4th Grade Sonny Johnson Jr. Is Ohio Basketball

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Sonny Johnson Jr Ohio

Fourth grade, point guard, Sonny Johnson Jr. (OH) is son of Garfield high school basketball coach, Sonny Johnson Sr., who was Mr. Ohio basketball in 1998. However, Lil Sonny is mentioned on Middle School Elite Dot Com because he’s top twenty in the nation. At least that was his rank when we first saw him, but after further evaluation of his game – he’s top ten.

11 year old Sonny has an advanced skill set, which is a rarity for his age. His pound dribble gives him good reaction-time to go, pass and shoot. Also, he has great speed and quickness. He’s a smart player who pays attention to detail and has court awareness.

As a grammar school player, Sonny will soon enter the middle school basketball world before transitioning into high school and thereafter college. Sonny’s dad is 6’4″ and mother 5’9″. Whether Sonny grows 6’1″ to 6’6′, he’s undeniable. He’s a straight A student and natural born athlete. Then, we realized he was top five in the nation for class of 2022.

Click here to watch Sonny Johnson Jr. mixing up defenders in his You Tube video.

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  1. Irving Morano NYC…

    4th Grade Sonny Johnson Jr. Is Ohio Basketball | Middle School Elite…

  2. RepnDMV says:

    He is 11.

  3. @ATL coach says:

    11 in 4th grade hopefully that was a typo

  4. RepnDMV says:

    Come on @ATL Coach, you know there are lots of 11 year old 4th graders these days. If you play your actual grade you are playing up, lol.

  5. REALLY says:

    Sonny is NOT a 4th grader! He is in the 5th and is being held back because his Dad rides him hard and wants him to dominate. This is the bad part of AAU hoops. Parents need to get a grip sometimes. Stop holding kids back for your own hoop dreams.

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