5th Grade Seth Wilson Is All MSE

Energy + Emotion = Seth Wilson

Seth Wilson Middle School EliteClass of 2021 – Eleven year old, fifth grader, Seth Wilson from Ohio is a middle school basketball phenom. Wilson has attended every Middle School Elite event and he’s a member of the original MSE USA 5th grade team. Wilson burst on the scene when we introduced him in 2011 and after Cleveland.com released this article Elite at 8: Lorain’s Seth Wilson shrugs while wowing on the basketball court. But, Wilson didn’t let media hype faze him nevertheless. As a second grader, Wilson won the LeBron James tournament and posed with LeBron in a post championship game picture. Wilson plays like LeBron, they’re strong on the fast break and make excellent decisions in transition. Seth is capable of playing all five position; however, he looks best running point. He plays an exciting up – tempo game, which is appealing to spectators, scouts and coaches. Selflessly, he can get teammates involve and create his own shot opportunity. This all Ohio blue collar student athlete embodies a winning spirit. Wilson has already garnered some national attention from high school and college coaches and scouts. We recall when he cried a river at the MSE Maryland Mania camp, because he felt other kids on his team might’ve played more minutes than him. Thereafter, we put a arm around his shoulders and walked him to an unoccupied court. We told young Seth don’t let anyone break his confidence. With washy red eyes, we had Wilson make a series of dribble moves. Suddenly, he was back to normal. Below is a video of Wilson, releasing steam with his ball handle, immediately following the weeping incident. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

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