8th Grade Wonder – 6’2 Jalen Preston

He Can Fly

Jalen PrestonTwo – way athlete, Jalen Preston is a promising incognito prospect from Texas that Middle School Elite Dot Com unveils. Take My Talent captured high – flying Preston and his first dunk. In our special one – on – one interview with Jalen, he described his first dunk.  There’s even videos and photos that show his first dunk. As far as grades, he’s at the top of his class and hungry for knowledge. Whether school or basketball Jalen’s equally impressive and he knows it’s not easy to balance books and not one, but two sports. Nonetheless, he’s an prodigious three way specimen; a football player, a basketball player and an academic scholar. Notwithstanding Jalen’s age, he understands the game and has good court presence. Furthermore, Jalen‘s mother and father played Division – 1 College basketball at Sam Houston State. Both parents are top five all time scoring leaders, and Mr. Preston was inducted in Hall of Honors in 2011. While people anxiously look for Preston’s next big assist, steal, rebound and point, MSE await his upcoming SAT and ACT score. Oh yeah, we also eagerly anticipate his next big dunk, too. Without further ado, here’s 8th grade sensation Jalen Preston of Texas. 

MSE – What state and city are you from? 

JP – Preston is from Pearland Texas, a town right outside of Houston.

MSE – How old is Preston? 

JP – 14 yrs old. Born Oct. 1999

MSE – Why is Preston gifted and talented, but yet under the radar?

JP –  He hasn’t attended a lot of camps due to being a two sport kid, it’s hard to find the time to travel the country to participate in different camps. Also he plays up 2 levels so he’s not seen in the 2018 tourneys.

MSE – What high school will you attend for 2014-2015 season and do you expect to play varsity as freshman?  

JP – I will attend Manvel High School and was told by both, the Head Football & Basketball Coach that I am playing varsity as a freshman.

MSE – What’s your dream college? 

JP – My dream colleges are Oregon, Texas, Florida, & Texas A&M.

Middle School Elite Jalen Preston
MSE – Do you think middle school basketball players deserve exposure? 

JP – I do believe middle school kids deserve exposure, but I don’t think it is as important as it is in High School.

MSE – How high can you jump and when was your first dunk?

JP – Last time i took my vert it was 34inches. I was in the 7th grade & had just turned 13 when I got my first dunk while I was playing a pickup game at my school during the Christmas Holidays. The first time I dunked in an actual game was the beginning of my 8th grade year. Look for it on Take My Talent. It’s actually the last dunk on my highlight film.

MSE – What’s your favorite class subject and why? 

JP – My favorite class is Science. I love all the different labs & experiments we do in Science.

MSE – As far as competition, which format you prefer? A) 1 on 1 B) 2 on 2 C) 3 on 3 or D) 5 on 5? 

JP – I love 5 on 5. I love the full court game. That’s when I can really use my athleticism.

MSE – Are you an elite student – athlete? If yes, elaborate. 

JP – I am an elite student-athlete. I’ve been in gifted and talented, & AP classes most of my years in school and managed to stay on honor roll most of the time. But I can say since starting playing sports in school it’s a little more difficult to stay on track. You have to really find time to study and practice.

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