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Jaedon LeDeeMSE is MSE; the biggest middle school basketball exposure website in the world. Just Google ‘middle school basketball’ to see us somewhere at the top. So, where does that rank everyone else on this level? However, Jaeden LeDee (TX) isn’t concern about rankings though he’s perhaps a top five player in the country…up there with class of 2018 No.1 Chase Adams (IL) according to Hoop Scoop, No.2 Marvin Bagley (AZ), No.3 EJ Montgomery (FL) and No.4 Damon Harge (FL). Besides the basketball court, LeDee’s even a bright boy inside the classroom. No doubt, he’ll be amongst the two percentile of high school seniors receiving a Division – 1 college sports scholarship. But, what exactly separates LeDee from his peers? LeDee is on, because he’s an ‘elite’ student – athlete having great potential to compete at the highest level in the future.

Here’s our exclusive one on one interview with new face, Jaedon LeDee.

MSE – How tall is LeDee?

JL – Legit 6’5 creeping on to 6’6

MSE – Which position does LeDee play?

JL – He plays point guard, but is a natural scorer.  Plus, the additional height is leading him to the 2 Guard position.

MSE – How long has LeDee been training and playing organized basketball?

JL – Started training at 9 years old for a year, before beginning to play AAU at 10 years old.

MSE – How old is LeDee?

JL – 14 years old now, birthday is July 25.

MSE – Why does it seem like LeDee came out of nowhere?

JL -This year he had one of the most dominating 8th grade seasons ever. Jae averaged nearly 50 ppg and 15 rpg, with a incredible streak of games, where he scored 72, 68 and 63 points along with a number of 50 point games along the way.  Then when he decided to play on the Adidas 17U Elite level and became a steady contributor for the team, that also drew a lot of attention.

MSE – What high school and college is of interest?

JL – He has dediced to attend The Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas. He is still pretty wide open as far as college, but has already began to draw attention from a number of colleges. He has a serious interest in Baylor, UT, SMU, UH, UCLA, Arizona, Colorado, Clemson, UCONN, KU and of course UK.

MSE – What’s your current grade point average (GPA)?

JL – 3.5 on a 4 Point Scale

MSE – In your opinion which is more important? A) Athleticism B) Jump shot C) Height or D) IQ

JL – IQ, believe it or not even with the major scoring year he had, we initially began training him as a past first PG. lol

MSE – Who’s your favorite high school, college & NBA player?

JL – Emmanuel Mudiay, Jabari Parker, Lebron and Kyrie Irving.

MSE – Do you want to be an Elite student athlete? If yes, please explain.

JL – Definitely. Jae chose to attend one of the best, if not the best academic school in Houston.  So he will be well prepared for the rigors of college life.

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