The Miseducation of Middle School Basketball

Players R Us

Jerron Love

Click here to learn the facts about ‘Middle School Basketball Rankings’ and after you read it, the truth will set you free.

Middle School Elite is a national exposure website celebrating the early academic and skill development of young basketball players across the globe. We held camps in New York City 2011, Indiana 2012, Maryland 2013 and Georgia 2013. We had Top 20 showcase games in Los Angeles, CA and Ohio. Miraculously, ‘two or more’ players from ’46 states’ plus Canada, attended our camp in one setting. Altogether, 50 states represented the rich legacy and culture of Middle School Elite.

In this specific market, to be considered ‘bigger’ than MSE, your camp must consist of two or more paid campers from more than 46 states, your first go. Nevertheless, we wrote about hundreds of kids in class of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, ’19, ’20, ’21, ’22, ’23, ’24, ’25, and ’26 who’ll play high and mid major college sports.

Jerron LoveA write up on,, is a privilege and not a right. We thrive off three things: 1) Athletes honing their craft early as ten years old. 2) Honest and zesty parents of a competitive nature 3) Scouts and coaches evaluating middle school players for college placement. Although Seventh and eighth graders can be recruited, the process of identifying young talent begins sooner than later.

When a article or player is featured on our website, it goes on one of six screen’s at the top of our Home Page. Features generally receive greater visibility compared to being simply mentioned in an article. Whether content is mentioned or featured, it gets worldwide attention from parents, coaches, players, media, scouts, fans, agents and general managers.

Jerron LoveWe feature players on a daily basis.

Individuals and companies are using the MSE brand on their perceived website, business cards, uniforms and flyers to intentionally deceive unassuming parents into believing  ‘MSE’ is affiliated or associated with them. When people say,’ I am formerly of ‘MSE’, that’s a trick to make you feel comfortable discussing middle school basketball business.

Every kid we write about, I see my son and until you raise a phenom you won’t be able to pick one. I’m qualified. My son has been ranked since he put on sneakers. He plays for a top 25 high school and he’s a member of the Puerto Rico National Team.

a j letterWe know about phenoms. My boy is a prodigy. I didn’t go to the gym to see an elite player, I raised one. We wish alike players maximum exposure on the best platform available.

Competitors swear they held the biggest camps in youth basketball, but that’s us! They’ll say they started middle school basketball rankings, but that’s us! They’ll say they have a bigger website, but that’s us! They’ll say they put players in college and NBA, but that’s false because kids are actually dropped off (transition) to high school for college to hopefully pick them up (recruit) – if eligible.

What if high school and college basketball didn’t exist and eighth grade was the last? We’d have to give it up to Middle School Elite. Please, let’s demonstrate professionalism and refrain from copyright infringing.

a j unlimitedMiddle School Elite National Sneaker Camp is officially set for Charlotte, NC on August 9-10, 2014.

5th Grade – Class of 2021 #1 Jaden Springer (NC), 2021 #3 Seth Wilson (OH), 2021 #2 Jaden Jones (TX), 2021 #4 Kennedy Chandler ( TN), 2021 #5 Zion Harmon (DC), 2021 #6 Khalil Brantley (NC) (DC) 2022 #1 Ramel Lloyd (CA) and top players each grade! A fun contest to gain and maintain position. NCAA representatives and former /current NBA players are guest speakers. Stay tuned for official commitment list, which MSE will release one week before the event. Check our site daily for camp updates and click here for camp registration.

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  1. David Douglas says:

    I’m just want the most exposure for my son while he is having fun! He has received an invitation to adidas also,We are just tryna get the most exposure out of this summer while he has fun at these camps

  2. tavian DURRETT says:

    The need for brothers like you in this sport Is priceless
    you lay a finger on a kid surefire… I aint seen one miss yet
    that’s your God given talent…. let the naysayers speak..
    Keep laying the groundwork for the middle school hoops seen
    ….. your work is never done brother….

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