7th Grade Taybion Singleton Is Super Elite

Jump King

Taybion Singleton6’3″, Taybion Singleton (FL) is a seventh grader, who made noise on the circuit playing varsity. Singleton is on Middle School Elite Dot Com, a website that separates him from the rest and offers the best possible exposure. Not only will coaches, scouts and fans know about him, but so will many MSE readers.

Singleton is a superior athlete with skill and high IQ. His stock will increase this AAU season and eighth grade. As far as college, NationsBestTalent.com is our new high school site to close the middle school gap.

“2%” of high school seniors compete at the highest level in college basketball and Singleton is a top 100 player in the country for 7th grade, class of 2019. Any coach should feel lucky to have Singleton on their starting five roster.

Here’s our exclusive Q&A interview  with Taybion Singleton. Below is his latest video on You Tube.

MSE – What city and state you represent?

TS – I am from Delton, Florida .

MSE – How old are you and when is your birthday?

TS – 14 years old. December, 31

MSE – Do you prefer showcasing your talent playing AAU or at camps and why?

TS – Both as long as the competition is Elite. I just love the basketball.

MSE – How are your school grades and what’s your favorite class?

TS – I have a 3.7 GPA and my favorite subject is history.

MSE – Do you consider yourself an Elite student athlete and why?

TS – Yes because I maintain a high academic standard, and I feel that I am an elite basketball player due to my versatility on the court.

MSE – How high can you jump and what’s your most craziest dunk?

TS – I haven’t measure my vertical leap yet, but  my craziest dunk was a one hand tomahawk from way back.

MSE – How often do you train and what are some of your strengthening exercises or workout routines?

TS – I do something basketball related everyday but I train  3 or 4 times a week. Lots of condition,sand work, agility, and lifting.

MSE – Are you excited about being on www.MiddleSchoolElite.com?

TS – Very excited, to have the  opportunity to be notice by something big.

MSE – What’s your AAU team and scheduled tournaments?

TS – Treasure cost Elite 8th grade, we have M.I.T, and Nationals. And I will be attending camps, and summer league with my high school team.

MSE – Who would you like to thank for helping you on and off the ball court?

TS – God, my family, coaches, and my trainer, I been truly blessed on and off the court.

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