. Noah leaves everything on the floor refusing to give up on a rebound, loose ball, or defensive possession.  We do not know of anyone who works harder or wants it more – Rittinger operates best with the ball in his hands and is the perfect change of pace to the straight line driver; making full use of the 94 feet he operates in – he can hurt you anywhere on the floor with or without putting the ball in the hole himself which he does doggone well; he thinks two movements ahead allowing him to see things before they develop; just another of his many strengths.

Trey English (MD) does things rarely seen from the PG spot. English is laser quick and doesn’t back down from any situation offensively or defensively.  A lead guard with scoring ability he impressed by finding his spots all over the court proving without a doubt that he can play off the ball in addition to his lead guard skills.  Another player who cannot be contained in space he scored well when the opportunity arose but made many of his teammates happy with his high assist numbers. A known defensive maven he was a pest and nuisance all weekend, one of the best on ball defenders you will find his on ball quickness is next level.  He is like a big who doesn’t need anything ran for him he is a player that knows how to and is able to create his own from the lead guard position. Very rare for a player of his position – add to this the fact that his natural role is that of a lead guard he has the making of high scoring player; imagine if he were the focal point.  Straight up winner who wants to know and do whatever it takes to help his team win, coaches dream.

Ramerick Daniels (VA) eats space and moves out players who step in his. Daniels has the frame and makeup to become a dominant rebounder; you see the training he has done – already knows how to guard the post from the backside to the rear frontal; I he is able to push out less stronger players from their desire position; conversely he is able to achieve and establish his effectively.  We like him taking his big outside and beating him off dribble or taking a smaller player to the block.  Due to his ball-handling skills this is an option.  Doesn’t demand the ball just looks for and goes and gets it, still developing a finishing package offensively using his shear skill he is still effective outside in.

Andre Crawley (MD) needs his own training video. Crawley plays the game the right way; the most fundamentally sound player we have seen at any level – every movement is text book; and dangerously effective without any “extras”.  So efficient and compact he pushes to the right spot, passes at the right time, and has the full package of finishing moves, pull-up, floaters, baseline scoring and 3-point range.  So many players look for the highlight film move; while Crawley flat out gets the job done. Factually players like this have high rates of success as they can be put into anyone’s system and immediately contribute. Crawley can score at a very high clip and act as a combo, but he is your prototypical lead guard. This player will play college ball without question; the question is only how high.

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  1. Observer says:

    This squad is the “TRUTH”. I enjoyed watching Jaden Springer and Zion on the same team. I hope to see them playing together more in the future. I also heard they’re just as good on the 6th grade level.

  2. RepnDMV says:

    All very talented kids, but ” greatest team assembled in the history of the sport”? Wow, no pressure kids. Hope they all continue to live up to expectations.

  3. Well says:

    One of the kids from NC not eligible to play 5th grade basketball this year that’s why he doesn’t play with WACG anymore but plays for a 5th grade team in Atlanta because NC knows he can’t play 5th grade

  4. Well says:

    They playing with 6th graders who are 12 on they team kid is from NC so everybody knows he too old!

  5. Observer says:

    Yeah…word on the street is that the entire 5th grade WACG is falling apart…players leaving, players too old….shit wasn’t right from the jump….You reclassy a whole 6th grade team from NC and pull cats from everywhere to play…lol…..

  6. Lol says:

    So why was Andre Crawley playing 3rd grade at Nationals? Bannaker kings y’all have the Weakest cheating ass organization in the game. Ppl will do anything to try to win.. It’s fucking sad

  7. Lol says:

    Why y’all keep taking about 1 player? All the kids on this list are 2 old but 1 and only 1. J. Springer is 11yrs old he’s Legit. That’s a fact jack

  8. Hello says:

    At lol that’s how the DMV Area get down. All their kids play 1 to 2 grades down.. Sad I tell you

  9. Loadofcrap says:

    To be the best to are supposed to play up not down. This article is a joke. It is not hard to assemble a squad of older kids to beat up on young ones. If you can’t publish the DOB of each player no one cares. #Fraud




    SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2014

    380 Hub Etchinson pkwy
    Richmond, IN 47374
    Boys grades 4th – 7th

    Cost $100 per team

    Email: [email protected]
    or Contact Mike Saunders (317) 258-0969

    From Indianapolis:

    GET ON 1-65 SOUTH from N Delaware St.
    Follow I-70 E to WIlliamsburg Pike, Take Exit 149A from I-70 E
    Continue on Williams Pike Drive to Hub Etchinson Pkwy in Richmond
    Merge onto Williamsburg Pike
    Turn Left onto W Main St.
    Turn right onto SW 1st St
    Continue onto Hub Etchinson Pkwy (destination will be on the right)


  11. Mark says:

    Reading this is great motivation for me to continue to help kids development outside of this system of basketball. The absurdity of this team being the best ever at ANYTHING is comical. Many of these kids my never play beyond middle school or high school, yet by MSE being told they are the greatest of all time.

    Parents here are some numbers for you to be mindful of…..

    If your kid plays AAU from 4th grade to their junior year…lets say 40 games per AAU season….multiply that by 7 seasons….that is 280 games minimum!!! Now add practice, add training, add their school games, and place all of that on top of their knees. How long will they last? How come Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook continue to get injured so early in their career?

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